On The Global Financial Crisis

Being Text Of The Press Briefing By United Action For Democracy (UAD) On The Global Financial Crisis, Held In Lagos, Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We called this press conference to state the positions of the United Action for Democracy (UAD) on the Global Financial Crisis, its implication for our country’s foreign reserves trapped in the Western imperialist banks; and to popularize the campaign for the repatriation of the foreign reserves for meaningful social development.

1. Events in the last six weeks of the global crisis of capitalism manifesting in the bankruptcy and collapse of western imperialist banks and cartels have confirmed the correctness of our consistent campaigns against the neo-liberal economic policies adopted by successive regimes in our country. The economic agenda of the Nigerian State since the introduction of the Structural Adjustment

Policy (SAP) in the 80s and its reform policies of Vision 2010, NEEDS 1 & 2, and Vision 2020 rest squarely on the neo-liberal paradigms authored by the IMF, World Bank and WTO. Thus, there must be genuine concerns and demand by patriotic Nigerians on the fate of Nigeria’s foreign reserves of $63 billion idling (or probably missing) in the distressed US economy.

2. The Nigerian State would soon be compelled in dictates to the IMF-World Bank’s “interim measures” to bail out the distressed banks, and thereby plunder the so-called foreign reserves, with some shares of it looted and laundered into the accounts of the Iboris, Odilis, Igbinedions, Yar’ Adua’s rent collectors, etc. Nigerians may soon witness another rehearsal of Fela’s reminiscence of “oil money missing, missing; and enquiry don close”.

3. Few months before the bubble burst in the Western banks, the Nigerian Stock Exchange market has been collapsing because there were never real investments to back up the manipulated claims of the previous booms in the market. The effect is that investors’ money is trapped with heavy losses. But the likes of the Obasanjo’s Transcorp and other crashing cartels would be the beneficiaries of the reserves in the guise of bailing the distressed sectors out; while the Yar’Adua lame-duck presidency would pass the costs of the capitalist greed to the ordinary people in form of hike in the prices of petroleum products. Nigerians do not deserve to suffer, and its reserves should not be used to rescue those who have been swindling them through privatization and concessioning of public enterprises, and pseudo foreign investments.


In an apparent disguise of the real magnitude of the crisis, leading capitalist and US economic ideologues such as Gary Becker (1992 Nobel winner in Economics and a professor of economics at the University of Chicago) have admitted even in their begging arguments that: “although it is the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, it is a far smaller crisis, especially in terms of the effects on output and employment. The United States had about 25% unemployment during most of the decade from 1931 until 1941, and sharp falls in GDP. Other countries experienced economic difficulties of a similar magnitude. So far, American GDP has not yet fallen, and unemployment has reached only a little over 6%. Both figures are likely to get quite a bit worse, but they will nowhere approach those of the 1930s.

Defending the emergency measures adopted by the US Government, Becker stated that: “the main thrust of the new banking law allows the Treasury Secretary to purchase bank assets up to $700 billion in order to increase the liquidity of the banking System. These assets are of uncertain, worth since these is essentially no market for many of them, and hence they have no market price. The government

hopes to create this market partly through using auctions, where banks would offer their assets at particular prices, and the government would decide whether to buy them.

Even in trying to conceal the failure of Global capitalism and its inevitable demise, Professor Becker shot himself in the foots by saying: “Although I admit to having greatly underestimated the severity of the current crisis, I am confident that sizable world economic growth will resume before very long under a mainly capitalist world economy’.

On 11th October 2008, The Independent of UK reported that the Washington’s hosted IMF Conference of world’s finance ministers and central bankers has consented to a “bank rescue plans” geared towards: “an internationally coordinated cut in interest rates and a pledge of billions of dollars in assistance from the IMF for distressed economics. the paper further exposed the capitalist frauds when it reported that: “The unparalleled turmoil in the world’s financial markets has pushed America and the world’s other leading economies to agree to a programme of part­nationalisation of their banks that would have been considered unthinkable a few months ago”. To underscore the magnitude of the crisis, The Independent stated: “the official action is designed to match the scale of the crisis. It has witnessed a destruction of wealth unprecedented in human history: some $25 trillion – that is $25 million-million – wiped from the value of the world’s stock markets so far this year, and $4.6trn (£2.7trn) of that in the past week alone”.

Beyond the $700 billion bail out to its banks, the US Government is adopting other desperate measures. British Government talks of £500 billions. However, the revelation by The Independent that the” West’s banks are so weak that they will not even lend to each other for a day’ is instructive of why our country’s foreign reserves should be, repatriated immediately. For instance, the Paris Club. (We never borrow money from) knew when, to drain Nigeria with the corrupt indulgence of Obasanjo-­Okonjo Iweala in 2005 of over $12.4 billions in the pretence of foreign debt cancellation questionably owed to it. Nigerians must insist that this is the time to ask questions on the $63 billions; because in all the meetings of the imperialist looters of G7 and G20, Nigeria and other underdeveloped countries are never a part, decisions are taken and imposed on them.


Concerned Nigerians (including comrades’ journalists) and patriots all over the world have inundated us with dispatches on what should be the demands by the working people. The UAD largely shares most of the concerns, and this informed the demands we make below. Therefore, we urge LASCO, ANSA, NSF 2008, and the Labour movement to commence immediate mobilization around these demands:

1. Major investment in public infrastructure: Yar’Adua’s Independence Day Speech said that Nigeria has $63billion in foreign reserves (sitting in US banks). This money should be used for massive investment in public services, hospitals, schools, roads and rails, electricity generation and distribution. THE MONEY MUST NOT BE USED TO SERVICE THE SELFISH INTEREST OF THE FEW SUPER RICH INVESTORS IN THE NIGERIA STOCK EXCHANGE.

2. No charges for public services: There should be free education at all level, including books and meals. Free health care for all, including medicines. Proper access to safe water and electricity for all. Chapter 2, paragraph 18 of the 1999 Constitution states that: “Government shall strive to eradicate illiteracy, and to this end, Government shall provide free, compulsory and universal primary education, free university education, and free adult literacy education”. We believe that Nigeria has the capacity to invest heavily on public education and primary health care if its resources (human and material) are free from the hostage 6f’the neo-liberal global order.

3. No Fuel Price Increases Now and at all times: The starting point is to build more refineries and proper maintenance of the existing ones so that oil can be refined locally and not imported at world market prices; and available at affordable prices. LASO should meet urgently and declare a warning strike against the impending fuel hike.

4. Increase the minimum wage to at least 50,000: The ruling elites have awarded themselves jumbo pay increase of over 250% in the last one year in the face of untold hardships confronting Nigerians. NLC and TUC should meet immediately under a joint negotiating committee to demand a new minimum wage. Section 16 of the 1999 Constitution states that “Government shall ensure a national minimum living wage”. Nigerians must rally behind Labour to insist that the wages of the political office holders should be immediately abolished and its demand for wage increase negotiated alongside the minimum wage for the working class.

