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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Violence Against Women Must Stop Now

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Violence Against Women Must Stop Now
  • PublishedOctober 26, 2018

Violence against women is a phenomenon that is common around us. Violence means any action that involves shouting, fighting, killing and all sort of difficult thing around us.

Violence against women in politics is also another trend that is becoming order of the day. Women are used as a means to an end by their male counterpart only to be denied access to political power through the use of political thuggery thereby discouraging women from wanting to participate in political process.

The rate of violence against women is becoming alarming especially girls and young women both at the home front and work places.

At home, some husbands have thrown caution into the wind and believe that a woman is second hand citizen to be treated anyhow without consequences, hence increase in the rate of domestic violence in various communities in the country and even among elites.

This violence against women has different category, but the most prevalent around us is beating of wives, tearing their cloth making them feel ashamed of themselves. Women needs a lot of attention, they are worth more than a gold, they are not just a commodity a man can use and dump into a dustbin.

There are many issues that ordinarily should not lead to argument or disagreement among couples that these days truncate marriages and sometimes death among couples.

In some countries now women are used as a commodity to satisfy the need of men, especially where there is war and crisis. Women do not deserve such treatment, instead they should be giving a lot of care and acceptance from anybody. Violence has become something that is common among teenage boys, they gather themselves and rape ladies, beat them up and make them feel as if they are not human.

Violence against women has to stop and it has to be put to an end.  Women are been treated as slaves and this is not suppose to be. In some aspect, they will say a woman does not worth some public post, is this a taboo or what in the twenty first century? Woman deserve more than what a man deserve, there is nothing too much for women as long as they want it, they can work towards it and it will be theirs. Violence against women is a bad behaviour and it has to stop and it has to be now.

  • Khadijah Abdullah


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