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O’Ambulance Saves Pupils In Front Of Osun Govt House

O’Ambulance Saves Pupils In Front Of Osun Govt House
  • PublishedFebruary 8, 2017

But for the quick intervention of men of the O’Ambulance service, in the state of Osun, lives of some school pupils would have been lost Monday evening when the bus driver of a commercial vehicle called ‘Korope’ in the city lost control in from of the state government house.

Recall the state government had few years ago invested heavily in the emergency service by purchasing 50 brand news ambulances, equipping them with needs tools and well trained personnel.

Eyewitnesses recount that the mini bus left Oke Fia Motor Park for Okinnin at about 5pm and it somersaulted barely two minutes after it left the park.

It was said that the driver was making a call and also waving at an oncoming driver when he lost the control of the vehicle.

Policemen attached to the government house were said to have rushed to the scene and lifted the mini bus before the students and other passengers were rescued.

One of the eyewitnesses, Oloruntoba Adedeji, told a Punch correspondent that the pupils and the driver suffered varying degrees of injury.But there was no loss of life recorded.

He said, “The driver was speeding and was making a call when he lost control of the bus. The negligence of the driver caused the accident to occur.

Osun O'Ambulance Saves Pupil
Osun O’Ambulance Saves Pupil

However, Osun State ambulance arrived promptly and took them to the Osun State Specialists Hospital, Asubiaro.”

O’Ambulance in 2016 responded to 178 cases of collapse, 348 hospital referral and 132 labour emergency cases all of which lives involved were saved.

Meanwhile, the DG of O’Ambulance said recently, said  of 1,829 casualties involved emergence cases in 2016, the agency was able to save 1,774 lives and recorded only 55 deaths arising from the cases.

He also revealed that of the 1,774 casualties saved, 1,116 were males while 658 were females.

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