Offa Robbery: One Of The Suspects Identified As A Police Officer

Offa Robbery: One Of The Suspects Identified As A Police Officer
  • PublishedMay 8, 2018

A twitter user has identified one of the Offa robbers whose picture was gotten from the CCTV footage as an ex police officer.

According to the handle @Ayekooto, it is alleged that the suspect is one Michael Adikwu.

Read tweet below;

”Ofa Bank Massacre!! Picture below is Michael Adikwu, an ex police constable who in Ilorin, 2012, was dismissed from the Force after being tried for misconduct. He was part of the Offa bank robbers caught in the ongoing police arrests of suspects involved in the robbery”.


  • Where is the source of your information

  • This is disheartening. Where lies the future of our country: NIGERIA, in the area of our security. A wolf in the sheep’s clothing unveiled within the police force. The 2012 dismissed constable: Michael Adikwu identified as one of the Offa robbery suspects. Thanks to the police for unmasking of the devils in that heinous crime. God will support the force to nab them all. The trusted becomes unreliable.

  • I said it,all arrested suspects might have questionable characters, but might be innocent of the Robbery operation.

  • the arrested suspects before now might have questionable characters but might be innocent of the robbery operations.

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