Residents Lament Incessant Stealing Of Motorcycles, Cars In Ile Ife, Modakeke

By Sodiq Lawal

Despite the state government’s efforts to improve security of lives and property in Osun, residents of Ile Ife and Modakeke can still not heave a sigh of relief as armed robbers appear to have doubled up operation in the neighbourhood.

While thefts and burglary incidents have gone on the rise recently, the free reign of armed robbery gangs in the habit of mounting road blocks late at night and early in the morning to steal motorcycles and cars have continued to worry the residents.

The recent twist of robbery gangs, usually of four or five men per group, laying siege has made the residents of the two communities cry out for help.

Olabisi Ajayi, one of the most recent victims who resides at Ondo road told our correspondent that the recent incessant of stealing motorcycles and cars has become very alarming.

“I parked my motorcycle inside my compound before I slept on Sunday. I nearly ran mad on Monday morning when I woke and found that my motorcycle has been stolen,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Olusola Rotimi recounted how a visiting friend was dislodged of his car at Enuwa about a week ago.

Landlords in the two towns said that the development had become more worrisome, as it is now usual to hear of stealing of motorcycles and cars in the wee hours of every morning.

A landlord, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the major challenge in the last three months was tackling the incidents of incessant stealing of motorcycles and cars usually during the hours of 4 and 5:30am.

“We have had one too-many cases of young boys jumping fences to steal car accessories and motocycles and others and this has increased awareness, for which the police patrols must come in to put them in check,” he said.