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APC In Agony Over Workers’ Support For Adeleke – PDP

APC In Agony Over Workers’ Support For Adeleke – PDP
  • PublishedApril 6, 2023

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State of Osun, has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state is agonised over the state workers’ support for Governor Ademola Adeleke.

The party warned that no amount of cheap rhetorics from the opposition will wash away its ignoble records in terms of the welfare of workers in the state.

In a statement signed by its Caretaker Chairman, Dr. Akindele Adekunle on Thursday, the PDP said the APC has failed woefully in its latest attempt to pose as a friend of the workers.

Workers' Support For Adeleke
Workers’ Support For Adeleke

Akindele stressed that the issue of the promotion arrears was one of the messes created by the party that Governor Adeleke is working to clear.

The party chair restated the commitment of Governor Adeleke to pay the promotion arrears to workers as promised, explaining that the delay has nothing to do with the administration, as revealed by the labour leaders in a viral communication to workers.

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“Is it not funny, or perhaps, absurd that the APC is now posing as an advocate for workers? This was the same party that made workers go through hell in the years it was in the helms of affairs in the state out of deliberate wickedness,” the PDP chairman noted.

“The mistake the APC made was to think workers in the state have a short memory and will fall for its cheap antics going by their terrible experience while it was in charge.

“If the APC was this concerned about workers, the question is, why exactly did the welfare of workers suffer so badly under its watch?

“Since coming on board, Governor Adeleke has shown serious commitment to the welfare of workers in Osun State and even pensioners. This is evident in the payment of the 30 months’ half salaries and pension owed by the APC administration.

“Even the promotion arrears in focus was one of the numerous liabilities inherited by Governor Adeleke from Oyetola, and as a true friend of workers, is prepared to clear it.

“Of a truth, the Governor Adeleke administration intends to pay the arrears along with March salary but couldn’t happen due to errors in computation and reconciliation in salary records as attested to by Labour leaders in a message shared with their colleagues yesterday.

“The APC however seemed pained that workers showed understanding, hence, the reason for the frustration that its release.

“What the APC missed, or failed to understand is that Osun workers are smart and can tell that Governor Adeleke is sincere about their welfare unlike the deceit and fake concerns that the APC administrations’ represent.”

Dr. Akindele asked the APC to wake up to the reality of endless wailing as the bond between Governor Adeleke and civil servants in the state remains unbreakable.

The party added that the PDP-led government will not only ensure total cleansing of the mess created by the APC but take more steps to improve the welfare of workers in the state.

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