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Osun APC Challenges Adeleke To Provide “Proof Of Alleged Looting” In Osun Govt

Osun APC Challenges Adeleke To Provide “Proof Of Alleged Looting” In Osun Govt
  • PublishedJuly 20, 2019

“If you are disciplined and responsible, we challenge you, Ademola Adeleke, to go to court and present proof of all the heinous allegations of looting that you have made against Gov. Gboyega Oyetola of the State of Osun;

“But if you don’t do so within 14 days of this challenge, then the people of Osun and all responsible people in the country will regard you as unworthy of any serious attention.”

These are the words used by the ruling APC in response to the defeated PDP governorship candidate’s unsubstantiated allegations of “looting” the state Treasury and thereby causing misery for the people of the state.

The party through its director of publicity, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, said that;

“It is crassly irresponsible for Ademola Adeleke to have knowingly made the allegations without providing demonstrable evidence to support them.

“If Ademola were informed and politically mature, he would be sensitive to the imperative of being truthful, factual and rational when making statements of such significance and consequence. We also expect him to have the honour and the discipline to provide proof of his allegations.

“The APC will not dignify Adeleke with response to any of the silly allegations contained in his statement. We simply ask for the proof, which he is under obligation to provide. Otherwise we will be justified to equate him with a loafer and jester.

The APC declared that, “looting of state Treasury is a very serious criminal offence that can put a person convicted of it, away in prison, perhaps for the rest of his life.

“So, Ademola has a duty to the country in general and Osun in particular to prove his allegations either in the national media, (and we know what that involves), or proceed to the courts to present a criminal case against the governor.

“That is only when he will gain public respect and be regarded as a person of honour and integrity’.

On the street-walk challenge, suggested by Ademola to determine who is more popular in Osun, “it is pathetic how ignorant and poorly educated this dancing young man is.

“Has he forgotten that in Osun today, the PDP has less than 15% of total electoral support. APC has the governorship; the overwhelming majority in the House of Assembly (23 of 26); two of three Senatorial seats and six of nine Federal Representatives.

“So, where is PDP ‘s Ademola’s imaginary popularity coming from in the state? the APC asked.

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