25-Year Old Orphan, Titilayo Requires N20m To Survive Chronic Kidney Disease

25-Year Old Orphan, Titilayo Requires N20m To Survive Chronic Kidney Disease
  • PublishedApril 17, 2021

Titilayo Ayeni is one of three siblings. Until the death of both parents, she had led a life of promise with her family members. Titilayo had always believed that she could achieve whatever she wanted. But succeeding events and realities in her life began to say otherwise. She lost both parents and she has had to struggle her way through life.

For the 25-year-old, her health began to deteriorate until she was faced with the reality of a chronic kidney disease. Titilayo has been on costly dialysis just to remain alive. It has also been very difficult to get financial assistance considering the death of her parents.

In an emotion-laden voice, she said: “I need help. I want everyone to assist me. I need about 20 million naira for a kidney treatment and other treatments. I am an orphan. I have had to stay out of school when things began to deteriorate. Since the death of my parents, my siblings and family friends have been doing what they can, but this is not enough. I don’t want to die. I want to live my dreams and be a blessing to the society. Please help me by donating to my surgery and treatment. The pain is unbearable; the cost of remaining alive is too enormous for me. I can’t bear it alone. Life is hard. Please help me. I have nowhere else to go; I have nobody to turn to. Since the disease started, I have been unable to do anything meaningful with my life. If my parents were alive, perhaps this burden would have been reduced. But they are no more. I can’t question God for that.

“Everyone help me. I need all the help that I can get at this material time. No amount is too small; no amount is too much. I want to be healthy again; I want to remain alive; I want to be productive again; I want to finish my education; I want to be useful to the society; I want to be positively limitless. Help me. Please, help me. Life is hard when one is faced with a challenge like this. I have no place to go; I have nowhere to turn to. The dialysis is costly. Please help me.”

For donations: Fidelity Bank; account name is Ayeni Titilayo Esther; account number is 6322246398. Enquiries, call 08071182997, 08124631209

Culled from the Nigerian Tribune.

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