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Supreme Court: Osun APC, Says God Answered Its Prayers

Supreme Court: Osun APC, Says God Answered Its Prayers
  • PublishedJuly 5, 2019


“The Progressive God that Osun people serve heard their prayers and granted their request;

“That Gboyega Oyetola, who won last September ‘s governorship election, should be so confirmed by the Supreme Court.

“God has used the highest legal authority of the Land to proclaim the truth that Oyetola lawfully won. And that is historic!!!”

The above was how the highly elated spokesperson of Osun APC, Barr.  Kunle Oyatomi, reacted to the Supreme Court’s judgment which has finally determined that the PDP lost the governorship election.

According to the APC chieftain, “our fears for the calamity that might have befallen the state of Osun, if the PDP had been declared winner, have now been assuaged.

“We are overjoyed for this amazing Grace!!”, Barr Oyatomi exclaimed.

The APC declared that, “those who had wished for a different outcome have a lesson to learn here, that there is a natural limit to which you can stretch evil.

“It was this limit the PDP got in their attempt to stage a miraculous upset at last September’s election.

“And subsequent efforts to spin the law at the Tribunal unraveled in the Court of Appeal and finally died at the Supreme Court today.

“The details are now history” the APC said, adding that, “for good measure, this is not simply a victory for the party alone; it is a victory for the good people of the state of Osun.”

The APC continued, “Providence has by this verdict, put a stamp of approval on the exceptional developments achieved in the state during the last eight years.

“God also stopped the evil in its track that had planned to dismantle the hard earned human, social, economic, environmental and structural developments that Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola and his team established in the state of Osun.

“The thought of it was devilish in the first instance, but even more despicable was the arrogance with which the PDP went about town boasting that it would destroy everything that Aregbesola did in the state.

“But thank God, we are not mourning, neither are we mocking the opposition. We are simply telling them that now is the time to change and move on, to become a factor for good in Osun’s politics.

“We in the APC and majority of the good people of Osun will welcome any errant but repentant PDP politician, who sheds negativity and joins hands with us to transform further this wonderful state of Osun.

“May the good Lord give governor Gboyega Oyetola the wisdom, strength and foresight to expand the legacy he inherited and set Osun on the irreversible course of that God and the entire people of Osun will be proud of”, the APC asserted.Osun

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