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AFCON: CAF Announces New Measures To Curb The Impact Of COVID-19

AFCON: CAF Announces New Measures To Curb The Impact Of COVID-19
  • PublishedJanuary 9, 2022

The Confederation of African Football, ( CAF) has issued new COVID-19 updates and its effect on the rules of the African Cup of Nation tournament kicking off today in Cameroon.

In a statement released on the Federation’s website on Saturday, CAF announced new rules introduced to curb the effect of the pandemic on the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

Number of substitute players per match:

CAF will apply the five substitutions per match rule during this competition, as follows:

Each team will be permitted to use a maximum of five substitutes.

To reduce disruption to the match, each team will have a maximum of three opportunities to make substitutions during the game; substitutions may also be made at half-time.

If both teams make a substitution at the same time, this will count as one of the three opportunities for each team.

Unused substitutions and opportunities are carried forward into extra time.

Where extra time is played, teams will each be allowed one additional substitution, and will have one additional substitution opportunity; substitutions may also be made before the start of extra time and at half-time in extra time.

Minimum number of players in case of a team affected by COVID-19

If the result of the Covid-19 PCR test of any player is positive, such player will not be authorized to go to the stadium or participate in the applicable match.

A team will be required to play a match if they have a minimum of eleven (11) players available who have tested negative. In the event of the absence of a goalkeeper, another player from the team must replace the goalkeeper, provided the total number of available players is at least eleven.

A team that do not have a minimum of eleven (11) players available will be considered to have lost the match 0-2.

In exceptional cases, the Organizing Committee of the Africa Cup of Nations will take the appropriate decision

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