Don’t Politicise Judges’ Appointment – NBA Chairman Warns Oni

Ekiti State Governor Mr. Segun Oni has been warned against politicizing appointment of judges in the state.

The warning was given by the chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, Ado-Ekiti chapter in an address at a special court session to mark the commencement of the legal year in the state.

He also warned lawyers against unnecessary attack on judges in the media, especially when they were not satisfied with court verdicts.

The special session was presided over by the state’s Acting Chief Judge, Justice Silas Oyewole, while the Sectary to the State Government, (SSG) Chief Dare Bejide, represented the Governor.

The state has reduced the number of its judges from 14 to 8, a situation, which made lawyers and magistrate to lobby to be appointed to the bench.

Omotoso, advised the members of the bar and bench to desist from unethical behaviour in the discharge of their duties.

He added that seniority should be considered in the appointment of judges and that no green-horn should be appointed on account of connection.

The NBA Chairman also urged the state government to consider experienced and competent home-based lawyers for appointment as judges.

He expressed displeasure at the present composition of the state’s judicial service commission, with just one lawyer.

Omotosho also called for the establishment of a Customary Court of Appeal in the state to facilitate effective and quick dispensation of justice. He suggested the publication of the state law books, instead of depending on those produced in the old Ondo State.

Ekiti AC, Deputy Governor Trade Accusation Over Council Polls

Action Congress (AC) in Ekiti State and the State Deputy Governor, Dr. Sikiru Lawal on Tuesday engaged in a verbal war over the delay in conducting Local Government Polls in the state.

Dr. Lawal disclosed that the People Democratic Party (PDP) would win all 16 Councils whenever the elections are held.

While distributing appointments letters in Ado-Ekiti to 808 new Employees of the Local Government He disclosed that the PDP’s victory at the election tribunal had silenced the opposition.

Lawal, however, supported a protest by women at the premises of the House of Assembly over the delay in conducting the council poll.

He disclosed that PDP would sweep all the Councils and 177 councillorship seats at stake.

It would be recalled that Lawal defected from the AC to PDP shortly before the general elections in April 14, 2007.

He further disclosed that the Segun Oni-led administration had performed well, since its inauguration on May 29, 2007.

Lawal said the governor has been tackling poverty through the provision of micro-credit facilities and employment of 4,000 people.

According to him, the government score card will pare the way for PDP’s victory at the election.

He urged the people to support the government and not be deceived by the antics of the opposition.

While reacting, AC’s spokeman, Mr. Yemi Adaramodu, described Lawal as a “Political comedian the Ekiti people should not take serious having been deluded with the transient allure of power gotten through the stolen mandate of Ekiti people.”

He said AC was focused on its appeal filed against the validation of Oni’s election and would not be distracted by what he called the “phantom local government election being pushed by a discredited administration.”

He also described Lawal’s comments as a misconception, saying: “PDP is the opposition party in the state by its alleged anti-people policies, lack of vision and misplacement of priorities since stealing its way into the government House in 2007.”

He said, Lawal’s boasts that the PDP would sweep the poll was an “admission of the fact that the proposed election had been rigged well in advance.”

He also slammed the state government for allegedly sponsoring Monday’s protest by the women.

According to him, the PDP-led state government is an “illegitimate government which could not muster enough courage to conduct the local government elections but resorted to hiring women to protest the delay in conducting the election.”

Adaramodu said the deputy governor was ignorant to the rule of law by the fact that “he had forgotten that the National Conscience Party (NCP) has gone to court over the recently passed State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) Law”

He said Lawal should have kept quiet until the matter was determined by the court.

Deconstructing Gbenga Daniel

THE true import of a man’s activities becomes clearer many a time with passage of time. For time indeed is a great revealer. With time, we have the benefit of hindsight, with time whatever falsehood that may have been used to encapsulate the truth usually give way; indeed with time a clear verdict can be passed on the activities of any one. One major area that time clearly demonstrates this reality is leadership.

