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VOX POP: Assessing Oyetola’s First Year: A View From A Diverse Perspective

VOX POP: Assessing Oyetola’s First Year: A View From A Diverse Perspective
  • PublishedDecember 2, 2019

Across the state of Osun, we hear the voice of the people about the direction of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola’sadministration

He is On The Right Track to Sustain Osun’s Development Waheed Saka

DURING the campaign for his emergence as
the governor of Osun, his illustrious
politically celebrated predecessor, Ogbeni RaufAregbesola always described him as cool, calm and collected; and that 3c came into governance immediately he assumed office on 27th November 2018. His coolness and calmness resonates all over the state. From Ede to Ila, Osogbo to Ejigbo and Ilesa to Ikire, the breeze of Govervnor Isiak Oyetola’scalmness became the new order.

Oyetola’s calculated approach to governance has rejuvenated the health sector through the Federal Ministry of Health intervention, he has also fixed pot-holes on some roads across the state, the contractors are back on major roads site started by his predecessor and workers in Osun are smiling to the bank since his emergence.

The icing on the cake is the balance of people that made the list of commissioner and special advisers; it includes young and energetic technocrat, tested elderly hands and political savvy ones. No doubt this government is on the right track to sustainable development.

Finally, Oyetola’s government is condemned to succeed and I have no doubt he will continue to deliver on all front, it can only get better after the first year to the glory of God and benefit of Osun people.

New Helmsman Has A Clear Strategy

Oyetola has been using his diverse experience to paddle affairs of the State of Osun. Despite the paucity of fund amongst other challenges, he is driving the state strategically to its greatness. He has done well in the aspect of  welfare of workers and pensioners, health sector, road infrastructure, environment, education, economy amongst others. Oyetola has been managing the resources accrued to the state rationally to meet demands of the people in terms of good governance and in line with his campaign promises.

He has made more progress in developing the state. We are of the hope that his administration will do more in managing the economy of the state, so as to reduce the level of reliance on the federal allocation.

I personally implore Governor Oyetola to carry everybody along  because he needs everyone to succeed and his government  has a longer way to go due to higher expectations placed on him. I don’t want the Governor to see anyone as foe.

Wahab Abiona

A View From The Market

OSUN is lucky to
have a man like
Governor Adegboyega Oyetola as the Director of the state’s affairs. We could not have wished for a better person judging by the giant strides he has achieved in the last one year. He has really demonstrated that he understands what governance is all about.

We specifically commend the Governor for the appointment of women of virtue into his cabinet. We also appreciate the support he has been giving to the market men and women in the state.

I am quite sure that the remaining years of his administration will be better than the first year we are celebrating. I pray that God continue to guide him so that he will lead us to the promised land.

Iyaloja-General, Alhaja Awawu Asindemade

I Give Him A Pass Mark

Oyetola as I see in the last 12months that he took the mantle of the state is on the average in terms of performance in governance.

He was able to pick his cabinet within the people that brought him to power, and I give him pass mark in that area because he appointed people that are close to their people.  

Secondly, the Governor also tried the payment of workers and pensioners salary and the pensioners, in other social amenities he tried his best and the most important of it all there is Peace in the state generally and when there peace all is well, so far, he had not done bad in governance.

I will add this to describe Gov Oyetola as a Gov with maintenance culture is better than project construction one This is why we are here today in Osun state. Oyetola should have come earlier.

Alhaji Tunde Sanusi

A New Approach To Governance

MY objective view
on the
incumbent government in Osun is that the current administration cannot do beyond what it has done. This is because in the words of the former governor, the state is in financial quagmire. The resources are not there and the general economy situation in the country is not helping. I salute the Governor on peace and decorous comportment. I think he brought in a more matured approach to office with his calmness and attitude. The stylish discontinuation of some of the duplicity of agency would have been commendable but ‘over large’ cabinet left one wondering if economic emancipation is part of the goal. My candid opinion is that Osun cannot really get up without a review of some of the projects and programs of the past regime. I believe the need to tackle insecurity is a major area this government must look into.

Pastor Sam Segun Progress

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