Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where Two Elephants Fight

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where Two Elephants Fight
  • PublishedJune 8, 2020

Those of you who think you can curry favour or earn ranks by fighting dirty in the “perceived” feud between some leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State of Osun, should exercise caution, decorum and allow reason to prevail. You should be conscious of History. Should this end in Mutual Assured Destruction, history will not absolve you!

It is either you are on a mission and sponsorship of destabilising the party by some agent provocateur who had benefitted from such in the past or you are absolutely ignorant of politics of sabotage, or suffering from selective amnesia, or covered with rage devoid of reasoning.

Should the said feud be resolved, which part of the divide will you be counted? Will you not be a scapegoat? As young men and women, it is better to err on the side of caution than to be caught in the web of “had I know”.

Aregbesola is made already, Oyetola is fulfilled and you are there playing “Abijawara” on free, donated or borrowed data oozing with ignorance. Be conscious of your public conduct and be aware of potency of the social media space. “Iyan Ogun Odun” can still be hot and painful to touch.

The ruling class understands the enormity of the task ahead and you won’t be 1million miles near the table when issues will be resolved.

Agba kii wa l’oja k’ori omo tuntun wo” And “Ati okeere l’oloju jinjin ti n mu ekun sun” should be a major guide to the elders and top echelon of the party in government. It is time for the Governor and party elders to find a lasting solution that will not eventually send the Osun APC back to Siberia and retard the wheel of progress in the state.

Everyone played one role or the other in the emergence of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, they deserve commendation and attention not condemnation and segregation as party people who toiled to see the emergence of the present government. Divisive utterances should have ended by now as we approach the middle of the term. The focus now should be how to embrace all ranks and end sectional or selfish interests.

After all, the SDP who later joined via emergency alliance are properly integrated into governance while the ADP returnees were properly reckoned with. What about those who remained steadfast within the Osun APC but were not into the Ileri Oluwa structures? The task ahead is enormous and collectivity will play a major role.

The hawks are hovering to pick live preys while the vultures are patiently laying in wait to devour the carcass. Your role as a destroyer of keeper will not be ignored in the eventual outcome.

There are options laid before everyone and there is liberty to choose. With one house there was a rerun, what will be the result for a divided party? 2022 is just some months away, be guided.



  • Dairo Olatunde writes from Oluponna, Ayedire South Local Council Development Area, State of Osun.

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