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Traditionalists Take Over Alaafin’s Corpse, To Be Buried In The Dark Of The Night

Traditionalists Take Over Alaafin’s Corpse, To Be Buried In The Dark Of The Night
  • PublishedApril 23, 2022

Traditionalists in Oyo have taken over the corpse of Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, following the Islamic prayers observed on him earlier in the morning.

It was reported by several media that the corpse of the late King has been laid to rest in accordance to the Islamic rites following the prayers, however the late king is yet to be buried as traditionalists took charge of the burial immediately after the Islamic prayers.

According to sources at the palace, the late king will be buried in the dark of the night after traditionalists have performed their rituals.

He is to be buried in Bara, a five-minute drive from the palace.

A source said the culture of burying the Alaafin at Bara started in Oyo Igboho, where four Alaafins reigned.

Traditionalists, most especially Sango worshippers, were heard assuring mourners the usual traditional rites would take its course owing to the sacredness of the deceased monarch.

The remains of the late king, which were initially kept inside the inner chamber of the palace, were later brought to an open hall by the traditionalists apparently to convince all the remains had not been interred as rumoured.

It was observed the remains of the monarch were carried by many youths with braided hair, indicating they are Sango worshippers.

While women mostly dressed in red outfit sang dirge, many mourners were heard screaming the name of the deceased monarch with many others wailing uncontrollably.

The adherents, after putting the remains in an open wooden casket in full glare, ushered people out of the hall, saying the monarch would be interred this night.

The ceremony, they said, would be performed by traditionalists out of public view.

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