‘It Was A Caution’ – Davido’s Bodyguard Speaks After He Was Allegedly Slapped By Singer At His Wedding

  • PublishedJuly 4, 2024

Segxy, the bodyguard of popular Nigerian singer Davido, has denied allegations of being assaulted at his employer’s wedding.

Osun Defender recalls that a video clip from the event, which surfaced online, appeared to show Davido cautioning Segxy, leading to widespread speculation that the singer had struck his bodyguard.

However, in a quick response via his Insta story, Segxy described the video as misleading.

He clarified that Davido did not slap him and has never physically assaulted any of his staff.

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According to Segxy, the video captures a moment where Davido was merely instructing him to allow a boy, whom Segxy had been trying to keep away from the singer.

He said, “As regards the fake video flying on the internet, y’all commenting sh*t you don’t know… My boss didn’t slap me and has never slapped any of his staff before. He was only cautioning me to allow the boy. The boy in question appeared from nowhere beside us, and I tried to stop him.”

Segxy further emphasized the strong bond he shares with Davido, describing him as family.

He added, “Besides, my boss is my blood and family. I understand him so well without a word from his mouth… 30BG for life.”

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