Some so called leaders may have been popular for a season in their times but the passage of time revealed some other things that may place a big question mark on their leadership. One clear example of such a leader in the present democratic dispensation is Gbenga Daniel (a.k.a OGD), the incumbent governor of Ogun state.

To build our nation, it is this writer’s firm belief that we must develop the capability of x-raying the activities of our leaders, not with standing the propensity of some of them to employ propaganda to cover up their tracks.

We can pass a verdict as a pointer and guide to the youths who may yet emerge as future leaders. Late last year, Yinka Odumakin, Publicity Secretary of the pan Yoruba socio- cultural organization, Afenifere treated Nigerians to a salacious revelations of many dishonest conduct of Gbenga Daniel before and after getting elected into public office.

Instead of refuting the mind-boggling allegations of dishonesty leveled against him, Daniel, through his attack dog, Wale Adedayo wasted over half a million naira of Ogun tax payers money to denigrate the person of the former governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and also use the medium to tell the reading public a “tale by the moon light”. His “tale by the moon light” is a locus classicus of what Williams Shakespeare described as “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and furry, signifying nothing.”

It is a gratuitous insult to the reasoning of the reading public! In the light of the foregoing, the question that should readily occur to any discerning mind is: What has Tinubu got to do with the issue at stake? Why did the anti-democratic elements (usurpers), parading themselves as PDP governors in the South West always find it convenient to attribute any problem they have to Asiwaju Tinubu? Why did they always see his shadow in any of the endless troubles into which they drag themselves into in their respective states?

Any discerning mind will agree with this writer that the simple answer to this riddle can not be far-fetched: Darkness will always find it uncomfortable to co-habit with light. While they (anti democratic forces symbolized by Obasanjo’s political children in the South West) represent darkness, Asiwaju Tinubu represents light that will drive darkness out of the South West.

Another reason why Asiwaju Tinubu has become Daniel’s worst nightmare is his obsession to become Yoruba leader, an ambition in which he sees Tinubu as the only impediment to his realization. “Anjuwon ose wi lejo, ija ilara otan boro”.

Gbenga Daniel is suffering from a debilitating grandeur called false delusion. Because of his ill-gotten wealth, he thought the leadership of the Yoruba race is for the highest bidder. Awoism as an ideal and as an ideology has become so bastardized that any one, with some loose money, even though, his integrity account his bankrupt, could be hoisted by some perfidious elders (“Awon agbalagba alatenuje”), for the people to see and follow as an Awoist.

Let Gbenga Daniel and his cohorts be told in no unmistaken terms that their campaign of calumny was yet to detract from the integrity and rising political profile of the Asiwaju of Lagos, undisputable Asiwaju of Yoruba land, earned by merit.

Where is Daniel during the dark days of the military when the likes of Tinubu put his live on the line to fight for the liberation of the Yoruba nation? Where was Daniel, when Tinubu, then a lone voice in the forest stand up to the dictatorship of the most discredited Obasanjo regime this country have the misfortune of having? Leadership of the Yoruba nation is not like an election that can be manipulated. It is not for cowards and betrayers like Daniel. It is not for vote robbers, scavengers, integrity-deficient characters that can never earn the respect of true Yoruba sons and daughters.

Moralist’s David Hume and Albert Camus agreed that a “leader must have the moral ability to influence others and unfailing capacity to exert authority over followers and subordinates.

Today, in Yoruba land, we have the comic spectacle of people who occupy public office not through the will of the people but through the electoral abracadabra of 2003 and the outright electoral armed robbery witnessed in 2007. They exhibit and exercise the coercive powers attendant on the offices they occupy but are thoroughly deficient in the legitimizing moral authority that confers meaningful leadership. Today in Yoruba land, Asiwaju Tinubu represents true and visionary leadership. He represents determined leadership that we need in Yoruba land and this country.

