See Strange Message Sent By Slain Osun PS To Husband Before Her Death

The painful exit of the slain Osun Permanent Secretary of Bureau of General Services, Mrs Olufunke Oluwakemi Kolawole may have been foretold by the deceased.

Kolawole’s husband, who is a Lagos based lawyer, spoke on the strange message his wife sent to him shortly before her assassination and shared painful memories of his last moments with his wife.

Mrs Kolawole was murdered on the Okene-Abuja Road in Kogi State, on her way to Abuja last Thursday.

He said, about three weeks ago, she sent a text message to me. I was in Lagos then. When I read the message, it said: ‘In case anything happens, please take care of the children. Make sure they are comfortable.’

“When I read the message, I thought it was her normal way of asking me to care for the children. I never suspected anything bad, neither did I imagine that anything was going to happen to her.”

Asked if his wife had any premonition of her death, he said: “I don’t think so. I don’t want to believe that she had a premonition of her death before sending that message to me. I only felt that it was her normal way of asking me to take care of the children.”