10 family Members Die After Eating Tuwon Aawa

10 family Members Die After Eating Tuwon Aawa
  • PublishedJuly 4, 2021

Ten persons have reportedly died after eating a poisonous food in Jangeme community in Gusau Local government area of Zamfara state.
The deceased who are members of one family are mostly children between the ages of five to twelve years.
They Died after eating a ginicon food known as Tuwon Dawa in Hausa, which was mistakenly cooked with a chemical.
A thirty five old Aunt to the deceased who was at the family House for a visit cooked the food with the chemical thinking it was a potash.
The incident was confirmed by public relations officer of Yeriman Bakura General Hospital Auwal Ruwan-Doruwa, who said one of the victims died at home before the remaining nine were brought to the Hospital after battling with the poison for several hours.
According to him, three died Monday night, another three died Tuesday and two died on Thursday while the last person died on Friday.
“They were served with guinea corn food called ‘tuwon dawa’ in Hausa which was cooked by their aunt Aisha Musa.
” Aisha mistakenly put a poisonous chemical in the food thinking it was a potash and immediately they ate the food, they fell sick due to stomach cramps and were rushed to the hospital in Gusau where they later died”, he stated.
Ruwan-Doruwa adds that despite all efforts by medical personnel to save the life of the victims they all died.
The Hospital authorities is appealing to the general public to be conscious of what they keep in the kitchen or near food items.

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