As a pro-democracy activist and as Lagos state governor for 8 years, some of the ideals of democracy that he fight and demonstrated are still very fresh in the people’s memory. If the leaders that have served in one capacity or the other at the federal, state or local government levels possess such type of quality in the area of governance and administration of the state, definitely many of our people would have been able to realize dividends of democracy.

Daniel must be suffering from a delusion worst than that of Alice in wonderland to think incessant Tinubu bashing is what would make the leadership of the Yoruba race to get to his hand. Hundreds of Nigerian Compass and The Westerner are not enough. It is unfortunate that this days any politician with some loose money will just set up his own media outfit for the sole objective of pulling down credible public figures for selfish political reason, without setting minimum standards of qualifications and code of conduct for those manning them. Nigerian Compass, in its unbridle desire to do the bidding of his owner, threw ethics to the wind.

The law of libel is alien to the understanding of those editing it. The constitutionally assigned duty of journalist is to inform, educate and serve as watchdog of the society. Need one any proof that journalists at Nigerian Compass has undoubtedly lost touch with the fundamental principle of journalism- check and cross check your facts before publishing. It is unfortunate that many of them are at the pinnacle of their carriers as practicing journalists.

Integrity-deficient journalists that constitute Nigerian Compass have proved to be agents of misinformation and disinformation, just to do the bidding of Gbenga Daniel, their pay master. Borrowing the words of Lasisi Olagunju, Oyinlola’s spin doctor, “News papers are market place of ideas, not of lies and half- truths.

They are to make the readership better informed. Propaganda has always been an inseparable part of politics, unfortunately, so are lies. While the latter clearly conflict with the basic foundation upon which journalism is built, there is really nothing wrong with politicians employing the art of propaganda to get to their goal. The wise propagandist knows, however, there must be platform of truth for him to place his stuff if he must get it bought consistently by the reading public. Other wise, his propaganda ware will become what those in news paper business called “Unsold”.

Every impartial observer of political events in Nigeria and any discerning mind knew the recent report of GSM fraud by Nigerian Compass, where it claimed unauthorized user can use one’s GSM phone to send a text message to him is an hatchet job meant to confuse the NJC and the court of public opinion on the culpability of Justice Naron- led tribunal and Barrister Kalejaiye in the Osun tribunal debacle. In the said report, after claiming that the head of the technical section of the MTN that is directly involved claim the scenario they painted is not possible, it stands to reason that they stil went ahead to sensationalized it.

The reason why they took such line of action can not be far-fetched. Any right thinking person knew the integrity- deficient journalist that constitute Nigeria Compass wrote this misleading report for a morsel of bread and in solidarity with one of their “own”. One is indeed worried about this trend of journalism in this 21 st century. One hope that the NUJ, Nigerian press council are watching and will take appropriate steps to ensure that Nigerian journalists agreed with the code of conduct for journalists as enshrined in ASNE code. It stated “Every effort must be made to ensure that the news content (of newspapers) is accurate, free from bias and in context, and that all sides are presented fairly”.

LAUTECH Hospital Workers On Strike Again

Indefinite industrial action of the health workers of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Osun State has again threatened the operational profile of the institution.

Our reporter, who conducted on the spot assessment round the hospital premises, observed that activities were completely paralyzed, as many departments were under lock and key.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that relations of patients have started moving out their sick persons en masse out of the hospital, while tears were freely flowing at the Emergency and Accident Units, as patients with critical condition were not getting required attention.

The health workers under the eagis of Joint Action Committee (JAC) are however adamant on the strike action, maintaining that there would be no retreat, if their delayed salaries and monetized entitlements are not paid by the management.

It was observed that both in and out-patients were getting skeletal treatment, as only few consultants on sight were going round the wards.

Some of the workers, who, OSUN DEFENDER suspected to be union leaders, were also seen discussing in groups about the development; none of them was willing to speak with newsmen for the reason that could not be divorced from the management’s wrath.

