“It Is Incorrect”: Tapswap Reacts To Report Of Postponing Allocation Date Indefinitely

“It Is Incorrect”: Tapswap Reacts To Report Of Postponing Allocation Date Indefinitely
  • PublishedJune 20, 2024

A popular tap-2-earn app, Tapswap, powered by TON Blockchain, has debunked the report that said the token allocation to users has been indefinitely postponed as the representatives are seeking the best ways to reward the tap-to-earn gamers.

While responding to Punch’s report on Wednesday, it described the report as incorrect.

It stated, “Sorry but this is incorrect. We said we didn’t have a specific date yet as we are close to finalizing tokenomics. Nothing about being postponed indefinitely. Please correct your article, it is creating unnecessary FUD. Thank you.

“Also please be careful when using quotations in your articles if it is not a direct quote. There are several quoted phrases in your article that are not direct quotes from John. Once again thank you for your help and for the coverage.”

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Osun Defender reports that the app, which required users to repeatedly tap the icon in the centre of the Telegram Tapswap bot screen to mine coins, recently gained momentum among Nigerians tapping on their phone screens in pursuit of financial earnings and has amassed over 50 million users since it launched on February 15, 2024.

Recall that Nigerians, including young and old, have been obsessively tapping on their phones, with some asserting to be waiting for the tokens to be allocated to buy cars and houses of their choice from the many taps they have accumulated.

In a viral clip, a Keke driver was seen tapping away on his phone with one hand while simultaneously steering his moving vehicle and transporting passengers.

Another viral video showed several traders in Northern Nigeria tapping vigorously on their screens.

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