Ex-Convict Bags 6-Month Imprisonment For Stealing Laptop 

By Toba Ajisafe


An ex-convict, Nafisat Raji has been sentenced to six months imprisonment by the State of Osun Magistrate Court, sitting in Osogbo for allegedly stealing Techo mobile phone and Hp Pavilion laptop.


Nafisat, 35, was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Adenike Olowolagba on a four-count charge of stealing and felony on Wednesday.


The prosecutor, Inspector Oladoye Joshua told the court that the convict committed the offence of felony and stealing on August 30th, 2017 at about 12.30pm at Fayemi Street, Osogbo.


He said, “the convict entered the house of one Akindele Deborah Oluwakemi and stole one Techno Y6 mobile phone valued N14,500.


“Nafisat on the same day at about 11PM, Akeju Street opposite Government Technical College in Osogbo, broke into One Olaboopo Mubarak’s home and stole one HP Pavilion Laptop valued N45,000.


He noted that the offence committed by the Convict contravene section 412, section 390(9) and section 383 and punishable under section 390(9)of the criminal code cap 34 volume II, Laws of Osun State, 2003.


The convict pleaded guilty to all the four count charge preferred against her by the police.


The defense counsel, Mr Okobe Najite pleaded to court to temper justice with mercy.


The magistrate, Mrs Adenike Olowolagba sentences the woman to six months imprisonment and ordered that the laptop and phone recovery from the convict be returned back to the complainant.


However, she was given an option of N3,000 fine.


Aregbesola’s Youth Engagement Efforts Has Made Osun Youths Role Models – Commissioner 

Governor Rauf Aregbesola has been lauded on his youth empowerment and engagement policies which have placed the Youths of the state of Osun as role models and in front burners worldwide.

The Commissioner, Ministry of Empowerment and Youth Engagement Mrs. Mofolake Adetoun Adegboyega made this known during a courtesy visit by the Youth Empowerment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) Programme Implementation Unit.

Mrs. Adegboyega stated that the creation of State of Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) gave birth to Youth Empowerment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) at the federal level, and has been embraced and implemented in states of the federation.

She affirmed the readiness of the ministry to collaborate with YESSO in achieving the set goals as championed by the Aregbesola government.

In his speech, the Head of Unit, Youth Empowerment and Social Support Operation, who doubles as the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Empowerment, Mr. Olugbenga Odulaja, stated that the State of Osun is one of the pilot States where the targeted beneficiaries for the Federal Government Empowerment programme are poor individuals through community based target register done by State Operation Coordinating Unit (SCOU) across the state.

Odulaja stated that the Federal Government and World Bank Assisted Project, set to run for seven years, to promote massive youth engagement which will eliminate poverty in two hundred and ninety-four communities in Osun.

He added that the beneficiaries will be closely monitored for Empowerment by their community, local government and YESSO Unit Supervisors at the state and federal level.

In his remarks, the Training and Communication Head of the unit, who is also State of Osun Senior Special Adviser to the governor on General Duties, Dr. Olufemi Oyedele stated that potential beneficiaries will be given orientation just as he asked for the support of all stakeholders.

Oyedele also lauded Governor Rauf Aregbesola for meeting the standard required by the World Bank.


Wonder!! How Oluwo ‘Mysteriously’ Stop Rain In Iwo

When natural things happen, people view it as normal but when the abnormal happens, it becomes a subject of marvel, discourse and leaves a tide of Appraisal of God’s Wonders and Magnificence.

The unthinkable happened last Saturday in Iwo when the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi Telu I interceded to stop Rains at the funeral of an APC Chieftain’s father, Alhaji Rafiu Alani Gafar.

As the heavy rains began in earnest, the event was disrupted as people scampered to hid where they will not be affected by the heavy rain.

The Oluwo who was said to have a discomfort with the situation entered the rain and Prayed God to stop the rain.

According to eyewitness account, Oba Akanbi said “If you (God) was the one that sent me, in your Name (Allah), I command the rain to stop.”

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi who was quoted to have said that Rain is an element of God’s prowess said he cannot be disturbed by the rain since He and the Rain are messengers of God.

The eyewitness said traditionalists at the event had tried to stop the rain but were unable to stop it.

“Immediately the Oluwo prayed, the weather changed and the aesthetic crowd were wild in jubilation.”