One of the union members who spoke to OSUN DEFENDER on Wednesday, strictly under condition of anonymity said that the management appears helpless in the face of cat and mouse politics of the two owners’ state, Osun and Oyo.

It would be recalled that the health workers and the hospital management had traded tackle over the salary dispute and the controversial monetization policy in the recent past.

In one of the press conferences organized by the hospital management headed by Chief Medical Director (CMS), Professor Kola Obisesan last year, the owner-states were indicted as not responding fast enough to the pressing demands of the workers.

Besides, the industrial dispute between the management and the workers in the recent past was settled by the Osun State House of Assembly.

It was learnt that Oyo State under the leadership of Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala has started constructing her own teaching hospital in Oyo township, a project that has gained the attention of the governor more than the crisis-ridden one in Osogbo.

Osun LG Bosses Attacked In Coutonou

•DPMs In Shongai For Snail, Grasscutters

IN a manner suggestive of reduction of status, the 30 local government council areas of Osun State have been reduced to the State Ministry of Agriculture, as chairmen, who travelled to far away Coutonou in Republic of Benin to observe rearing of snails and grasscutters, were attacked, robbed and beaten blue-black by suspected armed robbers.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the council bosses embarked on the fire-brigade approach to agricultural sector, when the state embattled Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola allegedly told them in clear terms that they have failed to impress him in their performances.

It would be recalled that the last year’s largely boycotted local government polls has become a subject of litigation, which was instituted by the Action Congress (AC)-led opposition political parties.

It was learnt that the fear of the outcome of the Appeal Court’s suit filed by the aggrieved parties forced the embattled chairmen to seek governorship refuge, but were reportedly spanked for low performance by the state helmsman.

Having been criticized for alleged frivolous spendings on the retreat in far away South Africa and children’s holiday in the United States of America, the council chiefs then resolved to dissipate more energy on agriculture.

To create an easy passage for express approval for another trip outside the country, the council bosses then resolved to include the DPMs in the programme, a situation that made both of them (chairmen and DPMs) to travel to the Republic of Benin.

While the DPMs reportedly had a smooth journey to Shongai, where they were to observe the superlative agricultural method in the country; the 15 chairmen who were billed to visit Coutonu were not that lucky; as men of the underworld served them doses of beatings, ranging from caning with cassava stems to gun-butts.

Speaking on the development, an agricultural scientist, Mr Bode Ogundele said that the chairmen who travelled to Coutonu to learn rearing of snails and grasscutters were not on a serious mission, disclosing that they could learn the animal dairy right here in Nigeria.

“I must tell you that if truly, these council chairmen travelled to Coutonu to learn rearing of snails or grasscutters or both; it was a mere jamboree, with no serious mission, because we have better experts on agriculture right here in this country”, Ogundele argued.

In his reaction, the State Secretary of National Conscience Party (NCP), Mr Ademola Bankole said that the chairmen brought the DPMs into the unnecessary trip in order to make them partners in looting of the council treasuries.

“These politicians in councils are clever by half as, they have misappropriated enough funds, only to be sending the unsuspected DPMs to a jamboree-like trip to Shongai, under the guise of observing how agriculture ought to be practised there; we shall surely get their antics,” said Bankole.

Osun’s Pathetic Public Schools

To the vainglorious administration of Olagunsoye Oyinlola – an administration that has patented the art of living in perpetual denial of the obvious, here is another testimonial – from no other than the Bishop of Church of Nigeria, Ife Diocese, (Anglican Communion), the Rt. Rev. Oluranti Odubogun.

Osun public schools, says the revered cleric, stink. The roofs are leaking. The walls are broken down. Laboratories are non-existent just as libraries, are unavailable. Even the so-called books claimed to have been supplied by Oyinlola to the schools have remained in the dream shelves of the governor and his appointees.

Like every citizen of the state, the leading cleric was only expressing his disappointment with the many lies peddled by the administration, particularly its disgusting claims that it has done something to stem the rot when it has done nothing. The report also quoted the cleric as pleading that Oyinlola returns the schools to their former owners, since, obviously, the government has run out of ideas on how to run them.

