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Osun Must Focus On Localisation To Be Self-dependent, Says Expert

Osun Must Focus On Localisation To Be Self-dependent, Says Expert
  • PublishedJanuary 25, 2019

By Solomon Odeniyi

Business Development and Marketing specialist, Olajide Olafuyi has commended the Osun government for giving much credence to the generation of internal revenue, saying it takes a leader with business-oriented acumen to think towards that direction.

He added that if this is pursued with vigour, the state is on a journey to prosperity and the lots of the citizens would be improved.

Olafuyi who is the CEO of J.E Consult, a firm through which he has been helping big and small corporations to attain global relevance in providing sustainable solutions for social and economic advancement, stressed that the best way the state could be less-dependent on revenue from the federal government is by focusing on the localization of the resources the state has in abundance.  

He said, “The state has so much to generate income for itself. I will like the government to understand that tourism is not it but part of it. The government must localize everything it has just as it is in the European countries. If you go to Bologna in Italy, they are known for something, go to Milano, they have something unique from the next town. They do not have much as compared to Osun that has a lot of monuments.

Osun has more monument points that could be visited and  attract million of people out there to come. The tourists that go to Venice every day, not that they have something special but government knows that this is all they have and they cherish it so much.

“Localization is about focusing on that unique preposition that the state has that would generate enough income. Take for example Osogbo has its unique proposition, Iwo, Ede, Ife, Ilesha, they all have their unique prepositions, it is only for us to annex those things and take it outside the world to see.

With the application of localization. I can guarantee that the state would make the country focus more on Osun, getting more income for itself in the process.”

He warned that the process being self reliant would take a while but remains the best for a state with many monuments like Osun.

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