5. Stabilisation of Basic Food Prices: Nigerians must resist the unbearable cost of living.

6. Pay the Teachers Promptly and Adequate Funding of Education: Teachers in all the states should .be paid their increments in the TSS from 1st January 2009. States must ensure adequate funding of the public schools, while private schools’ teachers should be paid the full public sector salaries.

7. No to Privatisation: Nigeria is not for sale. All privatisation of parastatals should be stopped. State owned enterprises should be run to provide basic services, while all privatised public industries such as NITEL, NPA, etc should be returned to the state without compensation.

8. No to Corruption: Proper investigation of all cases of alleged corruption. Those found guilty to return all the funds, banned from public office for life, and a minimum, jail term of 25 years. Anything short of these corrective measures amount to diversion and deception by EFCC and ICPC.


It is imperative in the light of the present crisis. for LASCO, ANSA, and parties of the Left to join forces in crystallizing a Working People’s Party as the fighting political platform, both for electoral contests, and the reversal of the anti-people neo-liberal economic policies. Only a working people’s party committed to the people can ensure the full realization of the above demands. The apathy that greeted the recently held LG elections in Lagos State has once again conclusively demonstrated that the ruling cliques irrespective of their political coloration cannot deliver on the expectations (“dividends of democracy”) of the people.

Aluta continua.

Osun Has Lost Fortunes Under Oyinlola – Rauf Aregbesola

Action Congress (AC) gubernatorial candidate in 2007 election in Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola thinks the state would have become a great cultural and economic giant if he had been sworn in after the April 14, 2007 election which he insists he won. He spoke to Adewale Adeoye and Eni Akinsola

WHAT do you think the people of Osun State have lost in the last five years or probably what they have gained?

Yes, Osun people have been denied good governance; they have been denied civilised administration. They have been deprived of a humane, just, people-centered, welfare ­promoting, wealth creating, confidence building, social amenity providing, productive and generally progressive government. Most importantly they have been robbed of their rare identity. You see, every one has identity, has a perspective, has a front, which is usually formed overtime.

Osun, being the source of the Yorubas, her coming into being and passing away of all things, material and spiritual, Osun ought to give the image of the Yoruba culturally, traditionally, customarily, which must now translate to other modern manifestations of all those wonderful creations.

The fact that a rogue administration that in itself does not even have any positive intention, does not have positive purpose, positive vision, has therefore nothing to impress, promote, or exchange about these values. You see, it is not possible to give what you don’t have. You can transfer or transmit that which is in you. A mediocre, uninspiring administration cannot pass on anything. Osun has had the misfortune of having a government without vision, without mission, without commitment to any objective that can elevate either the society or the people of the state. Osun, unfortunately, has been exposed to the worst kind of governance and the Osun people have truly lost substantial advancement in terms of social, political and economic growth. This has serious negative impact on the future of the entire Southwest people.

What fundamental differences would you have made in the past one year?

Several. The difference with my administration and whatever Oyinlola is struggling to put together is akin to that between day and night, good and evil. I represent light in all its ramifications. The differences are as follow:

We had a six-point agenda programme whereas he did not postulate any agenda or programme. So, even at the level of stimulating the people, Oyinlola had nothing; he did not promise anything. So, if he is not doing anything really in terms of commitment, nobody could hold him responsible. The only thing that Oyinlola could lay his hands on today as an achievement was the university he was compelled through the pressure of the Osogbo, people to have.

If you would recall six months to his hurried adoption of that programme, he came out in the monthly television programme to say that he was not prepared to build a university. But realising that the entire Osogbo people were then, as they are still now, all for us and thinking that their support for us was predicated on the desire for a university, he hurriedly without preparation rushed to Okebukola, the then Secretary of NUC, to put together the idea of the university, which later became the Osun State University that is meant for the super rich. The students of the poor are excluded through exorbitant fees from attending the university owned by the Osun State government. That, till date, remains the singular achievement of Oyinlola. When you remove that, he has failed so greatly in several other vital areas.

If you had won, what difference would that have made?

Thirty days after resumption of office, all security agencies would have been given special allowances for being in Osun so as to stimulate them to give their best to securing the lives and properties of Osun people. Before the first 100 days, we will employ 20,000 unemployed youths. 5,000 slots will be reserved for those who were unfortunately relieved of their jobs because of some difficulties during Baba Akande’s era for those who are willing and agile to work. The remaining 15,000 will be wholly for those who till date have no employment. We realised that the greatest crisis in the state today is economic hardship occasioned by hunger. That is key to whatever programme we have.

We are committed to seeing that 20,000 otherwise unemployed people in Osun will be employed. Within the next 150 days, that is the first six months, we would have completed the infrastructure, that will make Osogbo, this great commercial city, responsible for the commercial needs of vital towns in the Southwest, a place of taking their old-time worry of being the middle markets in Nigeria.

Osun remains the major distribution centre of foods in Nigeria. Next is lbadan then, which was number one and followed by Lagos. People from Lokoja, Kabba, Ilorin, Ikare, Ondo, Akure, Owo, Ogbomosho and Oyo will rather come to Osogbo to get their stocks than lbadan. So, we are committed to reviving that tradition of Osogbo as the leading distribution centre through a lot of adequate infrastructure and ensuring that all goods that are available in Nigeria are sold in Osogbo at the same price that they go for in Lagos.

In practical terms, how do you want to achieve this?

You see, when we said that we were the best for Osun State, it was not just a boast. We put together programmes that are irresistible. Whoever is not stimulated by our promises is no longer living. There was no aspect of life that we did not touch. And that explains why up till now in spite of all the harassment, the falsehood, oppression, brutality, persecution and crimes against us, the peop1e are still solidly with us. How we want to achieve it, I have prepared the documents and I will give them to you if you want to see them.

In 150 days, we will revive the commercial express of Osogbo in a way that it would be different from what it was and by far better. Because all goods in construction, attires and in anything will sell in Osogbo at that same price that they go for in Lagos. Nigeria is interested in Osogbo, the world is interested in Osogbo and communities in Osun, but Oyinlola has stunted the growth of the entire state.

How can you sell goods in Osogbo with the same price as in Lagos? There is a difference between action and rhetoric?

It is not rhetoric. I belong to the new generation of leaders that the modern world has produced. I’m not a product of jackboots or a repressive class of soldiers. We have proved this over and over. Our network, our history, our heritage, our local and international reputation place us several miles above retrogressive people that by their utterances and deeds are in power to enrich and disempower the people. I mean it, in Osogbo, prices won’t be less because these things are imported. Don’t let us say things that are not possible; don’t let us say things that will make us look ridiculous.

Except of course agricultural produce, which are produced there but manufactured, goods that are popularly used for construction, attire, decoration, cooking and cosmetics that are needed and imported will be sold in Osogbo at the prices they are sold in Lagos. So, nobody would therefore need to leave Osogbo and we would have created a middle economy crop, which will bring so much worth to that region as well relieves Lagos of its burden of human pressure. I will stop on that on the issue of guideline and timetable.

