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Akinrun Stool: Gboleru Ruling House Appeals To Adeleke To Release White Paper

Akinrun Stool: Gboleru Ruling House Appeals To Adeleke To Release White Paper
  • PublishedFebruary 10, 2023


Yusuf Oketola

A ruling house in Ikirun, Ifelodun local government of the State of Osun, has appealed to Governor Ademola Adeleke to release white paper on the recommendations of the Chieftaincy Affairs Review Committee.

The committee had on January 3, 2023 submitted its report to the Governor. 

Speaking on behalf of the ruling house yesterday, Prince Kayode Oyetunji, commended Adeleke for his actions and assurance to adhere to rule of law on chieftaincy matters, particularly on the Akinrun stool.

Oyetunji urged the Governor not to listen to some people who wants to misrepresent fact and manipulate him into closing his eyes on the Akinrun stool in spite of the recommendation of the panel. 

He said: “The executive order on chieftaincy matters across the state was timely, and not only since calming down tensions across the state and particularly in Ikirunland, but it is also giving all parties real hope that one day justice will surely triumph. 

“We appreciate huge responsibilities of the Governor besides the needs for him and his team to appraise the reports and recommendations of the panel before rolling out directives. 

“Notwithstanding, we believe that the government should by now release a white paper to implement the position of the government. Therefore, we are appealing to the Governor to, please, without further delay release the white paper setting out unambiguously the position of the government on chieftaincy matter in Ikirunland. 

“Meanwhile, rumours have it that a group of people is desperate to truncate good intentions of the government either directly or indirectly, and or by technically misrepresenting the true position with a view to creating “Don’t Do Syndrome’ thereby causing confusion or to put the whole matter in abeyance, regardless of the work done by the honourable panel. 

“Rumours also have it that another group of people is selling unfounded dummy to the government on rule of law and that the “Osun government must not commit contempt of court” because Gboleru Ruling House people have taken their matter to Appeal court. 

“We want to set the records straight. As people who believe in rule of law, our prayer before the panel and of course, the government, is that all government actions since 17th November, 2021 that our legal team had appropriately served the Osun State Government our appeal court papers, should be cancelled. 

“The selection carried out on 19th November, 2021 and the approval and appointment of new Akinrun of Ikirun by the Osun State Government on 26th October, 2022, while there exists legal encumbrances, were flagrant violations of rule of law. 

“Therefore, the cancellation of all the government actions will only further promote rule of law and not a contempt as being rumoured to truncate government’s actions.”

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