Worrisome Security Situation In Banks: A Call On The Police Force

Worrisome Security Situation In Banks: A Call On The Police Force
  • PublishedJune 1, 2018

The security situation in the banks these days has become really worrisome as men of the underworld rob bank customers at will. There’s now a growing concern among the residents of Osogbo on the way and manner armed bandits perpetrate their criminal acts against their unsuspecting victims. Obviously, there is a syndicate of hardened thieves hanging around banks across the city using the same method to unleash robbery on people.

Against the background of the tight security put in place by the Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola-led administration in the state which has put open robbery at bay in the banks across the state, robbers have now devised a new stratagem of robbing the people especially bank customers who go to banks for transactions. And this method is really working for them substantially as they smile home happily after successfully perpetrating their criminal activities against their victims who are left to weep and cry.

Reports reaching this medium revealed that these unscrupulous elements hang around banks in the state to watch for customers who collect money in the banks and trail them to their destinations to rob them. They operate with the use of motorcycle popularly called ‘Okada’. Private car owners are mostly their victims. Their operational methodology is to use ‘okada’ to trail any customer who has collected money in the bank, follow such to his or her destination and collect the money at gun point.

In some other cases which is mostly common, these robbers force open their victim’s car doors once the person gets to his destination, parks and steps out of the car. And before he or she would get back to his car, the evil deed would have been done. They either use master-key to open the car door or destroy the door and force it open to make away with the money. This practice has been going on for months in the city and it is becoming rampant by the day. Only last week alone about three cases of this unfortunate incident were reported in our office and the amounts involved were quite substantial.

In the light of the foregoing, we like to call on the state of Osun police command and other security agencies in the state to be on the lookout for these bandits, so as to ensure that their criminal activities are curbed. We also like to call on the general public – especially those who go to the banks to collect money – to be extra vigilant so that they don’t become victims of these ungodly and wicked people. ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’, as the saying goes.


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