Then on the general level, we will banish poverty through vigorous promotion of productive engagements in production, commerce and everything that will make human beings useful to themselves and the society. If birds of the sky and millipedes do not go hungry or homeless, we have no business as humans to be hungry or homeless. We will banish hunger through encouragement and support for farmers not as members of our party, but as indigenes of Osun, we will promote healthy living. You see, it’s not just the question of health care centre that will guarantee good health. The culture of physical exercise is still not given adequate attention. We will use all the facilities available to government for mass awareness to promote the culture of healthy living. And it will be undertaken by the government as a programme. We are going to develop skill acquisition as a means of totally eliminating unemployment. Our government, to a large extent all over, refused to adopt the strategies of the colonialists in developing a virile and productive society. When the Oyinbos were here and they wanted to suck us to their economy, they introduced cash cropping.

If you will not participate in cash cropping because the Oyinbos wanted you to, you will have to engage yourself in an economic activity that will fetch you money to settle your tax obligation. I am trying to build up a case. However, they needed indigenous quacks and other essential fabricators to their various agencies, so the three Rs came to play ­reading, writing and request- to serve the clerical needs of both the Oyinbos in their various offices and their producing- buying agents and such other people who they will need to collect cash crops that were required for raw materials in their own industries. But they found out that having displaced the bulk of the traditional farmers who were into arable, subsistence farming, they realised they would need to create market for their own finished products for us. What did they do? As they were taking us out of our traditional activities, they were replacing them with their own.

Introducing us to their own system necessitated the’ development of special skills to meet definite challenges of what they were introducing. All categories of artisans and craft people and they were natives that built their houses, had their children and families based on proceeds from watch repair, umbrella repair and all that. So, what I am trying to say is that the economy at that time was adequately developed to meet those that, that economy displaced or uprooted from their traditional engagement. Unfortunately for us as a people, we have not had governments that will say okay with what we are doing now, labour is being robbed in one area and employed elsewhere. There are more GSM or mobile phones in Oshogbo today than when bicycle repairing was a gainful engagement.

For example, there are more mobi1e phones in Osogbo, alone than there were bicycles in the entire Western Region. When bicycle repairing was a productive engagement, people lived. Had there been any government that had looked at how to develop a crop of people that can meet the challenge of maintaining mobile phones? Rather, people just throw them away. As it is with mobile phones, so it is with TV, so it is with radio, so it is with okada and cars. So, we are changing that. We promised our people that we will build what is called Life Academy; nine of them in the first one year. We would have used some of the uniqueness of our environment and people to stimulate our revenue-generating tourism.

For instance, Ile-Ife was identified by us as a natural and historical endowment for us to just make money because three­ quarters of blacks in Diaspora have such an attachment to Ife that with a serious government investing in cultural mementos that are in lfe and backing it up with adequate promotion globally and internationally, will by our own calculation, generate such a high income that will sustain Ife alone. When you now have Osun-Osogbo, when you now have Erin-Water fall, when you have the Kiriji War area, when you have several other cultural centres and activities that Yorubas are famous for, which are always in all the traditional towns in Osun, you can see a goldmine. But bad leaders like Oyinlola will always see poverty where there is enormous wealth and potentials. Osun State has the largest concentration of traditional, historical towns in Nigeria. Towns that are not less than 200, 300 years old are mostly concentrated in Osun. If cultural tourism generates as much as it should, by now our monthly internal revenue, which is less than 200million naira now will be over 700 million per month.

Now, to education, we would have by now refurbished all public schools. By now, Osun will be the state to be in Nigeria. We would have banished accidents and avoidable deaths, from all our roads through an innovative involvement of people from each community.

Is there hope of redeeming your contract with the people given the judgment of the tribunal?

You see, there is this popular saying that hope lies eternally in the minds of men. When there is no hope, there is no life. I will not totally adopt the pessimism that nothing good can ever happen. It’s not as if there are no false signs; of course, all the signs that are there are such that one should just forget it. But if we forget it, we would have failed in our historic duty to ourselves, to our people and race. If we refuse to take the challenge, others will take it. It can’t remain like this forever; it can’t. And it is in the interest of our society for us to remain positive, hopeful and optimistic.

Two, I don’t see how they will escape with this anomaly. Three, they can run, they cannot hide: What is going on is a shame. Oyinlola had to rig in his own town. Imagine an incumbent governor manipulating the results in his town. He had to kill, he had to harass; he had to intimidate; he had to physically steal electoral materials in Okuku. He had to kill in Ikirun. Oyinlola and his agents led by AIG Adeoye hacked Saheed Adebiyi in Ikirun, shot him in the head. They killed Ayo Oni and stole his corpse,’ from the mortuary Osogbo when we hinted that we were bringing the corpse to the tribunal.

They killed Samuel Olarewaju, killed Kola LawaI, Deacon Gbenga Kayode in llesa. Killed Makinwa, who was then the House of Assembly candidate in Ilesa. Before then, they had killed Suleiman a month after we launched Oranmiyan. So, really looking at it as we saw the situation, there is a high possibility for one to be totally cynical and unmotivated to any possibility of redemption. But as an activist of change and human redemption, we will not be deterred. Rather than being discouraged, my commitment is higher than ever.

Does it mean you did not anticipate these challenges?

If I had not expected them, I would have run mad by now. I wouldn’t be as calm as I am. I don’t think Oyinlola has my kind of candour, calmness, my composition, my total understanding of what he is doing to us, which he believes he is doing to rattle and unsettl us. But the stronger we have been since we started. I am using the Mohammed Alli’s strategy. The higher they come, the higher they fall. I sense they want to pretend that they are conscious of what the society expects from them. He goes about claiming he is a civilised human being. If we had wanted to play it the way we should, most of what he got, he won’t get.

I mean Oyinlola will not mind killing people, riding on their blood on the way to the State House. The people he killed on the day of the election were just 12. If a thousand people had stood up, he would have murdered them. So, I never thought, I must be honest, even though they could, the system, the platform and their antecedents prepared us for what we saw. But even as that, I will say I never expected they would condescend to that level. In Ife, after killing Samuel Olanrewaju, they did not allow any election. He allowed the process to go on as smoothly as possible until 10 a.m. in some places, 12noon in some others after which they brought out guns, killing. Do you know that there was no town where a semblance of election took place that we did not win? No town, none. Let me tell you a strange thing that took place in Ife.

OAU was on forced vacation; the school was closed forcefully by the authorities in February. It was reopened in July. The election took place on 14th of April. In Awolowo Hall, they registered about 2, 350 voters there before the elections. Yet, PDP claimed over 2,300votes from a polling station alone. And because they were so daft, they did not even know how to steal, they just declared any figures.

Did you present these facts to the tribunal?

They did not allow us. They conjectured what they wanted. In Ife Central where there was a bit of electoral sanity, all that they recorded was 345 votes. The remaining 39,000 votes after Modakeke were totally irregular. They could not have taken place within the voting hours. As it was in Ife East so it was in other places where they manipulated the elections. We have three main planks of evidences of electoral malpractices and manipulation. When we talk of forensic, it is always misunderstood as biological evidences. Forensic, properly defined, is critical evaluation of any document for judicial presentation.

