Osun Lawmaker Organises Education Awards And Mentorship Series

Osun Lawmaker Organises Education Awards And Mentorship Series
  • PublishedMay 10, 2018

‘Tunde Olatunji Education Awards and Mentorship Series.

The schools, through commitment of teachers, make both unique and profound impact in the lives of students by preparing them for a successful future and equipping them to build a greater society.

In recognition of the dedicated efforts of such teachers and our hardworking students, we are unveiling the “Tunde Olatunji Education Awards and Mentorship Series”, where we can acknowledge hardworking and outstanding teachers alongside students and celebrate them. The programme is scheduled to hold as follows:

Date: 14th of May, 2018
Venue: Origbo Community Unity
Middle/High School, Ipetumodu.
Time: 10:00am prompt.

It is a 3 in 1 education support initiative that aims at promoting, rewarding and celebrating academic excellence in all elementary, middle and high Schools in Ife North State Constituency.

1. Best Teacher Award:
Three (3) Categories; 3 Awardees
A. Best High School Teacher
B. Best Middle School Teacher
C. Best Elementary School Teacher

2. Outstanding Student Award
Two Categories; 36 Awardees
A. Best Male Students from all public and private schools
B. Best Female Students from all public and private schools

3. Mentorship Series (Success 101): providing platform for raising achievers and world leaders.

101 Middle and High School students across Ife North State Constituency.

Academic excellence is a gateway to success but , what also matters for long term success is inculcating the right value system that will prepare students to become leaders and inspire them to greatness. Combining mentorship with academics is simply providing students with tools they need to succeed.

In recognising this, we have built our mentorship programme to drive significant personal and professional development in our Middle and High School Students.

The mentorship series to be unveiled on the 14th of May will be extended to all the three (3) senatorial districts in the State of Osun.

We are engaging seasond human capital development experts and outstanding professionals to train and mentor our students. As students learn from successful professionals in various fields, they draw inspiration and develop confidence towards achieving their goals. Our vision is to build better students, achievers and leaders, who will not only impact our constituency but also rule the world.

√The sponsor is not involved in the award nomination or selection process.

√Our role is to facilitate and make provisions for Awards, Prizes, and other requirements.

√Award Recipients were thoroughly screened and objectively decided by a joint committee of all major education stakeholders in Ife North State Constituency.

√The recipients emerged without any form of political, religious or ethnic considerations.

A total of 150 Teachers and Students will benefit from the initiative

Thank you.

Babatunde ’Lekan Olatunji
Ife North State Constituency
Osun State House of Assembly

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