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The Sagacity And Acrobatic Rational Of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola Dynasty In Governance

The Sagacity And Acrobatic Rational Of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola Dynasty In Governance
  • PublishedJune 3, 2019

Governance is the process or the power of governing, government or administration. Governance can also be defined as management accountability for consistent, cohesive policies, processes and decision rights.

The Bain of contention is Aregbesola dedication to the cause of governance in any capacity he has opportunity to serve humanities is azerty.

As a commissioner for works in Lagos State, his roles is prominent among the team that laid a master plan of developmental stride Lagos is witnessing today as the fifty largest economy in Africa.

This antecedent shows the Charisma prowess in Aregbesola leadership position he has attained & hisdynamism to governance has distinct State of Osun as a Civil Servant & Consuming State to a more productive and economy hub of South West and Nigeria at large.

According to National Bureau of Statistic (NBS), State of Osun  was ranked number one in the least poverty level in Nigeria, poverty index at 17.5% ahead of Lagos Nigeria’s economic capital.

It states that in terms of poverty ranking, Osun has the least poverty level (0.062) while Sokoto has the highest (0.433).

Furthermore, the incidence of poverty of Nigerian’s  who are poor is 53.7 percentage the disaggregation by states shows that it is more prevalent in Sokoto State (89.9%) while state of Osun has the lowest (35. 5%).

It also put State of Osun unemployment rate at 6.7% in the federation. The incidence of poverty for the State of Osun was 10.99% in 2017 as against 37.5% in 2010.

Meaning that Osun has experienced a significant drop in the incidence of poverty between 2010 and 2017.

The NBS also State that the number of employed persons in Osun increased from 1,524,312 in 2010 to 2,365,622 in Q3, 2017 representing 55% increased over a period of seven years.  

Similarly the latest unemployment rate published by National Bureau of Statistic for third quarter 2017 also show that  State of Osun still maintains the lowest unemployment rate (5.3%) with the new 6.7% in 2018.

The advent of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola as a governor, the long awaiting saviour of Osun messes which the populace voluntarily cast their vote for across party line and civil society organization who are not politician but key into Aregbesola manifesto and his track record of excellent.

Restoration of Ogbeni stolen mandate by political forces and conspirator catapult Osun to a visionary state by immediately swinging to action to actualize the change agenda of his six integral action plan; (a) Banish Hunger (2) Banish unemployment (3) Banish Poverty (4) Promote dynamics and functional education (5) Restore healthy living (6) Enhance Communal Security / peace and progress.

Setting up different agency to actualize this set goals and objectives. O-REAP to banish hunger, where fifty cadets were sent to Germany to be trained in advanced modern technique of farming skills for the revolutionary of farming and creation of a number of incentives to boast agriculture, including support to farmer groups in State of Osun. O-Yes to banish unemployment and poverty by engaging 20,000 youths and increased purchasing power among the citizenry to curb crime because idle hand is a devil workshop.

The educational sector witness a total complete overhaul, Aregbesola set up committee chaired by Professor Wole Soyinka, the recommendation was carefully implemented to the appreciation of all sincere and non-partisan populace of Osun, first-class edifice structure, serene and secured environment.

He also provide the necessity that motivate and expose the less privilege student to (OPON  IMON) E-learning tablet that contained all subject offered, which the federal government reduplicate for the N-Power programme. The E-learning tablet was first of its kind in sub-Sahara country, 150,000 numbers of E-learning tablets was distributed to Senior Secondary School, hehas also increased primary school basic funding grant and a plethora of other achievement and milestones.

Free school bus, free education, in all public school except tertiary institutions and school feeding which the government provide proteinous food for the student which some parent cannot afford, this singular act has catapult school enrolment from 155,300 at the inception to over 253,000 in public school enrolment in State of Osun representing about 63% increment and also note that about 12 million pupils have benefited from school student feeding programme where over 255,000 feed daily, the programme was tag O Meal,between 2012 to 2018 it has created numerous job through the network chain.

Agriculture produce such as food stuff, egg, meat/chicken, oil and others, all this are source locally,the human chain involved in this activities are Osunresident, this can be described in economics as redistribution of wealth within the circle of the state, this act has been applauded by many differentreputable organization within and outside the territory of Nigeria.

The noble myth of Aregbesola and enigma riddle distinct him in visionary leadership, the majority of Osun Populace were worried about the reality of numerous agenda and goals set by Ogbeni considering the financial constraint of the state of Osun but as event unfold it became clearer that the administration are purposeful and goal getter no matter the circumstances.

In the health sector Aregbesola introduce numerous programs to salvage the sector such as free eye test and glasses, free mosquito net to prevent malaria, reduction in maternal mortality rate, upgrade of state general hospital and maternity across the state and many more.

Security was a major problem in State of Osunbefore the advent of Aregbesola administration with numerous bank robbery, cultism, ritualist, thugery,political assassination, daylight assassination and many others security instability in the State of Osun.

