E! Might Lose Ratings As Celebrities Ignore Ryan Seacrest On Red Carpet After Sexual Harassment Scandal

Life has a funny way of dealing with situations and Ryan Seacrest punishment wouldn’t just cost him his self esteem, it might cost him his career.

Recall that E! host Ryan Seacrest was accused of sexual harassment by his former stylist Suzie Hardy accusing him of harassing her for years and many frowned at the fact that E! was solidly behind Ryan firing Hardy years ago instead of looking into the matter.

At the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night, the E! host was snubbed by a number of A-list names, including all of the nominees in the Best Actress category.

To that effect, it has been revealed that E! execs had an emergency meeting in order to decide what to do about Ryan Seacrest and his sexual harassment scandal.

An insider told Radar Online “The execs are in panic mode, and Ryan knows that they simply cannot afford to lose fans or ratings over this! They are considering replacing him on the red carpet, at least for the near future.”

“Of course Ryan’s devastated. He was not able to get interviews with so many of the huge celebrities that he’s used to getting. He is starting to realize just how much this is impacting his reputation” the source added