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Our Activities Engendering Peace In Osun – Traditionalists

Our Activities Engendering Peace In Osun – Traditionalists
  • PublishedDecember 4, 2021


Sodiq Yusuf 

TRADITIONALISTS in the State of Osun have expressed the conviction that their activities are contributing in no small measure to the peace and tranquility enjoyed in the state.

They also want government to provide more backing for culture enthusiasts to optimise the huge financial benefits inherent in the rich-cultural deposits and festivals in the state.

An Osun priestess, Osunbukola Olosun-Elebuibon has stated this at her annual Osun and Egbe festival held at Ayegbami area, Osogbo, noting that regular propitiation by traditionalists, especially Osun adherents has made the state peaceful over the decades.

“Osun festival is a sort of thanksgiving to Osun goddess for her protection over Osogbo, Osun state and its people. For decades, Osun fulfilled it promises to prosper Osogbo and it inhabitants, both indigenes and settlers. The goddess has been faithful to her promise. Despite many hostile communities that surrounded Osogbo, the community has continue to prosper.

“We are gathered here today to fulfil our side of the bargain, to show appreciation to Osun goddess, for progress and peace being witnessed across the state. Traditionalists, especially Osun adherents, have been behind relative peace the state is witnessing through regular appeasement to the deities and the deities have always heed our prayers.

“I, therefore, call on the state government to increase support towards the traditionalists in the state by supporting various fesivals, which is not only a religious rite, but also a means of generating revenue for government.

“I also urge other religion adherents to emulate the tolerant nature of traditionalists in the state to foster harmonious co-existence and, in the interest of socio-economic development of the state”, she said.

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