Men Have To Pack Their Luggage And Dress Appropriately Too

Men Have To Pack Their Luggage And Dress Appropriately Too
  • PublishedFebruary 5, 2018

By Moroti Olatujoye

As a Nigerian, the issue of indecent dressing can never be a thing of the past. Last year, popular musician Simi went on Instagram to discuss how a mother had reacted to her crazy jean outfit. Back in school, I remember girls we knew that couldn’t wear certain cloths they wore in school at home because their parents deemed it inappropriate, and I’ve always wondered if I was the only one who saw how the society had so much focused on the women, leaving the men to think they can park their luggage whichever way they deemed fit and causing serious distraction to the women who unfortunately have to encounter the careless owners.

During my childhood days, we were made to understand that undergarments are a crucial part of our dressing. The type of outfit you wear determines the type, fabric, and color of undergarment you wear. Some men often complain, express disgust seeing a woman’s undergarment sticking out of different areas, some who are inclined to details can almost say out loud that the lady is wearing the wrong bra, or better still she had to change it. But unfortunately, in all their assessment of women, men have failed to assess themselves and make themselves presentable as well.

Dear men, just as there are different type of boxes for different type of people, function, and weather, there are different types of briefs for different types of outfit, and ‘luggage’.

I state it categorically that it is the most inappropriate act of decency for someone to be able to detect the length and breadth of you while you’re fully dressed. Boxers, briefs, pants were made for different purposes; they were made for different types of sizes. The same way you don’t expect all women to wear the same bra size because we feel more comfortable in it, is the same way you are not expected to wear any type of briefs just because it make you feel comfortable.

I remember going for a football match once with my friends in school, and we saw more than just the football flying about. I’ve seen clergies both Muslims and Christians alike wear their long ropes to cover a nakedness we can still detect from outside.

The disappointing part is how we have refused to educate ourselves thinking school certificates are all we need to be educated. What happened to reading about you, instead of checking girls out on the internet? Find out what to wear to keep your luggage in place and out of sight, the internet is your friend, please use it.

I’m not even going to talk about sagging and showing of boxers we don’t want to see, that’s honestly a way of life for whoever chooses it, but please this luggage thing is a serious embarrassment to both yourselves and whoever is associating with you at that moment.

Having said this, please understand that this article is however not to justify indecent dressing in females, but one to make us aware that men do dress indecently too without them even knowing they do. It’s funny that you may feel you are well dressed and acting all cool walking to your office feeling fly and all people can see is your ‘John Thomas’ going into your office.

Let’s be aware, let’s be careful so as not to make a fool of ourselves.

MorotiOlatujoye is a Content Curator and Sub-Editor at Osun Defender.


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