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Oyetola Withdrew Case Against Us To Avoid Open Embarrassment – Salinsile 

Oyetola Withdrew Case Against Us To Avoid Open Embarrassment – Salinsile 
  • PublishedOctober 23, 2021


The Chairman, All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State of Osun, Hon. Rasaq Salinsile, has stated that Governor Adegboyega Oyetola avoided an open embarrassment by directing the Ministry of Justice to withdraw the charges against him and six other leaders of the party.


According to Salinsile, the withdrawal of the case is not in the spirit of reconciliation or compassion as the Governor and his people want innocent members of the public to believe.


He said: “The withdrawal of the frivolous charges against us is just a face saving for Governor Oyetola to avoid open embarrassment. He knows that the allegations against us can not stand the test of trial.


“Governor Oyetola knows that there is no evidence to prosecute the trumped-up charges against us, and if allowed to go to trial, will put him and other originators of the case to shame. The court had demanded proof of evidence from the police which they could not provide.


“As for us, we were ready to continue the case to clear our names, but the onus of proof lies on the persons that alleged us. Shamefully, they chickened out of the case.


“I need to reiterate that Governor Oyetola did not give the directive to withdraw the case because of delusive reconciliation move. It is because there is no evidence to proof the case in court.


“We all recollect that it was the thugs who wore “IleriOluwa 4+4 face caps” that attacked our people at the party secretariat during the sitting of the Ward Congress Appeal Committee on August 14.


“But Governor Oyetola and his people went ahead to incriminate us that we were the people that fomented trouble without any evidence.

“The Governor would have been embarrassed if he had allowed the case to go for trial. However, prosperity beckons”.

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