Actress Toyin Abraham Raises Alarm About The 21st Century

Actress Toyin Abraham Raises Alarm About The 21st Century
  • PublishedFebruary 13, 2019

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu is of the opinion that social media is responsible for the growing increase of a lack of sincerity, betrayals and depressions among many especially youths in the 21st century.

According to her, social media has taken over true bonding while describing people of this century as a generation that does not want or value real relationships.

The actress revealed that much in a picture post on Instagram with which she used to emphasize her point with a message which reads thus; “21st Century, the generation that doesn’t want real relationship. We want that social media relationship that everyone can like and comment on. True bonding are very hard now because, we now converse via DM, Ping, WhatsApp etc and epistle is our new way of expressing our feelings or appreciating people.

“A lot of relationships has died because we now have better relationship with our phones than with people. We invest more time into our Instagram profile than we do with our lives. We celebrate our friends/family’s birthdays without knowing how the 365 days that lead up to them was.

“Family meetings are now been held via Video calls and WhatsApp group conversations. People come to social media to write a long epistle for each other, claiming WORLD’S BEST for them. When in actual sense, they know they are nothing close to COMMUNITY’S BEST and their intentions are not to filter them as good, but to impress social media audience.

“There’s no relationship without social media anymore and that’s why relationships are no longer sincere; everything is now for the gram?. We’ve forgotten that, the best thing to hold on to in life is each other? and that’s one of the reasons why depression is getting common☹️.

“We’ve built a wall around ourselves against our family and love ones. We share our burdens with riddles on social media instead of talking it out with someone. It has worsened to the extent that, someone about to commit suicide will take to Instagram story to write their suicide note.

“I understand it’s hard to find a trustworthy person these days but you still have to trust someone! If you trust them and they betrayed your trust, then it’s not your problem anymore it’s theirs. Let them live the rest of their life with the burden of betrayal.

“The best place to lean on is each other’s shoulders. Don’t let social media steal your love ones from you cuz NOTHING CAN SAVE US FROM DEATH BUT LOVE COULD AT LEAST SAVE US FROM LIFE”.

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