The current state of the public schools is the familiar story of mediocrity personified by the former brass-hat. The citizens’ disgust, disenchantment and frustration are what the cleric has captured rather succinctly.

Beyond the expression of frustration, the cleric is eminently justified as a major stakeholder in the educational project in the state, to be alarmed that the do-nothing government would fritter the remaining legacies of an educationally-advantaged state with its rudderless-ness and ineptitude.

Here, we recall the rich legacy, dating back to the ambitious educational programmes of the Western Region under the late sage Obafemi Awolowo, which has remained a reference to this day. For sure, everything Oyinlola’s hands touch, turns to dross.

Well, Oyinlola and his cohorts may continue to live in denial; however, we know what the picture of public schools looks like. It is one of neglect. Learning environment remains unfriendly with classrooms either lacking in roofs or sitting materials to motivate pupils. Libraries are non-existent; laboratories are a rarity in a state that is said to be aspiring to join the league of front-liners in education.

Equally so is the lot of teachers under Oyinlola: they remain at the bottom rung among the ill-motivated in the entire country. Never in the relatively short history of the state has it witnessed the kind of mismanagement of its aspirations as we have seen under Oyinlola, even at a time that the state revenue has been increasing exponentially.

The question all right-thinking citizens of the state should join their voices in asking Oyinlola is what happened to the annual budgetary allocations to rehabilitate the sector? What happened to the contracts awarded to party goons all in the name of restoring school structures? What happened to the proceeds of the harsh levies imposed on parents by the extortionist Oyinlola regime? Where are the schools that the administration claimed it supplied with reading materials?

It may not be far fetched to suggest that the huge funds voted to service the critical needs of the sector, may have gone the way of the other funds meant to address other needs of the people – misapplied or worse still, misappropriated by a government which sees service in the narrow prism of self-enrichment.

We can hardly make the point enough that Osun people deserve a better fate. The yokes of maladministration and irresponsible governance have become a burden too heavy to bear for the good people of the Living Spring. With the future of children being at stake here, it is hard to know how to even begin with advising a government that appears so impervious to reason and good judgment.

Like others join in the state, we can only make the supplication that our dear state be rid of the afflictions of visionless leadership, soon enough. Only then would citizens begin to enjoy the fruits of a new dawn of purposeful leadership. The good news is that the dawn may be here sooner than later. That is why citizens cannot afford to lose hope.

Aregbe Condoles Families Of Accident Victims

THE Action Congress (AC) gubernatorial candidate in the last general elections in Osun
State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola has promised to take up financial responsibilities of all the children of the late Prince Anthony Adepegba Fajuyi, who died on his way to Lagos to attend an AC meeting last month.

An aide to Aregbesola, Mr Olatubosunmomi Oyintiloye disclosed this in a chat with OSUN DEFENDER at the Catholic Church, Ilare venue of the burial ceremony.

According to Oyintiloye, Aregbesola has provided two cows, a casket and financial benefits to give the deceased a befitting burial.

He further stated that the AC flagbearer should have been at the burial ceremony, but he was away to the Holy land to perform lesser hajj.

Oyintiloye revealed that he was briefed by Aregbesola on the need to represent him at the burial ceremony, stating that he was equally directed to provide all logistics that would be necessary at the burial.

The Aregbesola aide also condemned a local newspaper’s report that claimed that the party’s flagbearer abandoned the family of the late Fajuyi. He then urged the local newspaper’s reporters to always cross-check their facts before publishing and feeding the public on falsehood about Aregbesola.

The local newspaper, according to Oyintiloye, should follow professionalism and ethics of the profession in balanced reporting, stating that the reporter should have checked on the other side of the story by speaking with Aregbesola, and where he was not around, should have cross checked facts from his aides or any member of the AC at Ilare, Obokun local government council area of Osun State.

