Adunni Ade & Her Beautiful Boys Cover Motherhood In Style (Photos)

Adunni Ade & Her Beautiful Boys Cover Motherhood In Style (Photos)
  • PublishedApril 6, 2017

Nigerian Actress, Adunni Ade who also doubles as a single mother covered the new edition of Motherhood In Style.

She appreciated the magazine for recognizing her, while she pens an emotional message which reads:
This shoot is very special and different to me. You know how in our society, my “suppose ” type of woman is looked down upon and probably only the “married moms” are mostly celebrated, well this is different.

I truly don’t do what I do to gain public recognition, I do this because from day one, I made it top priority to make sure my oldest goes without and then, fortunately and unfortunately (if I must say without being misquoted negatively) my younger one born. If I may add, YES! I have a huge point to make while still on this earth.

Thank you @motherhood in style_mag for allowing one of my deepest wishes come to live. New edition of #MotherhoodinStyle is available at all Magazine Stands across.

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