Analysts Fear Trump’s Marriage May Be Troubled

Analysts Fear Trump’s Marriage May Be Troubled
  • PublishedFebruary 21, 2017

Washington watchers have expressed concerns that the marriage of President Donald Trump to Melania may not be as strong as they may want the world to believe, and that it might actually be troubled.

In one instance, Melania was thought to have shuddered when her husband touched her, analysts say.

When rated against Trump’s immediate predecessor, Barack Obama and wife, Michele, observers feel that Trump and Melania duet appears increasingly awkward and distant from each other.

Body language specialist, Judi James, notes, “We’ve seen no signs of any easy-going public displays of affection from the Trumps so far; and even the more deliberate rituals like hand-holding and touching that we saw in the early days appear to be getting rarer as Donald storms into Alpha mode, using the kind of stand-alone poses and signals of a business tycoon keen to prove who is boss.”

Judi says part of the “disconnect” between the Trumps’ body language signals seems to be down to the lack of what are called “tie-signs.”

“These are small touches, glances and nods that an established couple will use as a silent but powerful form of communication when they are out in public or at social events,” she explains.

Equally worrying is the issue of trust: he seems unable to trust Melania’s judgment.

This was more manifest at the presidential election when Trump infamously peered into his wife’s voting booth as if to ensure that she voted for the right candidate — him.

And contrary to tradition, Melania was conspicuously absent on stage at his acceptance speech after he was declared winner. Their 10-year-old son, Barron, seemed to have represented his mother.

In the interim, Melania currently resides in New York City, ostensibly to take care of Barron while the school year lasts.

Her step daughter, Ivanka, sometimes sits in for her, even when it isn’t categorically stated as such.


Source: Omojuwa.com

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