The widow of the deceased Mrs Fajuyi in a chat with OSUN DEFENDER said the bread winner of the family has passed away to the great beyond, stating that she would find it difficult to cope with the children, he left behind.

At the Catholic Church, Ilare where the burial ceremony took place was full to capacity by members of the Action Congress across the state, as opposition members were also part of the people who gave the deceased their final respect.

The 11 Action Congress members from the State House of Assembly led by the minority leader, Honourable Timothy Owoeye were also present at the church service.

However, thousands of people were at the church burial service, as the Catholic Rev. Father who officiated at the burial service urged people to remember their last days on earth.

He urged the people to be steadfast in their belief in God, so that people would remember them after passing away.

Osupa Receives Award Of Excellence

THE Action Congress (AC) Councillorship Candidate in ward 07 of Olorunda Local Government Council Area of Osun State, Honourable Lateef Adeyanju popularly known as Osupa was last Saturday presented an award of excellence by the Rotaract Club of Osogbo, the state capital.

The award according to the club was in connection with Osupa’s outstanding selfless and loyal services to the community in general.

Osupa is a qualified Public Accountant with practicing experience as Intern, Ede-Micro Finance Bank; Account Clerk, Aranse-Olu Pharmacy and currently with Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), National Control Centre (NCC), as at the time he was presented the award.

Other awardees at the event Mrs. Funke Afolabi, Directress, AFOUNK Ventures, MDS, Osogbo; ASP Joshua Olayemi, PPRO, Osun State Police Command and Sergeant Kehinde Agbolade, Police Traffic Officer, Osun State Police Command were also awarded for their outstanding selfless services in their fields of discipline to the society.

Speaking after receiving the award, Osupa commended the club for its efforts to help the helpless people in the society.

While appreciating the club for the award, Osupa called on the Rotarians not to relent in their efforts to change the lives of people for better, as he promised to continue helping the club both financially and materially.

EFCC Is Investigating Us, Osun Minority Leader

THE Minority Leader, Osun State House of Assembly, Honourable Timothy Owoeye has stated that the Economic and Finance Crimes Commission (EFCC) has started working on the statements made by the 26 legislators who were recently invited to Abuja by the commission.

Owoeye stated this at Ilare, Obokun Local Government Council Area of Osun State where he attended the burial church service of of the two Action Congress (AC) members, late, Fajuyi who died in a ghastly motor accident recently.

According to the minority leader, the 26 legislators were invited by the commission, based on the earlier petition sent to it on the controversial constituency projects fund paid into salary accounts of the 26 legislators, which was said to be alien to due process.

He stated that on getting to Abuja, the legislators met the operation manager of the commission to whom the 26 legislators made their statements on constituency projects.

Owoeye stated that they were made to sit together irrespective of political affiliations but they were made to signify their political parties, stating that based on the statement of the individual legislators, the commission’s staff have arrived Osun State to verify the claims made in the statements.

He said that there was nothing to investigate with the eleven Action Congress legislators, since the money deposited into their private accounts by the embattled governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola in collaboration with the Speaker of the Assembly, Hon Adejare Bello has been returned to the coffers of the state government.

6 Arraigned Over N19m Fraud

FIVE Hausa men and a Yoruba woman, who purportedly defrauded a businessman, Alhaji Hammed Dakaya of the sum of N19.4 million, have been arraigned before an Osogbo magistrate’s court, last Friday.

According to a three – count charge levelled against the accused persons, they (suspects) obtained the money on the pretence of supplying some bags of fertilizers to the plaintiff.

The charge – sheet further alleged that the suspects stole the money and refused to supply the fertilizer to the complainant.

The accused persons were: Alhaji Nuhu Ibrahim, Gimba Alhassan, Hassan Mundi, Yakubu Sulaimon, Olarinde Ololade and one other.

Pleading not guilty to the three-count charge of conspiracy, stealing and pretence, the accused persons prayed the court to admit them to bail, saying that they never committed the crime.

