African Leaders Urged to Unite, Tackle Continent’s Challenges

African leaders have been called upon to unite and tackle the challenges facing the continent for social-economic development.

The Media Training Supervisor, Mrs.Omyma Elsayed, made the call in Egypt, during the forty-Two graduation ceremony of the African Media Training course, organised by the Supreme Council of Media Regulation.

Mrs. Elsayed added that, Africa has enough resources to compete with other continents in the world when effectively utilized.

Mrs. Omyma Elsayed, also urged the participants to use the experiences acquired during the training in their various countries, for the benefits and unity of the African continent.

“The main reason of this training is to bring all Africans together to make Africa strong continent and to be a one unit, just like Europe, America, you participants of the training you know Egypt now we are trying to help you not for yourselves but for Africa,” she said.

The President, Egyptian Supreme Council of Media Regulation, Dr. Makram Muhammad, who spoke in Arabic, challenged the participants to domesticate the knowledge acquired in their respective countries for the overall development of the continent.

Miss. Dibuseng Meloe, from South Africa, who spoke on behalf of the participants expressed their delights and intention about the training.

“Thanks to Egyptian government and the organizers of this training, the training sessions were educative and informative, experts from different media fields conducted our classes, the programmers and technicians enjoyed both theoretical and practical sessions. This training would go a long way in enhancing our performances in our various stations as well as improve the media performance in Africa,” she said.

Thirty-one participants from thirteen African countries including Nigeria partook in the media training in Egypt, which was established in 1977.


Author: Tolu

Writer, Learner. Mum & Maid