The event according to the source was one of many events where the Oluwo actions confirmed his sayings that as a King, He is a representative of God and that He with other creatures of God are of the same caliber and cannot work in discreet realms.

Osun Commissioner Make Case for Yoruba Language As Teaching Tool In Schools

The Osun State Commissioner for Education, Mr. Kola Omotunde-Young has called for the use of mother tongue (Yoruba language) for teaching in schools across the state.

Mr. Kola Omotunde-Young urged the teachers to use the Yoruba language to teach and use locally available examples and concepts for illustration in order to achieve effective understanding of the subjects by the pupils and students.

He stated this while inspecting some schools across the State, maintaining that Yoruba should be used as the first language and English as second language in teaching.

The Commissioner called on teachers and parents in the State to support the functional education drive of Governor Rauf Aregbesola by showing commitment to teaching and giving the children adequate
parental care.

According to Mr. Omotunde-Young, for the efforts of Aregbesola’s administration at improving education in the state to yield positive results, parents and teachers need to see themselves as major
stakeholders in the drive.

Mr. Omotunde-Young urged parents, guardians and society to pay more attention to the educational development of the children.

The Commissioner maintained that, parents must specifically ensure that every child enjoys good parenting as a right and not a privilege and given the children moral education to complement what they are
being taught in schools.

He urged the teachers to ensure effective teaching and mentoring, appealing to them to make classrooms friendly and learner-centred so that, the standard of education in the state can improve.

The Commissioner urged teachers and school authorities to always maintain clean environment, noting that it will reflect in the overall behaviour of the students.

Mr. Omotunde-Young appealed to parents and guardians to provide for the academic needs of their children, lamenting that many parents sent their children to schools to resume the new term in tattered dresses.

Watch New Video Stunt of Dancing Senator, Ademola Adeleke

A new video of senator representing Osun West district, Ademola Adeleke, has emerged where he was seeing as usual dancing and singing at a church.


News reveals that the video footage which just emerged on social media shows lawmaker leading the congregation in Yoruba and Igbo choruses as he moved from one end of the church to the other. This elicited reactions from the worshippers.


The pastors on the podium were obviously entertained as they were seen whispering to one another. Not even members of the choir could match his pace. It is not clear when the video was released.


Recall that in 2014 governorship election of Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun, he was with his late brother, Sen Isiaka Adeleke who decamped from PDP to APC. His present at the campaign then was noticed because of flare for dance and was nickname then ‘Skelewu’


Watch the video below:

Aregbesola And The Armchair Critics

By Kunle Owolabi

Everything has got its own time and season.  The season of politics in the State of Osun is here. Contestants are warming up.  New alignments are being forged. In other places, old ones are being resuscitated. Forces are gathering, all towards the 2018 governorship election. Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s tenure is gradually coming to an end.  Dozens of aspirants are targeting this number one seat. All these contestants want to outdo one another in the ascendance to the throne game.  One weapon they have and which they are using is propaganda.  They will perform more than the incumbent if given the opportunity to serve. They have now turned virulent critics of the Ogbeni Aregbesola government. 

They brazenly alter statistics. Fabricate figures which are non-existing and justify what ought not to be, all in the name of wanting to give the administration of Aregbesola a bad name in order to hang it.  But the people of Osun do have very good memory.  They do not suffer from collective amnesia. They know.  They see. They also feel what Aregbesola did and is still doing in the state.

One of the supposed governorship aspirants recently said the state of education in Osun is in a bad shape. He noted that there was a disconnect in the provision of infrastructure and economic development, promising that he possessed the magic wand to synergise the two and fix the education. He said: “My governorship ambition will aim at turning the state’s fortunes around, especially in “moment of crisis’ which its education had found itself. Osun State is in a moment of crisis as its educational sector is also in a bad shape and the quality is no longer there. “The infrastructure and economic development will change if given the opportunity to govern the state. Osun is in a critical position; it must not be left in the hands of charlatans. If you’re a governor or aspiring to be governor and you say you have 6 points agenda or 9 points agenda, its rubbish, I’m very sure of that. Another aspirant was milder in his criticism. He opined that Aregbesola performed very well but made certain mistakes that he would correct if elected governor.

