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Another Actress Accuses Baba Ijesa Of Attempted Rap

Another Actress Accuses Baba Ijesa Of Attempted Rap
  • PublishedJune 17, 2021

Nollywood actress, Princess explans how Baba Ijesa tried to rape her on set

It will be recalled that Baba Ijesa is currently facing charges for sexually abusing the foster daughter of popular comedian Princess.

In a new development, comedian Princess shared a voice note where Nollywood actress Princess was heard narrating how Baba Ijesa tried to rape her on set.

The actress Princess, said she was on location when she met Baba Ijesa.

According to her, the actor couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She claims Baba Ijesa then called her and told her he needed her to help him run an errand. She said she followed him to his room where he allegedly tried to forcefully have sex with her.

She further revealed that if not for God’s grace on her, he would have succeeded in raping her.

However, she said God gave her the strength to push the actor away and that’s how she escaped.

The actress said she has a picture she took with Baba Ijesa on that day before he allegedly tried to rape her.

Princess insisted that Baba Ijesa has been doing this to others. She said that when the Baba Ijesa scandal came to light, her relatives called her to if he is capable of such and she told them, “Yes, he can do something like that.”

She appealed to people not to support Baba Ijesa because “he has been doing this rubbish for a long time.”
Comedienne, Princess, shared the voice note alongside a screenshot of messages she received about Baba Ijesa as she vowed to keep fighting for her foster daughter and other alleged victims of the actor

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