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2018: If PDP Gets Back To Power, Things Will Be Worse In Osun Than Before – Aregbesola

2018: If PDP Gets Back To Power, Things Will Be Worse In Osun Than Before – Aregbesola
  • PublishedMay 2, 2018

By Nofisat Marindoti

Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has urged the people of the State not to give in to the lies of the opposition party, saying if the People’s Democracy Party, PDP, gets into power again, the situation of the State would be worse than it was during their first administration.

The Governor said this during a visit to Boluwaduro/ Ifedayo/Ila Federal Constituency on Monday.

Aregbesola said the visit was to sensitize the public to the lies of the PDP and to urge party members to start working assiduously towards the fast approaching governorship election.

“The purpose of the visit is to sensitize our party members to the lies of the opposition. They were in power before but didn’t do anything meaningful while our government has achieved lots in social and rural developments. The continuity of our party is essential for the progress of the State.

“The people are starting to forget the PDP’s bad behaviour when they were in power so we shouldn’t relent, we must must not let them in. If the PDP gets into power again, the situation of Osun will be worse than it was when they were first in power.

“During their time then, none of our Party members could walk around with the party’s logo, they ruled with fear, they were even killing one another. We are gone if we relent, so we must not relent, let’s start holding ward meetings and mobilising people. Let’s not give in to PDP.

“Their only excuse is that we owe debts but it is not about owing debts, it is about using the money for something tangible and we used ours to do meaningful things. Also, any business, State or country must borrow to develop.

“They also say we only spend on Osogbo, isn’t Osogbo our State capital? Aren’t we suppose to start from the head?” he asked.

Aregbesola also listed the achievements of his administration in all nooks and crannies of the State, adding that no other government had done what his administration has been able to achieve.

“It is only our administration that has built bridges in Osun, what about the schools, the medical centres, our life changing programmes, what about the security of the State? The road from Iresi to Ila will soon be done. The road from Ila to Oke-Ila is almost done. Has any government done half of what we have done?”

The Governor thereby urged party members to support whoever becomes the party’s candidate, stressing that it is the continuity of the party that matters.

“Let’s stand with the party in respective of the candidate chosen, it’s the continuity we want. Lagos State is progressing today because of the same party continuity. If we want to continue moving forward, our party must remain in power.” he added.


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