But if a calabash isn’t broken, do we employ someone to still fix it? One of Aregbesola’s critics cited above was fortunately part of the education summit called by the governor in 2011 to fix the education sector ran aground during the seven years of misrule of the administration before Aregbesola.  This critic was not a governorship aspirant then and he did not see that education was in shambles. Even at that, he was privileged to serve in the summit with the Nobel Laureate,  Professor Wole  Soyinka.  The outcome of that brainstorming at the summit produced the template with which the government tailored its restructuring. And today, the state has witnessed tremendous improvement in all ramifications as far as education is concerned in the state.

The criticism must have stemmed from the utter lack of knowledge of performance charts and attention to details commonly exhibited by those who do not want to see anything good attributed to the Aregbesola administration.

Before one goes to reel out statistics on physical performance in the education sector such as provision of infrastructure, let us take a cursory look at the performance of the student of the high school in the state in the last three editions of the external examination,  West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

These past records and statistics of students supplied by WAEC in the past years have shown that there is significant improvement in percentage of overall results of the student compared to the 2010 performance pre-Aregbesola era. To start with, a comparison between pre and post Aregbesola administrations will put the records straight. In 2007, the state registered 36,171 candidates for WAEC examination out of which 2,483 representing 6.86 per cent had credit pass in five subjects, including English and Mathematics.

In 2008, it was 37,715 candidates with 3,813 pass, representing 10.11 per cent. In 2009 it was 39,676 candidates, with 5,545 pass, representing 13.98 per cent. In 2010 it was 43,216 candidates, with 6,777 pass, representing 15.68 per cent. If you put these four years together, you will get an average of 15.68 per cent. Put side by side the above four-year performances with that of Aregbesola’s administration when government started sponsoring candidates for WAEC in 2011, one would glean the wide gulf in performances of both governments.

In 2011, and the first year of test of Aregbesola’s government, the state fielded 53,293 candidates, had 11,672 pass, representing 21.98 per cent.  In 2012, government fielded 51,463 out of which 11,431 passed, representing 22.21 per cent. In 2013, it also fielded 47,013 candidates, recorded 9,301 pass, representing 19.78 per cent. In 2014, government sponsored 47,672 candidates, 9,316 of them passed, representing 19.54 per cent.  Taken together,  the average performance for Aregbesola’s first four years was 20.88 per cent. Compared with the average performance (13.26 per cent) of the three years that preceded it, the percentage improvement in performance during Aregbesola’s tenure is put at  an impressive 57.46 per cent.

Thus, those who said Osun is declining are not being honest. The above data will show that their claims are totally unfounded. The performance of pupils has not gone down under the watch of Aregbesola. This significant improvement in performance was nothing other than an outstanding result brought about by careful and strategic planning by the administration. The percentage of performance has kept improving since then. One, therefore, was miffed by the spurious claims of critics about education being in bad shape in the state. This same education sector!  Coming to infrastructural improvement,  it is in this same education sector where, as at last count, a total of 55 new state-of-the-art structures, comprising 20 Elementary, 22  Middle, and 13  High School have been added to existing structures while a total of 82 school blocks, comprising 1,534 classrooms across the state have been refurbished by his administration.

The same Aregbesola administration established the Home Grown School Feeding Programme (O’MEALS) which, apart from providing pupils in Elementary 1-4 with highly nutritious meals every school day, has also succeeded in reducing unemployment by absorbing no fewer than 3,000 food vendors?  Another innovation of the administration is Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) which, with its mopping up of more than 40,000 youths off the streets and productively engaging them, has succeeded in reducing the scourge of unemployment among our youths.

Aregbesola has also performed creditably well in bringing government closer to the people, especially through the creation of additional 31 Local Council Development Areas, 3 Area Councils and two Administrative Offices.  On security, with the procurement of 25 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) and 100 Patrol Vehicles among others, he has greatly helped in the making Osun one of the safest states in Nigeria.

Without security, can there be any development? Those who easily find a disconnection between infrastructure and development in Osun must have been living  outside the state. The above is just a tip of the iceberg of the development that occurred under Governor Aregbesola, which his most avowed critics could not even deny.

The conclusion one can draw from these aspirants turned critics is that because they wanted Aregbesola’s job, then they must malign him to curry the support of the people.  This kite will not fly any time any day again as the people of the state are abreast of what the governor has done for the state.  No amount of lies will ever deceive and stop them from following the people’s governor.