There is computer analysis, there is biometric and several others. Apart from that, we equally got through physical inspections and found out that the results they posted were progressively different. That is what they wrote on EC8, it cannot be reconciled with what they wrote at EC6, which is the result at the ward collation centre. The results at the ward collation centres were at variance with those at the local government collation centres. And what they got at the local government collation centres were not the same with what they declared at the state collation centres. We normally call that physical inspection. Then we use computer analysis.

Since PDP came into power in Osun, how did you assess the economic development of the state?

But in his own case, Oyinlola has done nothing; he is just gallivanting all about the place from Australia and Paris to anywhere that suits him at public expense. The only thing he is actually doing is importation of Chinese cars, which he forces on every political appointee in Osun. But really, if you ask me, the greatest indictment of Oyinlola’s government and all of those in the PDP states of the South-West, apart from Lagos, is that they have reduced government to just spending. Whatever is coming from the Federal Government really is supposed to augment what any responsible government could generate. Where a government fully depends on hand-outs is not fit to be called a government. So, it is therefore historically disturbing that any government in post-­Awolowo Yoruba region will totally discard revenue generation as a serious duty of government, such a government is not fit to be a government in Yoruba nation. And that is my grouse against them. They are so lacking in enterprise, laid back, unadventurous and backward.

Let’s talk about some of your party leaders, aides who have been arrested. You claim to have gone through series of harassments?

Don’t forget that Oyinlola was a bully who came from a reactionary military arm, where truth is defined by hierarchy, and people are seen as objects to be used as means to their ends, before assuming the position he is now. Again, there is an aspect of him that people do not know generally. Oyinlola must have some psychotic problems; he must be psychotic; he has kept it away from several people. When he was in secondary school, Oyinlola was rusticated for bullying a lady that resisted his advances. He was publicly caned; he had to write his SSCE from office and he failed.

He barely had two credits. So, Oyinlola is pathologically dictatorial. He has that issue of being a bully. However, he has this harmless facade but he is totally vicious, brutal. That led to the Somalia misadventure where he led some Nigerian soldiers to death by simply refusing to take to simple advice and instruction of people around him. Nigerian soldiers had to die despite that he was warned that Italian soldiers had been there and died. This is why we are saying that there is no need for this your exhibitionist approach to peacekeeping. He himself confessed that he was a1most killed. It was through his carelessness, recklessness and uncaring attitude. Of course, when he was in Lagos, we have records of his vicious, mindless and reckless acts.

He is still struggling to remove the cross on him, from the death of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola. There is the suggestion that he was the one that invited the woman to his office before she met her untimely death in the hands of assassins. Several of those who had disagreed with Oyinlola in his own PDP had paid with their lives. There was a lady called Alhaja Jeunkogbaadun. She was a women leader in the PDP and she crossed to the ANPP. She did not live to see the following day. Chief Tony Osanyin in Ijebu-­Jesa had the same problem. Oyedokun simply disagreed with them and he lost a brother to the disagreement. All that I have told you are documented as facts.

Several people had died, even within the PDP for simply disagreeing with Oyinlola. And since I began this effort to take our people out of this mess that they are in, I have lost several people. I have been a victim of several attempts on my life. Hassan Olajoku died exactly one month after we launched Oranmiyan in Osogbo. Ten days from that day, on our way to a rally organised for us in llesa, Wale Oni, a hoodlum, a thug that was on the payroll of Erelu Obada organised a vicious attack on my convoy, damaged vehicles, manhandled our members, assaulted women. He was arrested by the police but with the intervention of Erelu, he was released.

My father’s house was burnt. I was shot at a public gathering at Oroki Day where Oyinlola and all his aides sat down and watched. One of my buses was attacked by Oyinlola’s thugs. My campaign headquarters was attacked by gun-totting men. And to cap it all, on the election day, guns, AK-47, were rolled out to kill us. At a meeting on 2006 August, Oyinlola instructed that I must be eliminated, that everything should be done to kill me.

What concrete evidence have you?

I have with me someone who was at the meeting. So, it is unfortunate that the Nigerian power elite have gone mad; I mean those of PDP mould. How would you explain the death of your challenger in a democratic process? Afterall, you call yourself a Prince in the republic, a great abnormality, a misnomer. There is no prince in a republic. A republic is a political state where everybody is equal. Now they have come with the bomb blast thing, which from all indications could have been organised by them to either destroy the evidences in INEC office and turn-around to blame us. Because the truth of the matter was that as at that time when that bomb blast occurred, my people, my own agents and party faithful, were all over INEC, rummaging through their piles of materials for documents that would be useful by us at the tribunal. Because we had just sought and obtained the order of the tribunal to physically inspect the materials. So, we were all there.

It would have been unreasonable for us to have burnt down the place where vital documents we would use were. We could not have wanted to destroy the place. So, the only people that would have benefited from the destruction of such materials and evidences were the PDP. Let us even take it beyond that. An investigation started by the police on that day, I will give you the interim report from Osun command. A police team led by another commissioner of police initiated the investigation. That ought to have been completed by now for sometimes. That happened on July 14. This was what happened: Osun Police Command investigated the matter, generated an interim report, which was sent along with the lone suspect apprehended at the scene of the blast, to the Force Headquarters.

Force Headquarters too conducted its own investigation, sent their report with the lone suspect for trial in Osogbo. The trial began sometimes in November and was going on well until my visit to Osun in January of this year. If you must know, since the election in April, my visits to Osun before the January visit of this year were two. I went to Osun on May 11 to submit my petition. I again visited that same year around August or July when the Palace of Owa of Obokun was burnt. I never went again.

So, I announced to the whole world that I was going back to engage my supporters in political association. I went there and the reception was marvelous. We were in only three towns and the receptions were uproarious. In Osogbo, in llesa and Iwo it was whao. So the turnout of the people in all these places jolted and awed them. So, rather than accept the obvious fact of our popularity, they said they had some things to do ….. that was how they brought the concoction of the bomb blast. And as soon as we saw them, we alerted the world and sensitised them to the motive of that fact.

It was a distraction, a diversion and apparently meant to douse our popularity by criminalising us. But all their efforts have boomeranged against them. That is on that side. So, we told them that police, if you don’t want to be labelled as agents of PDP, do what is professionally correct. In your interim report, you claimed you saw a telephone set with a particular number. I will give you the number 0805. We told them that science and technology have helped us tremendously. Use this number to determine everything about the suspect. Use the call log obtained from the service provider to determine those who may have been in contact with him before and after the blast, as the case may be, because the record is indelible. You could equally know the location of the suspect. We told them to use what they have, to get what they need. And the suspect equally must be made to give the numbers of his accomplices and use those numbers too to determine their locations and calls received.

Till this moment, it is doubtful if the police in Osun have gone after the neatest, the clearest, the unambiguous method of knowing those who have relationship with those who carried out that act. Rather, the Oyinlola administration used the lawyer of the suspect to manipulate him, to contradict himself, to contradict the statement he had made severally to Police in Osun, to Police in Abuja on how the thing happened. And it suited Oyinlola to get them to see that Aregbesola and the AC people were the promoters of the act.

