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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abusive Use Of Internet

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abusive Use Of Internet
  • PublishedJune 17, 2022


EVERYTHING invented in the world is meant to be of help to the people. When a particular invented project or programme, is wrongly used, then we say it is being abused. But the abuse of such programme or project will not only affect the users, it will also affect their acquaintances and also have effect on the coming generations. 

This is one of the problems being face in Nigeria as regard the abusive use of the internet. Internet was invented to increase our knowledge in all aspects of life, and to make things easier to do. But it is now being used as a tool to destroying lives. Many of the youthful age are caught in the web of abusive use of the internet, through cybercrime – bullying, pornography acting, cybersex, fraud, among others.

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment using electronics means; it is also known as online bullying. It involves posting, sending or sharing negative, harmful, false or mean content about someone else. This criminal act is now trending among secondary school children and students of tertiary institutions. Cyber bullying may result to death, depression, anger, fear and aggression on the part of the victim.

Among other things, the reason for cyber bullying could be hatred, envy, jealousy, immaturity and recklessness.

Cybercrime is the most disruptive threat to financial markets, but at the same time, the most underrated by both regulators and financial institutions. Cybercrime is on the increase among the youths and this has contributed greatly to their poor academic performance, integrity and religious practices. 

“Yahoo-yahoo”, cyber fraud practices are now becoming a norm in the Nigerian society. It has taken over the reasoning, integrity of the youth as values and norms of the society. 

Cybersex means sexual arousal using computer technology, especially by wearing virtually reality equipment or by exchanging messages with another person via the internet. This practice has corrupted many little children and encourages homosexuality. 

I will encourage the youth to channel the energy being put into the cybercrime to their academic career. There is no shortcut to success, they should be patience, prayerful and committed to their growth in a godly manner.

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