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You’ll Be Shocked By What Governor Oyetola Will Achieve In 2 Years – Osun APC Tells PDP

You’ll Be Shocked By What Governor Oyetola Will Achieve In 2 Years – Osun APC Tells PDP
  • PublishedSeptember 11, 2019


APC in Osun has told the PDP Chairman in the state, Olasoji Adagunodo that he and his party would be shocked by what Governor Gboyega Oyetola will achieve in the next two years.

According to the APC, “it will be so delightfully unexpected that envious opponents like Adagunodo and his party will be dumbfounded.”

The above was the response of the APC to the PDP Chairman’s criticism of Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s pledge to replicate the kind of continuity of governance as it is in Lagos.

In a statement from the party’s directorate of publicity, signed and circulated to the media in Osogbo today by its director, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, the APC said that,

“Chairman Adagunodo was naive to think that what was and continues to be done in Lagos cannot be achieved in Osun”.

The APC asserted that, “it is a pity Adagunodo cannot understand that continuity is already in progress in Osun and this is early success for governor Oyetola who only now has to follow through on Aregbesola’s achievements to sustain the momentum of project delivery that is life changing for the people of the state.”

The party argued that, “Governor Oyetola did not make the pledge like someone suffering from a pang of conscience, but he exuded the confidence of legitimacy as he celebrated the victory confirmed by the Supreme Court of the land.

“It is strange logic from the PDP Chairman to argue that ‘more than 70 percent of Osun electorate bluntly rejected Oyetola at the first ballot’, and yet the PDP still lost the election?

“We may further point out that if truly 70 percent of the electorate voted for the PDP at the governorship election, how come they lost so woefully at the state House of Assembly election? What figure analysis was he relying on?

“Did the PDP in defeat, lose its ability to fight, or isn’t it simply true that the party has a warped assessment of its popularity in Osun?

“This is the kind of brazenly false and misleading statements the PDP is notorious for making about Osun politics that the public has grown to become disdainful of, but the party is addicted to.

“Those who have the fairness of mind and judgement, know for sure that anytime, any day, since Aregbesola’s emergence in Osun politics, the PDP can never be a substitute for the APC in governance.

“That is because, in practical terms, there is no comparison whatsoever between the two. The difference is as clear as daylight from darkness.

“So, Adagunodo should please be silent for now and observe how Governor Oyetola will prove him and the PDP wrong on expectations”, the APC concluded.

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