You are insisting you won the April 14 election.

The issue is simple: I won the elections, which Oyinlola cannot doubt. Even the records of INEC as manipulated as they are, clearly vindicate us. Any opinion polls conducted now will equally show we won the elections. How will a man that is popularly and freely chosen to direct the affairs of a state again be involved in anything close to creating crisis or generating tension or harassing, intimidating people? No, it is not possible. I don’t need it because I have received what is most important; a freely given mandate of the people.

I cannot have that and still want to terrorise the same people. They are the ones who will, because of their hatred for the people, contempt for them, who will want to harass, terrorise and muscle them to further demonstrate their super aversion for the people and their right and liberty. You must know that government is all about three things: right to life, right to liberty and right to leisure. Those are the things. So, if that is it, why should any government agency go after a member of society who has served as a commissioner in a state in the way they went after Layi Oyeduntan if not just to harass people, intimidate them and turn them to animals. Those who went to Oyeduntan did not just go there to arrest him; they wanted to kill him. From the reports I read, I don’t think any security agents with the intention of mere arrest will go there at night, to a man you have never invited, to a man that had never had any problem with you, you went in a commando form, started shooting sporadically. Layi told of how he was under armed robbery or assassination attack so he started sending distress calls to everybody that he could remember. And in the process, they shot and killed the dog that was unleashed.

The wildness of those who came to Layi was such that the dog had to break its leech and it was shot. I told people that if Layi had come out of his house at that time, they could have killed him. If Layi had not recognised them as thugs and not security operatives, they would have whisked him away. So, he demanded for the presence of a responsible person before he could go with them. So Professor Olu Aina had to come to the scene before he allowed them to pick him. Oyeduntan was a commissioner in Baba Akande’s government. He is the most loving, unassuming, easy-going person you can ever talk of. He is a fellow of lCAN; Layi did not associate with us openly at least three months before the elections. Layi also refused to participate in any of our activities at least three months after the elections. Layi would not do anything that is capable of situating him in any light that will be seen to be radical. He avoids any tag of radicalism like plague.

Layi, up to the day he was brutally arrested by: Oyinlola’s agents in police uniform, was a regular golf-playing mate of Oyinlola both in Ada and Lagos. So, apart from the fact that Layi had refused their entreaties to play their cards, which he further demonstrated through an interview he granted which was published on the 10th of October by that newspaper, Layi Oyeduntan was the last person anybody would expect to be arrested. Before the arrest of Layi and Akere, don’t forget that a chief magistrate in Osun had equally been labelled as a participant in the bomb blast. He had been suspended from duties ever since then. He had been unjustly arrested and detained until he was released on bail and up till now he is still suffering that wickedness. The only crime of this magistrate was that he granted a 45-day … to an AC man that was arraigned before him on a bailable offence. Whenever it suits them, they just invoke it. We want to tell Nigerians that if they allow Oyinlola to run wild, like he has been running wild, it might not be limited to Osun alone because he has been brutalising and terrorizing people with impunity. If they allow him to run wild, it might go to a1l of Nigeria because this was how Hitler began his. Fascism cannot be contained to a place.

And I want Nigerians to know that we will be undoing ourselves if we close our eyes to the madness that is taking root in Osun State. It should be stopped. Don’t forget that for this purpose, the Federal Police Headquarters invited me, the party chairman and secretary in June and we went and gave our own side of the story. One would think that by now, the police authorities ought to have acted to prevent Oyinlola from running loose, using bomb blast as his justification.

• Culled from The Nation

Lagos Plans To Spend N70bn On Waste Management

To achieve the zero tolerance vision on Waste Management, the Lagos State Government is expected
to spend N70billion on waste management in the next three years in the state.

The Managing Director, Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Mr. Ola Oresanya said that the state will require about N30billion for capital expenditure while N40billion will be invested on recurrent expenditure.

Oresanya spoke at an interactive session with a team from the National Defence College (NDC) on a study tour on the impact of the public-private partnership on governance, who visited him.

The session was organized by the Lagos State Ministry of Special Duties.

The LAWMA boss said that the government is looking up to private sectors to bring its expertise into waste collection, haulage and disposal to achieve efficiency in waste management.

Lagos, which he said, generates a minimum of nine thousand tons of waste per day had in the last one decade disposed about 27, 599, 825.94 tons of waste in the three landfill sites located at Abule Egba, Olushosun, and Solous, which has a combine capacity of 63.67 hectares.

He said, government has approved the construction of a new landfill site in Epe. Two others are being proposed for Ikorodu and Badagry, besides two waste conversion plants compost plant at Odogiyan, Ikorodu and the Plastic Recycling plant at Ojo.

He urged the Organized Private Sector (OPS) to seize the opportunity and invest in solid waste management.

The Head of the visiting members of Course 17 of the NDC, Brig.-Gen. Ebi Bona Awala praised the state government for its radical approach to governance that is making the state a destination of choice for local and foreign investors.

Awala, who led 12 Nigerians and one Namibian military top brass on a one week geo-strategic tour of the state, said the team has learnt a lot from the trip.

He said the team was in Lagos to broaden its knowledge on how the government has been using the public- private partnership platform to deepen development.

Awala said: “Really, you must have lived or be living in Lagos to be able to appreciate all that this government has done in the area of development.”

And I think this government has a lot to showcase as part of the achievements of the PPP initiative in the areas of waste management and transportation, especially the recently launched Bus Rapid Transit, BRT.

Group Criticizes Appeal Court President Over Election Cases Delay

An human rights group, Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) has flayed the President, Court of Appeal, Justice Umar Abdullahi, over the delay in the handling of election petition appeal cases.

The chairman of the group, Comrade Mashood Erubami said in Ibadan, Oyo State Capital that the delay in the hearing of the election petition –related cases might jeopardize the nation’s democracy, if what he called such anomalies is not urgently corrected.

The activist challenged the Court of Appeal to clear the air on what he termed the seeming deliberate delay being experience in general adjudication process on the cases referred to it.

Erubami, who is a former president, Campaign for Democracy (CD) accused the Appeal Court of engaging in selective adjudication of cases by given priority attention to Edo State governorship petition ahead of those of Oyo and Ogun State that had been decided earlier by tribunal.

“If our organization will not be mistaken, the Court of Appeal has engaged in selective adjudication of cases by given priority attention to the Edo governorship petition ahead of those of Oyo and Ogun States that were first disposed off at the lower tribunals. This is unfortunate because we have rushed to believe that we will continue to have the type of judicial activism started by the Retired Chief Judge, Justice Alfa Belgore at all levels of judicial process.

“Events today have proved us wrong and hence we have our doubt that the judiciary is still the last hope of common man,” Erubami said.

He said it was not just politicians that are seeking justice, but Nigerians that have become victims of unlawful and unfair elections that imposed unrepresentative and illegitimate leadership on the polity.

The TMG Chairman, who called for the immediate resignation of the chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), said: “Today, all the ordered re-run elections by the tribunals have been revalidated to vindicate INEC that the elections it conducted were free and fair in the first instance. This has made the chairman of INEC, Prof. Maurice Iwu to continue to beat his chest that his INEC was the best in the world”.

