Still On Ebunoluwa Flyover Bridge; Saboteurs Should Stay Clear Of Osun Legacy Projects……By Progressives e-Group


Not long ago, we released the first press statement on this subject matter to set the record straight on the lies of drowning opposition in the state. However, it has become imperative to release this second statement on the rumoured EbunOluwa flyover bridge collapse in order to sternly warn irrational saboteurs and agents of destruction to stay away from all the lofty projects of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to the good people of Osun.

As we reported in our first press statement, our investigative team during the road tour tried to find out from the engineer supervising Oba Adesoji Aderemi West Bypass road project what actually led to the blockage of one side of the road? Amazingly, he told us it was due to the handiwork of suspected saboteurs who attempted to brake part of the road and in the process, they succeeded in removing about two metres of expansion joints. Expectedly from a responsive government, this has been replaced immediately with a raw cement turned concrete to stabilize it. He said the concrete done on this portion of the road needed some few days to dry before the road is unblocked for motorists to pass.

The engineer in charge of the road also said similar act was carried out at the bridge located along Oke Ijetu axis of the same road. Some electrical materials and other items preventing staying of floods at the middle of the road were removed from that section of the road too by these enemies of progress. We see this act as desperation taken too far. The saboteurs should note that these projects are not personal properties of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola but collective heritage of Osun people who freely gave him their mandate.

We say for the umpteenth time that in a sane society, election year is a year of democratic consolidation not of infrastructural destruction. We enjoy both the security agencies and good people of Osun to start beaming their torchlights and searchlights on all these projects that spread across the nooks and crannies of the state in order to deter saboteurs from drawing us backward. Osun o ni baje ooo.

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