Their counsel, Mr, Gbenga Akano and Niyi Kosile, pleaded with the court to be liberal on the bail terms, adding that liberties of the suspects must be protected.

The counsel revealed that the accused persons have been detained for three weeks before they were arraigned in court, urging that the court should not be intimidated by the amount of money involved.

The charge sheet maintained that the suspects perpetrated the alleged crime on September 18, 2008, in Osogbo, Osun State capital.

Opposing the bail application, police prosecution counsel, Sergeant John Idoko, said the suspects came from Kogi State to defraud the plaintiff in Osogbo.

Idoko added that there were other suspects who were yet to be arrested by the police, maintaining that the suspects could jump bail.

He, however pleaded with the court to remand the accused persons in police custody in order to complete police investigation on the case.

The magistrate, Mr Adebayo Ajala, said the accused persons remained innocent on the case, stressing that remanding them would result to injustice on the liberty of the suspects.

Ajala upheld the submission of the defence counsel and granted bail to the suspects in the sum of N5m naira and two sureties each.

He added that the sureties must have landed property in any state capital in Nigeria, stressing that one of the sureties must be a resident of Osogbo before adjourning the case to October 24, 2008, for hearing.

Osun LG Polls Appeal: Court Adjourns To Oct. 16

AN Appeal Court sitting in Ibadan, Oyo State Capital on Monday adjourned till October 16, further hearing on the appeal filed by opposition political parties in Osun State against the controversial December 15, 2007 local government elections in the state.

Adoption of the brief of arguments of the appellants and respondents could not be taken on Monday as earlier fixed, as the three-man appeal panel led by Justice John Fabiyi has apparently overworked for the day.

It would be recalled that three major opposition political parties in the State, Action Congress (AC), National Conscience Party (NCP), and All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) – had dragged Osun State Independent Electoral Commission (OSIEC) and the State Attorney – General and Commissioner for Justice before the appellate court against the judgement of the Chief Judge of the State, Justice Fasasi Ogunsola over the council election.

The political parties disagreed with the judgement, which ordered the go-ahead of the elections despite the failure of OSIEC to give 150 days notice to the parties as argued by the appellant.

After the judgment of the State High Court, opposition parties in the state boycotted the elections and subsequently filed an appeal against the judgement.

When the matter was mentioned on Monday, Justice Fabiyi said that the panel would not be able to go on with the matter because the panel of judges had had enough of election-related cases for the day, asking parties in the case to choose a date for further hearing.

Dissatisfied with the position of the panel, counsel to the appellant, Chief Femi Falana said it would be inappropriate for the court not to go on with the matter, reminding the panel that it was an election-related matter.

Falana, who led Barrister Wale Afolabi and Kolapo Alimi said: “My lord, don’t forget that on the last adjourned date, you were kind enough to ask us to come back today for the adoption of our brief of argument. Don’t forget that is an election – related matter.”

In response, Justice Fabiyi said: “We have had enough of election related matter today and we want to attend to some criminal cases”. We have tried today or have we not tried?

But Falana insisted that the court should allow him and the counsel to the respondents, Mr. Remi Abimbola to adopt their brief of argument, saying “My lord I urge you to please allow us, I will not waste the time of the court and my learned friend, counsel to the respondents is also ready to do the same.”

“I understand that you have tried today and we appreciate that, but if I may say, let’s just adopt our brief of argument in just one sentence without wasting your time,” Falana insisted.

Justice Fabiyi stood on his position, saying, “Lawyers of your stand should know our plight. You should know that we have been dealing with election matters since morning and we are also human beings.”

Another Judge in the panel, Justice Istifanus Thomas also buttressed Fabiyi, saying, “You should understand that we are not computers.”

The court however fixed further hearing of the matter till October, 16, when the judgment date is expected to be fixed after the appellants and the respondents counsel might have adopted their briefs of argument.