Owolabi writes from Osogbo

Five Nabbed For Printing Fake Currency Notes

By Toba Ajisafe


Osun State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Adeoye Fimihan has confirmed the arrest of five suspected culprits for printing fake currency and duping unsuspecting members of the public.


Fimihan disclosed this at the Osun State Police Command, Osogbo while parading the syndicate in connection with the crime alongside a suspected herbalist who allegedly specialized in printing fake foreign currency.


The fake currency and other materials used in printing, recovered from the syndicate were displayed at the command before the suspects.

In a briefing, Fimihan told OSUN DEFENDER that the operation was carried out by ‘Police Special Patrol Team’ in Ife, Osun State about a month ago when the team apprehended someone with fake currency during ‘Stop and Search Operation’


Fimihan said, further investigation led Police to the place where the counterfeit currency is being printed and subsequently arrested the owner of the printing press.


He said “In the course of the investigation, a search warrant was executed which made it possible for us to recover other fake currency at the printing press that is located in Lagos.


The syndicate who has network around the country was arrested in Osun, Kogi and Lagos.


He noted that, the Police collaborating with Central Bank of Nigeria to move the machine used by the syndicate.


Fimihan disclosed that investigation is still on-going and the Command is trying to find out if there are others who are engaging in the illegality.


Fimihan said, “we know that this (printing fake currency) criminal act constitute serious threat to Nigeria economy.”

NMA Strike: We’ll Do Our Best To Resolve Your Demands – Osun Govt

……Pleads for Doctor’s Understanding

The State Government of Osun has appealed to the striking doctors in the state to consider patients and call off their strike in the interest of the people.

This appealed was made by the state Commissioner for Health, Dr Rafiu Isamotu in a statement made available to OSUN DEFENDER in Osogbo.

He said the state is not unaware of their demands and its doing everything possible to resolve issues surrounding the strike so it won’t be prolonged more than necessary.

The statement read, “The government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola does not like strike. We consider the welfare of our people important and we take it seriously. We will do everything to improve on the welfare of the people. We appeal to our doctors to bear with us, reason with us and be considerate.

“We have laid our cards on the table; there are so many things the doctors are demanding for, two of those things bothered on payment of salaries in 2015 when they were on strike and Revised CONMES.

“We have held meeting with the NMA and other stakeholders. We have engaged them unofficially too. The government had been engaging the doctors since they gave 21 days ultimatum. We have told them what the government is doing and the two parties need to reach agreement.

“Anyway, we will continue to discuss with them. I plead with the doctors to try to understand the position of the government; they should consider the patients in the hospital. We will do everything humanly possible to resolve the issue on time. We will do our best to ensure that the strike is not prolonged. This government is serious about the welfare of the people of the state. We will do everything to reach a compromise with the NMA.

According to him, Osun aside Lagos in the Southwest pays highest to doctors before the financial strength of the state dropped owing to the economic recession in the country.

Recall the state government like it reached agreement with workers in the state Civil Service whereby modulated salaries are being paid to different categories of workers also put up such arrangement with the medical doctors in the state’s employment which they rejected.

“It is on record that doctors in the State of Osun are perhaps the highest paid in the South-West states after Lagos. The government did everything to ensure the standard was maintained for as long as the finances of government were in good shape. This illustrates that the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is very”

Aregbesola, Others Storm Edo For Public Consultation On Restructuring [PHOTOS]

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun, his Ogun state counterpart, Ibikunle Amosun on Monday visited Edo state to hold zonal public consultation of the All Progressives Congress Committee on True Federalism.


The team received by Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki at the Benin Airport is expected to cover South-South and the North-Central zones.


Among issues to be discussed at the hearing are creation/merger of states, derivation principle, devolution of powers, federating units, fiscal federalism and revenue allocation and form of government.


Other issues are independent candidacy, land tenure system, local government autonomy, power sharing and rotation, resource control and type of legislature.


In the recent, agitations from Nigerians on the need to restructure the country has been on the rise which birthed the inauguration of Restructuring Committee by the All Progressives Congress, chaired by the Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai.


Governor Aregbesola while speaking said the “restructuring” of Nigeria remains on the front burner of public discourse, he noted that the practice of true federalism would accelerate development of the country.

See photos below……………

LAUTECH: JAC, ASUU Express Hope As Meeting With Management Holds

By Toba Ajisafe


The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, and other workers’ unions in the university, have expressed hope that today’s meeting with the institution management will resolve impasses surrounding the recent suspension of strike announced by the governing council.


