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Another Igwe Rejects Kanu, IPOB

Another Igwe Rejects Kanu, IPOB
  • PublishedSeptember 16, 2017

Igbos in various parts of Nigeria have been vocal in denouncing IPOB and its lead man, Kanu Nnamdi.

After a vigorous denouncement and rejection of IPOB and Kanu by the leader of Igbo indigenes in Kano State, the Eze Igbo in Zamfara State, Igwe Egbuna Obijiaku, has said that the agitation for secession by the Indigenous People of Biafra does not mean good for Igbo, because it was aimed at disrupting the peace and stability of the country.

Obijiku stated that Igbos in Zamfara had lived and done business in the Northern State for 20 years without harassment, thus they should ignore Kanu’s agitations.

Obijiaku, who gave the commendation on Saturday while speaking to newsmen in Gusau, said that Igbo in Zamfara were not in support of the activities of IPOB. “We are solidly behind our leaders and governors in this regard. We are also in support of the decision of the Forum of Igbo traditional leaders of all the 19 Northern states.

“If we look at the entire population of Igbo community, only 40 per cent are living on Igbo land. About 40 per cent are living in the Northern parts of Nigeria, almost 15 percent are living in South Western parts of the country and the remaining five per cent are living abroad.

“Therefore, to me, any agitation calling for separation from this country will not be good for Igbo. We are living in a secular country: that was how God has created us and that is how He wants us to be.

“It is very unfortunate for somebody who has not been in Nigeria over the years to just come and be calling us to join him in unlawful agitations to break peace and stability that were built over the years.

“This IPOB agitation does not mean good for Igbo. In fact, it was aimed at disrupting the peace and stability of the country.

“We should continue to live peaceably with one another, we should cooperate with security agencies and government in maintaining peace and stability in the country,” he said.

He, therefore, urged the entire Igbo community in Zamfara to disregard such unlawful agitation and go about their normal activities.

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  • Joe Igbokwe a Lagos APC publicist said it earlier this year to be careful of want they are asking. His (efulefu) was ignored and derided as been wick. This gentleman will be smiling now for not been listen to his advise. Nnami Kanu and supporters are on self exile and will calling No market and election in Anambra. For the rest of his life, he will be on the run and Tompolo (fugitives) by the way , Interpol will be on their tails. Scofflaws in deed.

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