The TMG boss appealed to the appellate court to retrace its steps and correct the wrong impression.

Ekiti School Feeding Scheme: Pupil Collapse After Eating Government Egg

The school feeding scheme of Ekiti State government seems to have been turned to an unfortunate project,
as a female pupil of a local primary school in Oworoko-Ekiti reportedly collapse and rushed to a local health centre after eating eggs provided by the government.

After the collapse of the female pupil, tension rose, as some of the primary schools teachers in the area were reportedly attacked by a mob.

Following the attack, the state government was reported to have close down the school involved, Community Primary School, Iworoko –Ekiti until tension is reduced over the alleged discovery of incision on the crockery used to give eggs and chocolate to pupils.

The state government said that the school would be under lock and key until the assailants are apprehended and threatened to close any school where such incidents recur.

The incident has further heightened tension in some communities’ as teachers fear they may be attacked by aggrieved parents and guardians who are oppose to the scheme.

It was gathered that a group of aggrieved women marched to the palace of the Ogoga of Ikere-Ekiti, Oba Samuel Adegoke Adeboye, to protest against the programme.

The women predicated their action on the widespread rumour that the cups and plates with which the meals are served are carrying “demonic incisions” which they feared may jeopardize their children’s future.

The angry women said they would have preferred free education to the feeding programme and warned that their children should not be forced to take such meals, adding that their suspicion was aroused by the fact that the pupils were not allowed to use containers from home.

There was drama at Annunciation School, Ikere, last week when a top official in the all-male secondary school warned the students not to litter the ground with the shell of the eggs.

The students, in unison, threw the eggs given to them against the trees, saying they had been warned by their parents not to take them.

Students of Akinluse Junior Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti reportedly destroyed cups, plates and spoons given to them under the scheme.

A teacher at a local primary school in Ise-Ekiti said parents have been besieging her school to warn the authorities against giving the chocolates and eggs to their children.

But the Executive Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Prince Dayo Adeyeye, at the weekend, described the policy as voluntary.

He said pupils were not being compelled to take the food, adding that the policy was recommended by the World Bank and other international development agencies to boost the nutrition of children in public schools who according to him rarely eat from home.

Governor Oyinlola: Machiavelli Of Osun State

IT will not be an exaggeration of happenings in Osun State, particularly the methods have been adopted by Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola in governing Osun State if I conclude that his methods are an application of the political theories propounded by Machiavelli. Machiavelli in his book, ‘The Prince’ published in 1519 preached “absolutism in governance”. The theories had it that the ruler should acquire absolute power in dealing with any opposition. Such ruler should also employ absolute power to retain the power he has acquired.

The political prosositions of Machiavelli therefore did not allow any opposition against the ruler; such opposition should be crushed at all costs. The theories of Machiavelli did not recognize any limitation on the authority of the ruler.

Machiavelli’s Book, “The Prince” set out his theories as series of recommendation for Prince Lorenzo de Medici of Florence in Italy.

Italy was not a democracy by then. She lacked political unity and was divided into numerous states and principalities. Civil wars and foreign invasions were frequent. That was the situation in Italy; definitely the situation in Osun State is not the same as that of Machiavelli Italy. Osun State is a democracy and it will be barbaric for any ruler in this present day Nigeria to adopt the political theories of Machiavelli, who lived between 1469 and 1532. But one is not surprised if Governor Oyinlola adopts the theories of Machiavelli because he is a ‘Prince’, the Okuku prince; Governor Oyinlola is definitely a Machiavellian.

In this article, I want to expatiate on the fact that Oyinlola’s methods of governance is nothing short of an adoption of the theories of Machiavelli. He should be told that Osun State, as part of Nigeria is a democracy and his adoption of Machiavellism propounded in the

13th Century Italy is callous and uncivilized. It is unfortunate that Oyinlola became infuriated and ready to destroy Engineer Rauf Aregbesola when the latter appeared in 2006 armed with mapped out strategies to dislodge Oyinlola constitutionally and his cabal. Aregbesola is determined to liberate Osun State from the Claws of brigandage and injustice. The fight has just begun.

Thomas Hobbes, another proponent of absolutism (Like Machiavelli) in governance, admitted that if the ruler fails to maintain good governance the people under such leader have the right to alter it.

In a democracy, the way to alter a bad government is through elections.

But, it is unfortunate that Oyinlola was hell bent not to allow this democratic change. He has refused to allow peaceful, fair and free elections to hold in Osun State and Aregbesola became the target of Oyinlola’s evil plans.

The people of Osun State were ready to drive away Oyinlola from Abere Governor’s Office through democratic method i.e. through elections, and the people came out in their thousands to exercise their civic right. Oyinlola refused to allow the people to exercise their right freely.

Oyinlola employed every government machinery at his disposal to suppress the opposition parties notably Action Congress and its governorship candidate Aregbesola. Governor Oyinlola used effectively the anti-riot police unit fully armed against defenseless supporters of Aregbesola. The anti-riot policemen instituted violence which definitely marred the governor-ship elections of 14th April, 2007 and in the event some supporters of the Action Congress were killed and many were maimed. But Oyinlola’s main target was Aregbesola, as he employed series of antics to effect the elimination of Aregbesola.

Some examples of the callous antics employed by Oyinlola will suffice. The incident of Oroki Day celebration is still fresh in the mind. Aregbesola narrowly escaped being killed at the occasion by Oyinlola’s police and the P.D.P. thugs. As if that was not enough, Oyinlola was determined to implicate Aregbesola in series of trumped-up charges – Osogbo explosion saga and the spontaneous reactions of the people after the last year’s elections. But Oyinlola saw the people’s reaction as a rebellion against his government and was quick to name Aregbesola as the ring leader.

Oyinlola’s ruthlessness in dealing with Aregbesola assumed has got to a dimension that has not been witnessed in the history of elections in this country.

Finally, from the foregoing, one can see that the methods adopted by Oyinlola to deal with the opposition members especially Aregbesola is a replica of the political theories of Machiavelli.

Oyinlola’s leadership is absolutism and therefore does not flow from the people but from his capacity to visit heinous crime and anarchic terrorism on the very people he aspires to lead and govern.

Ilesa AC Women Leader Buries Dad

The woman leader, Ilesa East Local government council, Hon Bisi Adebiyi has described her late
father, Mr Johnson Adekunle Adeyokun as a symbol of peace and progress to his children, the community and other people that come his way during his life time.

Mrs Hon Adebiyi stated this at the final burial ceremony of her late father which took place at Methodist High School ground last week in a chat with OSUN DEFENDER.

According to the celebrant, who was also a caretaker committee member, Ilesa east local government council under Honourable Asomuyide as chairman, said that she would miss the hospitality gesture of her late father who at every of her visit to her late father would slaughter fowl with edible food to match.

She said that the same treatment and gesture also characterized the visit of other eight children to her late father, stating that the deceased also treated other people who came his way during his life time.