This was expressed on a radio programme by the Chairman of Joint Action Committee, Mr. Abimbola Aleshinloye; and Chairman of the ASUU, Dr. Biodun Olaniran, which was monitored by OSUN DEFENDER on Monday.


Recall OSUN DEFENDER reported the resumption of the institution in a statement signed by the Registrar and Secretary to Council, Mr. Jacob Agboola, which expected the students to resume on Monday September 15th, 2017.


The strike which was on for months has seen the two owner states engaged an audit firm to look into alleged mismanagement of funds by the management and recommendations were made on effective running of the institution.


Read: BREAKING: LAUTECH Announces Resumption Date


Mr. Aleshinloye who is the chairman JAC comprises of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, Non Academic Staff Union and the National Association of Academic Technologists, said, the Management has invited all the Unions for a meeting today by 12noon at Ogbomosho campus to deliberation over announced resumption.


“We have to resolve the issues and today, the Management will have to state their own side and we have to state ours for us to harmonize.


He said, “We so much appreciate what the Chairman of the governing council, Mr. Oladapo Afolabi is doing to bring back the lost glory.”


Speaking in same manner, the ASUU chairman, Dr. Biodun Olaniran said, that the Union is so much open to negotiation.


Dr. Abiodun said “our sons and daughters are also in the school, so we hope the crisis will be solved before October 1st, 2017 which I believe today’s dialogue between the Unions and the management will go a long to proffer lasting solution to the crisis.

Osun’ll No Longer Rely On Fed Allocation in Five Years Time – Commissioner

Osun state government has said that it has put in place policies, programmes and infrastructure that will totally liberate the state from the shackles of the federal allocation which has for sometimes been deciding the progress or otherwise of majority of the states in Nigeria.

Foundation for economic prosperity, according to the government, was gradually being built in Osun and was working assiduously to attain a glorious height economically.

The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa stated this on Sunday while addressing members of a socio-political organization, the Young Mandate Group in Osogbo.

Baderinwa said Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration has provided and invested heavily on profitable and lasting infrastructure that has been enhancing and continue to uplift the economy of the state.

He maintained that good infrastructure is the bedrock of socio-economic development, explaining that the massive road construction put in place by Aregbesola’s administration have been connecting people, drive commerce and maintain global competitiveness.

Baderinwa noted that the road construction would in no time reduce costs in many economic sectors in the state by providing better accessibility to markets, increasing employment, bringing in foreign investment and improving global presence in the state.

The commissioner said Aregbesola has laid solid foundation for economic development of the state and his efforts have been yielding positive result with the recent agreement of Turkish government to partner Osun on trade, commerce and industrial revolution.

Baderinwa stated that the Turkish government has agreed to support the state at completing the MKO Abiola International Airport in Ido-Osun, stating that the airport when completed will aid the state’s economy.

Aside the airport, Aregbesola said Osun economy will in no time receive boost when the $30.5million contract won by the Osun RLG/Adulawo Technology Company for the supply of Terrestrial Broadcast Set Top Boxes flows into the market.

Baderinwa noted that the 15-year-old moribund cocoa processing industry in Ede has been revived by the Aregbesola’s administration, disclosing that a Chinese company, Shanghai Golden Monkey Group was ready to invest N10billion into the economy of Osun state through cocoa processing and production.

The company, according to Baderinwa would have the capacity to provide 1,000 jobs for the unemployed youths in the state in the next two years when it begins full production.

According to the commissioner, aside road construction and investment in company, construction of markets by the Aregbesola’s administration has been aiding trade and commerce in the state, saying that new markets like Aje and Ayegbaju International markets have expanded economic activities.

Baderinwa submitted Aregbesola has laid foundation for economic development, stating that in the next five years the economy of the state would be sustainable and make the state independent of federal allocation.

The commissioner stated that Aregbesola’s administration recognized agriculture as a strong pillar of economy, hence his commitment to promoting agriculture and food security through intervention programmes like Osun Rural Enterprise and Agricultural Programme (O REAP) and Osun Rural Access and Mobility Project (O RAMP).

He said the O REAP and O RAMP programmes have afforded the farmers opportunity of getting the farm produce into the markets with ease with the provision of compact roads, curvet and bridges in all the villages across the state for smooth transportation.