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Osun PDP Rally: A Carousal & Show Of Shame By Adeboye Adebayo

I was monitoring closely the supposed political rally that the People’s Destruction Party, PDP intends to organise in the state of Osun for obvious reasons. In their wisdom, they felt that Osun will be the most strategic place to hold such rally and pass their message across to the nation. I give it to them…”
May 7, 2018 11:43 am

I was monitoring closely the supposed political rally that the People’s Destruction Party, PDP intends to organise in the state of Osun for obvious reasons. In their wisdom, they felt that Osun will be the most strategic place to hold such rally and pass their message across to the nation.

I give it to them for the first time because they realised that the first election won on the banner of APC by the party was Osun 2014 which enthroned my political mentor, leader as the Governor of the State of Osun for the second term running after a rigourous battle for the soul of the state but they met “Oko Iya Won” and us; his lieutenants battle ready and lo & behold, we won, God gave it to us despite their antics and devilish show of strength.

Had  APC lost that election in 2014, that would have been the end of it. So that, they realised and decided to come and throw their supposed political rally here in Osogbo to prove a point and bring a fight to the domain of one of the major pillars of the APC in the country, a good strategy I must admit but a woefully failed implementation.

I had thought they were coming to town equipped with facts on how to govern better than us, I had thought they have employed some research & strategy experts who will assist them on how to seriously analyse the situation on ground and proffer alternative solutions better than ours because I know none of them from head to tail has the capacity to do that. I had thought they have changed their approach towards doing things because of all they have passed through over the years among themselves since they lost power, but alas!!!! These people have not learnt any lesson nor they have devised new and workable strategy.

No wonder, when I went to Freedom Park on Friday night to see their “IGG, that is Initial Gra Gra!!! preparation” my mind was initially telling me that men, we have trained this idiots with this “Kirakita”, I must prepare for constructive engagements on my platforms, newspapers’ stands, inside korope, on Okada and on the streets but there was a second thought on my mind that do these people have the capacity to beat what is on ground in terms of noble achievements of Aregbesola; the massive road construction & rehabilitation, massive Schools buildings and conducive environment for learnings, provision of massive health facilities and care at all levels, award winning and UNESCO recognised Opon Imo, creation of employments for over 40,000 youths through the first & second batch of the OYES, security of life & property and cordial relationship and understanding with the labour unions and the state workers which led in appreciation of their sacrifice to the rehabilitation of Workers’ Drive. My mind was asking me that do these people have the capacity to beat all of these among others.

But Alas!!!!! I was disappointed again. When they all checked in on Friday evening in the hotels around the town, I discovered that they brought in a lot of money, they were drinking, winning and dinning, a lot of young ladies, girls were called in to enjoy with them and caress them through the night. As usual, they brought immortality, disgusting attitudes to our land again, they came to destroy the ethos of omoluabi running in us, they came to destroy the principle of “Apalara, atelewo eni ki tan ni je” that is running in our veins by distributing  200 naira to buy presence at their supposed political rally. They are indeed agent of destruction; People Destruction Party; PDP.

On Saturday morning, my Okada man picked me, we rode around the town to see how things were going, I saw the supposed participants, attendees at GRA, at Oke Fia, at Ogo Oluwa, at Old Garage, at Dada Estate and other places already drunk to stupor, fighting themselves as early as 9:00am when the day was still very young.

Young people under the age 18 were mobilized from various part of the country to come and participate at a price of 200 to 500 naira per head. I was like whaaaooo!!!!, these people have not learnt any lesson.

At the freedom park, they found it very difficult to tell the world what their intentions were, rather their disappointed Chairman, Secondus was shouting that they were on rescue mission without telling us who is to be rescued from whose bondage.

He said they will take over power in 2019 without stating how they intend to do that, no plans, no strategy, no manifesto but just noise as usual. They don’t know how to tackle Aregbesola over his achievements in the state because there was no one to analyse to them the situation on ground in the state, they were just shouting, making noise like drunken persons which they are.

The worst thing that happened to them was that the people of the State of Osun were watching them from afar, all the vehicles hired by Rafiu Adejare Bello, Kayode Oduoye, Adeolu Durotoye, Dancer Ademola Adeleke and host of others were many with no occupants to the venue, it took the intervention of Mr. Sorry, Chief Adewolu Ladoja from Ibadan to rescue the situation by mobilising the poor people of Ibadan in luxurious buses to the venue to shore up the attendees despite billions of naira put on the table by the billionaire from Ede for that purpose.

At the end of the day, it was discovered that it was supposed to be a political rally but it ended up to be a carousal where all of them were drunk and the statement that “Leyin Ademola, Adekade lo’ku” ignited a serious fight among the aspirants where machetes and other dangerous weapons were wielded which led to many injuries, that is very usual in their character and very many injured persons were hospitalised, property destroyed and they littered everywhere with dirts in their usual way.

Thank God for the numerous members of APC who trooped out today to sweep away their bad omen from our land.

PDP has always been a disappointment and that, they will always be.

Somebody claims two politicians decamped, I didn’t notice anyone.


Adeboye Adebayo is a Consultant on Media, Research, Strategy & Governance, a chieftain of the APC and a Raufist to the core.

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