Late Mr. Adeyokun, according to Hon Bisi Adebiyi was 78 years at the time of his death and was a strong member of Methodist Church, Ilesa, stating that all the 9 children today follow his foot steps as members of the same church.

While speaking at the ceremony the state chairman of Action Congress Alhaji Adeoti commended the national leaders of the party, the state leaders and the teeming members of the AC who under hostilities from the opposition remained undaunted, loyal, and committed to AC in Osun State.

He said in no distant date the stolen mandate freely given to Engineer Rauf Aregbesola would be retrieved by the appellate court sitting in Ibadan, Oyo State capital as he urged members not to relent on prayers that members of Bench that would sit during judgment to up hold the rule of law, due process, equity in the discharge of their legal duties.

The state chairman stated further that with zero level in 2003 AC has one member in the State House of Assembly, stating that now the party has 11 members stressing that the atmosphere is clear in future time that AC would rule the state.

Hon Adeoti who commended the people’s commitment, particularly members of the AC in their several thousands in Osun State of a party that does not control the state on their own effected repair of the state secretariat building blown off by the rain storm sometimes ago.

On the compromise by Thomas Naron and other members of the Bench at first Osun State Tribunal with Otumba Kunle kalejaiye, the embattled lead counsel, Alhaji Adeoti said that the action of the team of the Benchers has soiled the integrity of the judiciary and the Bar, stating that unless the appellate court correct the bad impression created before the Nigeria public and beyond, the chairman stressed that the stain would ever remain on it that in future time, no judge or lawyer from Nigeria would be credit worthy world-wide.

Present at the ceremony were the state chairman, Action Congress, Alhaji Moshood Adeoti, the State Treasurer, AC Mr kunle Odeyemi, the state Women Leader Mrs Temilade Olokungboye Oluwaseyi Omowumi, over 200 Action Congress AC members across the state and other well-wishers, friends, relatives of the celebrant among other personalities at the occasion.

Police Nabs Man With 15 Bags Of Indian Hemp

The men of Nigeria Police authority, Ife Command, had recently intercepted a car with fifteen bags of substances suspected to be Indian hemp at Itasin area of Modakeke.

According to OSUN DEFENDER investigation, a resident in the area, who suspected the movement of the suspect alerted the police, authority, who arrested the suspect at a nearby beer parlour.

The suspect, leading yo the arrest of himself as Ajayi Awofate, claimed to have a stop-over at Modakeke, where he was arrested adding that he was heading for Lagos from Edo State.

Initially, during interrogation at the point where he was arrested, the suspect told the team of detectives that he was carrying some wares for sale to Lagos, OSUN DEFENDER reliably gathered.

It was when the detective team decided to tear open one of the sacks which he claimed to have contained his wares, that the accused person allegedly confessed that the sacks contained Indian hemp.

The suspect and the car were later driven to Moore Police Station from Modakeke, where the vehicle was impounded with its contents.

OSUN DEFENDER investigation at the Area Commander’s office in Ile-Ife corrobated the story and added that the suspect had since been remanded in prison custody, pending outcome of further police investigation.

A reliable police source informed OSUN DEFENDER that immediately investigation is completed on the case, the suspect would be handed over to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for prosecution.

No Power Separation In Osun-Research

•Legislature Lays Back On Oversight Functions   • Judiciary Manipulated

Separation of Power in Osun State Government appears to have secured a back seat in the state for
the analytical result of the research conducted by OSUN DEFENDER, has shown that the executive arm has succeeded in holding the independent string of the legislature and the judiciary.

According to the research with a five per cent marginal error, the oversight functions of the state lawmakers have not impacted much on some projects earmarked by the executive as pro-people’s projects, a situation that has compelled political observers to write them off (lawmakers).

Thus, the executive flout of the earmarked projects remains unchecked, as the state parliament seems to have slept on their oversight functions.

Findings further showed that the independence of the judiciary in the state has also raised some questions, as undue interference from the executive could not be waved aside, going by the way the magisterial divisions are allegedly being used to rail-road the leaders of the opposition into prisons.

Investigations on budget monitoring in the state have exposed the lay back of the state lawmakers, who are supposed to keep an eagle eye on budget implementation in letter and spirit as an oversight function, but failing due to the brain washed consultations of the executive on some issues.

Checks also revealed that some projects that were prioritized in the last two years’ budgets have not attained the standard of being walked over, let alone being packed aside like an abandoned smoking vehicle.

OSUN DEFENDER’s investigative torch was beamed on the railway crossings across the state, that got N20million from 2007 budget, but are still in deplorable condition, a situation that has become a regular nightmare for motorists that must ply the routes on daily basis.

Our reporter who went round the routes with railway crossings, observed that the N20million voted for rehabilitating the small portions of the railway line across the state was a complete fraud, as there was nothing to show as work done for the budgetary vote.

At Orita-Olaiya railway crossing in Osogbo, the state capital, the hell motorists are daily experiencing has become another source of concern for avoidable traffic snarl at the spot.

An interesting observation from our reporter is that the state Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola must pass through the terrible condition of the crossings daily, if he is not out of the state, suggesting that he deliberately ignores the condition of the crossings across the state.

If the state lawmakers are claiming ignorance of the terrible condition of the railway crossing across the state, upon the N20million budgetary vote, the Drug Manufacturing Company widely celebrated by the governor in so many fora has become a moribund project and there was no single finger of protest from the state lawmakers.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the building that was constructed for the drug firm has been taken over by reptiles, which relish in the bushy environment that has formed a perimeter fence for the structure; there is nothing to show the dissatisfaction of the lawmakers over the abandoned project that has drained millions of naira of the tax payers.

However, political pundits have contended that the politicking in the parliament bordering on selfish pursuit has beclouded the zeal for over-sight functions.

Citing the case of an Ife high chief who doubles as a chieftain of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Gunju Adesakin’s contract scam, investigation was in good order, political pundits are of the opinion that it was however disappointing that the result of the investigation has been compromised due to the interference from above.

Besides, the judiciary seems to have caught the bug, as some of their rulings have raised more dust lately, for the courts are always in a hurry to railroad the opposition leaders in prisons custody on charges that are bailable.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the Osogbo magisterial division was worst hit in the compromise bug, as the temple was reportedly thoroughly messed-up by the ex-Chief Magistrate Jide Falola who could not hide his ill-feeling for the opposition leaders each time they appeared before him; when he was a presiding magistrate.

Falola, now the Chief Registrar, Osun State Customary Court of Appeal was said to have done several dirty jobs for the embattled governor, who was smarting from the electoral battle in which, he is still enmeshed in controversy.

Instead of turning a new leaf, the magistrate court further flourishes in perceived compromised position and tongues are now wagging that one Magistrate Olapoju Akintayo has elected to continue with Falola’s controversial assignment.

Though, the Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, Honourable Adejare Bello has recently threatened to look into the eye of the executive for not funding the assembly to a standard that could enhance the legislative duty, political pundits have expressed doubt about the efficacy of the threat, arguing that the house has lost its respect via constituency projects booby traps.

Reacting, the national Coordinator of Peoples Welfare League (PWL), Mr. Biodun Agboola has expressed his dissatisfaction about the budgetary vote for railway crossings, saying that it was a fraud.

