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AK-47 Bullet Pierces Court Roof During Session

AK-47 Bullet Pierces Court Roof During Session
  • PublishedJune 19, 2021

There was a mild drama on Thursday June 17, at the Magistrate Court in Umuahia, the Abia State capital when AK-47 bullet suddenly pierced the court roof during a session on, penetrating deep into a desk in the courtroom.

The court was in session when suddenly a strange sound was heard from the roof.

Attempts to trace the source of the sound was unsuccessful as no visible damage or effect was seen.

On a news programme monitored on ABN TV, Mrs. Olanma Kalu Uche, the Registrar of the Court said the strange strong sound was heard about 11am when the court was in session, halting proceeding and causing fear among those in the hall.

However, after no trace of the source could be established, the court session which had been temporarily suspended continued.

In a dramatic twist however, one of the lawyers who came to the court saw the live bullet penetrated deep in the Registrar’s table and raised alarm.

He was said to have drawn their attention to it, identifying it as AK-47 bullet, a claim police source also confirmed.

All efforts to safely pull it out proved abortive due to the depth of penetration.

Nobody was however injured.

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