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3 More Bethel Baptist College Students Regain Freedom

3 More Bethel Baptist College Students Regain Freedom
  • PublishedAugust 4, 2021


Three additional students abducted from Bethel Baptist College in Kaduna State have regained their freedom.
This was revealed by one of the Officials of the College and Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Kaduna State, Reverend Joseph Hayab, while speaking to journalists on Tuesday.

He said that the students escaped from their abductors three days before the first batch of 28 student were released by the bandits 25th of July.

The students were however found stranded by a stranger who offered to help them but later demanded a ransom of ten million Naira from their Parents, promising to kill them if the ransom was not paid.

Reverend Hayab further explained that after series of negotiations, a ransom of over one million Naira was paid to the stranger who dumped the children at a village in Chikun Local government area where they were recovered by troops on Tuesday .

Three of the students have been handed over to their Parents who immediately took them to a health facility for medical examination and treatment.

The latest development, therefore, brings the total number of the recovered students to 41 out of the 121 that were abducted by bandits on the fifth of July.

At least Eighty students are still in the custody of the bandits who are now demanding a ransom of Eighty million Naira for their release.

The Parents of the Abducted students and the School Management gather at the School premises everyday to pray for the safe return of the remaining students who have now spent a month in the hands of their abductors.

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