“I highlighted railway crossings project in 2007 project and we in the PWL spoke against it because it was a fraud and that is the situation now, said Agboola.

Investigate Clampdown On Osun Opposition -Aregbesola Tells IG

The Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate in Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola has called
on the Inspector-General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro to investigate what he called the recent illegal clampdown on two Akere AC leaders in the state, Chief Layi Oyeduntan and Mr. Sunday Akere.

Aregbesola, in a statement issued by his media aide, Mr Gbenga Fayemiwo said that the way and manner the arrest was carried out suspected a premeditated assassination of the leaders of the party by the police team led by DSP Adekunle Ayuba that carried out the operation.

According to him, the arrest of Oyeduntan and Akere was an afterthought to hoodwink the public and deflect attention away from what he termed the annihilation plans of DSP Ayuba.

The AC candidate queried the police team led by Ayuba on why it went to carry out Oyeduntan’s arrest under the cover of the night “like it was done in the killing of Chief Bola Ige.”

The statement read: “When the team got to, Osogbo home of Oyeduntan, all of them wore mufti without carrying any identification tags which could show they were officers of the law.

“In a nation where top citizens like Chief Bola Ige, Alfred Ogbeyiwa Ruwane, and Harry Marshall had been killed by men in mufti and operating in private vehicles, the team led by DSP Adekunle Ayuba did not operate like trained investigators.

“Why did DSP Ayuba kill Oyeduntan’s dog? Why did the team go to carry out Oyeduntan’s arrest under the cover of the night like it was done in the killing of Bola Ige? Why did the police who knew Oyeduntan’s telephone number refused to invite him to come on his own to the police headquarters as a former public officer? Aregbeosla queried.

“The arrest became the tool that DSP Ayuba and his sponsors relied upon to cover their tracks, as soon as they saw Oyeduntan’s neighbours gathering to behold the conduct of the gunmen. Were the neighbours not restrained, the conduct of DSP Ayuba would have led to a serious blood-bath as they were mistaken for armed robbers, attempting to rob one of their own, who had made distressed calls to them for assistance.

“DSP Ayuba will have to explain why he shot Oyeduntan’s Alsatian dog in such a ruthless manner suggesting a premeditated assassination plan? It must be of interest for the IGP to know the plan at the back of the mind of this police officer, whose loyalty to Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and not Nigerians is indubitable.

“The truth is that the Force Headquarters of the Nigeria Police had earlier this year, taken over the case file of the June 14, 2007 explosion at the state secretariat, Abere. It is curious to learn that Ayuba has been operating like a law unto himself in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“An investigation that has taken a partisan direction can only lead to the loss of respect of the ordinary members of the public, who are relied upon by the law enforcement agents for the success of their enterprises.

“We cannot keep quite in the face of plans to eliminate the leading light of the AC in Osun by a regime that has found a useful tool in a mis-advised police officer under the guise of investigating an explosion,” Aregbesola stated.

Osun’s Home-Grown Terrorism

The tenure of controversial “governor”, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, is nothing to crow about. While other states, even at a limited level, try to, at least, do something to justify their claim to popular power, Oyinlola and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, are taking state terrorism to an absurd level.

Since Oyinlola “won” the voodoo election that Maurice Iwu’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) awarded him, despite a crushing defeat at the polls in April 2007, Osun State has been chaffing under the malevolence of this “governor,” absolutely unknown to our people.

For having the temerity to show their resentment after Oyinlola and his INEC colluders had imposed him on a people who voted him out with vengeance, Oyinlola bared his Abacha era fang, and called in the military to crush protesting and defenceless civilians. For weeks, Oyinlola and his goons in uniform laid a siege to the Ijesa people’s Ilesa (a people who became gubernatorial sworn enemies just because they made their choice loud and clear on election day), and Osogbo (who must be crushed because they saw through this “governor’s” years of cant ad nauseam deceit; and they threw him out on election day).

Besides, the spiritual searing of a capital overwhelmingly voting out a sitting governor, who had proved an unmitigated liability for four costly years, was too much for the besieged governor who, rattled, responded with vicious state terror. That has been the trend since the disputed elections of April 2007 which Oyinlola lost with ignominy, but the illicit proceeds of which he has struggled to hold on, to no matter what it takes.

Since that siege on Ilesa and Osogbo, where our traumatised people, wounded but unbent were paraded in open trucks in public to break their spirit, the illicit governor has moved from one despicable tactic of state terror to another. And the driving force is fear – naked fear.

Whenever the official stealer of the people’s mandate is rattled or threatened, he resorts to naked force. He growls with the intention of scaring people fighting for their God-given rights. But at the end of the day, he is the one that quakes the more!

The most scandalous thing for Nigeria as a would-be modern democratic polity has been the criminal collusion of a segment of the Nigeria Police force, compromised beyond repair by a venal and absolutely corrupt governor. Is there something about the Osun Police Command that condemns the command to disgraceful compromise by the Oyinlola government?

First, it was Alhaji Suleimon Fakai, who pulled all strings to oppress and suppress the opposition and aid and abet violence, which the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) unleashed on the opposition, in the run-up to the April 2007 elections. Fakai cancelled police permits at will and brutalised PDP opponents just to do the bidding of his satanic master.

Most would recall how Fakai cancelled the permit granted the Osun Action Congress (AC) to open its electioneering in Ile-Ife, just because the PDP felt intimidated by the expected crowd. The same Fakai cancelled the AC’s final mega rally planned for Osogbo three days to the election, because it would have been clear to all that the PDP was heading for a terrible hiding – which it got.

The same Fakai, after the violent protest that greeted the rigged governorship election, was busy personally arresting AC partisans when the police, in collusion with PDP partisans, raided the AC campaign headquarters on Gbongan road, Osogbo. So, when Fakai got tossed to Siberia for his brazen partisanship, it appeared some sanity would prevail. But he had already put in place a pattern of terror in which the Osun Police Command was a happy and willful collaborator.

John Moronike came with renewed hope but all that has gone with the wind. He has since thrown off his uniform and converted his men to happy thugs in the satanic mission of Oyinlola to keep our people in perpetual thrall.

The latest manifestation is the current round of crackdown on AC members over the phantom bomb blast, an accident that the police originally claimed, came from a mishandled dynamite meant for a water project. But, this same police under Moronike is happily replacing one set of AC captives with another just to make the point that the Oyinlola fascism is superior to and contemptuous of the 1999 Constitution that defines the game under Nigeria’s blighted democracy.

Oyinlola, as imposed governor, is beyond redemption. But for our democracy and polity not to be beyond redemption, he and his thugs in police uniform must be called to order. President Umaru Yar’Adua must look into the racket going on in Osogbo, the state capital. State terror cannot go hand-in-hand with the rule of law that the president postulates.

That is why he must call the police to order today. To the president, a final word: those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable. Violence pays no one. Neither does willful state terror.

Let someone save Oyinlola from himself. If he wants to play the Biblical Samson and collapse the house on himself, at least, let him spare our people the trauma. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.