‘My Daughter’s Killers Have Been Calling From Correctional Centre To Beg Me’

‘My Daughter’s Killers Have Been Calling From Correctional Centre To Beg Me’
  • PublishedJuly 6, 2020

By Solomon Emmanuel

Pastor David Daley-Oladele, father of the 400-level student of Theatre Arts at the Lagos State University, Favour, who was allegedly killed for ritual purposes in Ikoyi, State of Osun, by her male friend has said that he had been receiving calls from unknown people who were threatening him to drop the prosecution of the suspected killers of his daughter.

It would be recalled that Favour was allegedly killed by a 42 years old prophet, Segun Philips and her boyfriend, Adeeko Owolabi, (22) in Ikoyi on December 8, 2019 for money rituals.

Owolabi’s mother, Bolanle was also said to have played a role in the dastardly act.

Daley-Oladele, in an interview published by one of the national dailies, said that he had received calls from Owolabi, his mother and Philips from Ilesa Correctional Centre, to appeal to him and his family.

He said: “For three months, I have been receiving calls from Adeeko and his mother, Bolanle, as well as Philips, from where they were remanded in the Ilesa Correctional Centre. They have been appealing to my family and I made them to understand that my wife and I have forgiven them.

“We have moved on with our lives; however, the problem is not with us, because it is a case between them and the state and they should stop calling me. Each time they call me, I had flashbacks and it could go on for days. As I am healing, their calls make me have flashbacks.”

When asked if he had been threatened by anyone while seeking justice for Favour, Daley-Oladele said: “. Certain individuals do call me and say, ‘We have been asking you to stop this case but you haven’t, it is when you are alive that you will be able to follow this matter up’. They don’t even hide their numbers.

“Initially, they will talk calmly, but when I make them to realise that it is a case of the state against them, they will start threatening. I have received about three of such calls and I have informed those in authority.”

Daley-Oladele maintained that the killers of his daughter must be punished, saying that people like that are not fit to be living in the community.

“If you leave people like that in the community, they will keep on doing the same thing. I leave the final decision to the judge, but they are not fit to be living in society. If you don’t give proper punishment, it won’t serve as deterrent to others”, he said.

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