Odofin Family Tackles Osogbo Business Tycoon Over “Reckless Statement”

Odofin Family Tackles Osogbo Business Tycoon Over “Reckless Statement”
  • PublishedSeptember 30, 2017

The Odofin family of Osogbo, capital of the State of Osun has described as reckless and unwarranted, a statement credited to an Osogbo-born Business Tycoon that the state Attorney-General of the state, Dr Ajibola Basiru is a bastard.

Reeling out the resolution of a meeting of the family held recently to counter what he described a reckless claim, the Chief Odofin of Osogboland, Chief Akin Opatunde said Ajibola “is a true son of Osogboland and a proud son of the Odofin family”, saying, such statement by the maker was unbecoming of a so-called leader of any community.

The family said, it would not fold its arms to allow any assault on a real Odofin family member like Ajibola because of personal and political differences.

The chief explained that Barr Ajibola’s forefathers were the first to settle at the then Odofin compound before the family gradually extended to its present state.

He added that Odofin’s family, which, according to him is a peace-loving family from the onset would not relent in its proactive measures in maintaining peace and harmony in the state.

According to Chief Opatunde, such reckless statement made by the business tycoon was capable of breeding bad blood between the two families, among the people of the ancient town and subsequently truncate the peaceful coexistence that the town had been known for.

He said, in case there are differences, the maker of such statement should have adopted a more matured way of settling the matter rather than resorting to reckless utterances.

The family then urged indigenes of Osogbo and Odofin family in particular to remain calm, as the Council of Elders in Osogbo was already intervening on the issues to be resolved amicably.

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