Aregbesola invested immensely in Security sector by re strategize the state security apparatus and fashioned a more pragmatic step in identifying the remote causes and channels his energy towards putting the right peg in the right hole,

Youths empowerment, taking the youths off the street who are majorly use to perpetrate heinous criminal act by imposed acclaimed leaders who governed the state before his administration.

Ogbeni provide the necessary equipment for the police to function maximally to the admiration of the officers and they are also given free hand to operate within the confined of the constitution without influencing their decision on any matter.

He modify and increase community participation in security within their territory by engaging themthrough [PCRC] police community relations committee.

Ogbeni invested massively on security sector by acquiring numerous armored personnel carrier and Air Surveillance Copter for the police, positioned at all strategic location which are prune to security threat in the state and many operational vehicle for Army,police, civil defence and other organization whom contributed in securing the state.

Ogbeni development stride in urban renewal has left so many talking about the transformation witness in the nook and cranny of Osun, 10 kilometer road at all the 30 local government and other roads constructedacross the state.

Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP) a world bank and French development agency assisted project which became effective on 22nd November 2013 partnering the state in funding the project, this singular act has virtually open up all the rural community in Osun who are not accessible before Aregbesola administration, this has turn the state to agricultural hub by way of transporting their agricultural produce to the city boosting the sector and added to the value chain of the state economy, the Cocoa processing industry moribund at Ede was alsorevived.

The (Ona baba ona) father of all roads syndrome in the state are not just a fuse but pragmatic stride witness across board in standard road networking with concrete drainage across the state.

Osogbo the state capital of Osun re-modernization is astonished and that can only be achieved by a rear genious. Osogbo a glorified local government headquarter before the advent of Aregbesola has turned to a Mega City centre who can be address as State capital, no wonder the resident of Osogbo not limited to indigene alone has ever remained grateful to Aregbesola by reward him with their vote keeping trust in his vision of transformation agenda to Osun at large.

The game changer as been called by a professor friend of mine who is fascinated by development stride of the state after visiting from United Kingdom.

To many it was like a miracle perform by Arebgesola but looking closely and ruminated I discovered it was not a miracle but a set objective defined of vision and parameter factors to actualize set target and goals.

Reading the state Anthem, a scholar can identify that the mission to transformed Osun was muted anddesigned.

Aregbesola Introduced State Anthem

“Tis a duty that we owe

To our great dear motherland

To enhance her and to boost her

In the eyes of all the world


Is our national watchword

Equality of good fortune

Must be to each sure reward

Liberty and brotherhood

Are the goals for which we’ll strive

Plus progress Plus plenty

And all the good things of life.

Up! Up! Nigeria

And take thy rightful place

“Tis thy birthright and thy destiny

Africa’s leading light to be

This has shown that Nigeria are blessed with a lot of resourceful personality who can transformed this great nation by leading with examples and passionate about humanity race and culture.

Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is one of those great Nigerian who can lead Nigeria right if given opportunity to serve in any capacity without no eagerness to covet entrusted wealth as witness with majority of our leaders which make then to deviate from their primary objective of promoting programmesthat will better the lots of citizen but inordinate taste to acquire what is needless to their livelihood.

A lot has been achieved in different sector in Osunthe mineral resources spread across the state will soon add value to  the state economy because preliminary survey which determine and ascertained the deposit and commercial value of the resources has been done by Arebgesola government which his amiable successor will exploit in the nearest future.

The technology introduced by Ogbeni has multiplier effect in job creation, thousand of youths was engaged in training of sewing Assorted kinds of dresses through Omoluabi garment, each of the graduate will employ at least two to three staff or apprentice, same applicable to OYESTECH where 10,000 youths has been trained in information communication technology, city technology at RLGA Adulawo Ilesa on programming, repair of computer, coupling of electronic gadget, configuration and many more, immediately after their graduation the cadet proceed for further learning outside the shore of Nigeria for another expertise training sponsored by Osun government.

With all this giant stride of the leadership of Aregbesola no wonder State of Osun was Ranked second in human capital on Nigeria’s first sub-national competitiveness index released by the competitivenesscouncil of Nigeria, the report which was release early November by the council took two years of research which covered more than 2,000 businesses, 8, 000 households, 400 indicators and 4 pillars, in human capital which covers education migration, gender equality and health, state of Osun came second in Nigeria at large.

Aregbesola increased the state internally generated revenue (IGR) from 3.38bn in 2010 to N11.73bn in 2017; without increasing the tax burden on tax payer but dispatched technology to curb the loop hole in tax collection in the state.  

All these are laudable project that are people oriented for which his Excellency should be hailed and given accolades.

As a comrade cum activist, accountant andpresident national campaign for good governance in Nigeria.

I have watched and study the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola with keen interest apart from been my state of origin but a fellow comrade who had been dogged in fighting for the downtrodden and speaker of the voiceless in the past.

This are what lead to my keen interest and study of the pattern of his governance if it replicate the ideology he has propagate during his sojourn in active activist day as a fellow comrade.

God Bless Aregbesola

God Bless State of Osun

God Bless Nigeria.  

Comrade Fapohunda Abayomi Damilola

[email protected]

+234 803 597 0304

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