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Integrity Is The Theory Of Everything

By Olowogboyega Oyebade Do you know Honourable Owonikoko, one of the ardent disciples of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola and MrAdegboyega Oyetola and equally one of the  Chairmen of Local Council Development Authority in our State?  Are you aware that his nick-name is ‘Integrity’?  Have you wondered why he so named himself ‘Integrity’? Do you know…”
March 3, 2019 5:10 pm

By Olowogboyega Oyebade

Do you know Honourable Owonikoko, one of the ardent disciples of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola and MrAdegboyega Oyetola and equally one of the  Chairmen of Local Council Development Authority in our State?  Are you aware that his nick-name is ‘Integrity’?  Have you wondered why he so named himself ‘Integrity’? Do you know that ‘Integrity’ is everything? Do you know that the APC won the Presidential and National Assembly elections held on 23 February, 2019 with the combined integrity of President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo? Are you aware that most of their strongest contenders lost their bids for power because of integrity-deficit? Do you know that the people of Osun should listen to the appeal of MrAdegboyega Oyetola, the dynamic Governor of our State to vote all the candidates of the APC to the House of Assembly on 9th March, 2019 to make our State enjoy more patronage from the integrity-denominate government of President Buhari?  Can you see that playing mainstream politics with the party in power at the centre has benefitted our State more dividends?  Do you know that we should let the Local Governments playing the opposition to have a re-think and join the moving train of ‘integrity’ and positive achievements?  Do you know that ‘integrity is the theory of everything?  You say: “why”? Come along, please.

Do you know that there are people who can be searching for what is not lost at all?  Do you remember Archimedes and his ‘eureka’ fantasy? What of Isaac Newton, that 17th century physicist, who, out of ecstacy and curiosity to find out about the activity of the long-distance force of gravity in the entire universe,  discovered that not all forces in nature result from things coming into contact? Do you know that he attempted to formulate a theory of everything as he dissipated enormous energy while formulating the laws of planetary motion and the law of universal gravitation? Just searching for the theory of everything to assist our world?

And now in 1814, Laplace, a quixotic scientist, too, came up with a suggestion to get the theory of everything.  The suggestion of Laplace came.  He  suggested that we should cultivate a pro-active and integrity-soaked person with  sufficiently powerful intellect.  According to him, the person should study the position and velocity of every particle at a given time, along with the laws of nature, calculate the position of any particle at any other time in space.  According to him, this special intellect, at a certain moment, would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed.  He theorized that if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom.  Laplace concluded scientifically that for such an intellect, nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes. Just like that!   The simple template of the Theory of Everything (TOE) was born.  You care for  more?  Come along, please.

​Do you know that Physics and Mathematics are the basis of technology in the world?  Are you aware that new technological and scientific discoveries are harvested by putting into practice the established theories that have been proved?  Do you know that for the past two hundred years, scientists have been trying frantically to propound a universal theory called the theory of everything?  Do you know that it is equally called the final theory, ultimate theory or the master theory? Are you aware that the theory is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of Physics and Mathematics?  Do you know that it fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe?

Do you know that finding a theory of everything is one of the major unsolved problems in Physics? Do you know that modern Physics rests on two  theories of General Relativity (GR) and Quantum Field Theory (QFT)? Do you know that these two theories,  working magic in our world, transforming space and lives, are products of intensive thinking for more than two centuries?  Do you know that as accurate as they seem, they are yet to be accepted as the true theories of everything?  Do you know that through years of research, physicists have experimentally confirmed with tremendous accuracy virtually every prediction made by these two theories when in their appropriate domains of applicability? Can you believe that in accordance with their findings, and in utter disappointment, scientists also learned that GR and QFT, as they are currently formulated, are mutually incompatible and so  they cannot both be right? Do you know that as the world is searching for the theory of everything in Physics and Mathematics to fix all our scientific and technological problems, the same world is searching for the theory of everything in Politics and Sociology to fix the deficit of honour and integrity in our collective national life?  Do you know that all of us,  as individuals, need the theory of everything in our respective lives?  You care to know more?  Come along.

​Do you know what is in a name?  Did you study the last general election?  Did you see the ‘electro-magnetic wave’ the name ‘Buhari’ generated at the polling booths?  Did you hear the political-dirge of ‘O to Geee’ chorused for some political giants in Kwara and Adamawa States?  Do you know that the factor of integrity is still playing out?  How do we explain the ‘Dino’- Effect’  in Kogi? Did the general radar catch his integrity-status or we assume that his election was dollar-denominated?  Can the radar of  ‘integrity’  look at Oyo State and the questionable loss of a senatorial seat by an incumbent Dollar-denominated helmsman?  The people are singing along the lyrics of  BobMarley that interludes:

“There’s a natural mystique blowing in the air,

​If you listen carefully, you’ll hear!”

Are you integrity-personified? Or do you you choose to be deficient in honour and character?  Have you checked the creationist account according to the Holy Quran?  Are you aware of what Umar symbolizes? Do you know that it represents the act of charity done by Caliph Umar, a leader, to a widow in terrible distress of hunger, without creed, social status or sex forming any point of reference? Do you know that in the Holy Bible, Abram had to be changed to Abraham?  Why?  Do you know that Jacob had to be changed to Israel? Are you aware of the fate of Jabez? Do you know that he had to cry: “Change my name Oh God”? A name can be an asset.  It can equally be an albatross.  You care for more?   Come along, please.

​Are you aware of Mahatma Ghandi? Do you know that he was an Indian activist who led India to independence by employing non-violent civil disobedience? Do you know that despite the fact that he never ruled India as a Prime Minister, he is referred to as the father of the nation? Can we proudly say that of OBJ, a man fate ordained to cross our collective paths as a leader for three consecutive times spanning twelve solid years?   Do you know that Gandhi’s birthday, 2 October, is commemorated in India as Gandhi national holiday, and worldwide as the International Day of Non-violence?

Do you know that India still sustains his legacy through Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Ghandi, Rajiv Ghandi and later Sonia Ghandi (a foreigner)? Do you know that despite the fact that he was assassinated at  5:17 pm on 30 January, 1948, his creed which he called the seven sins of the world,  is still guiding India and the entire world?  Where are the sages in our land?   What are the seven sins of the world? Do you know that we must be aware of these sins, avoid them so as to change the bad narratives in our political and social development of our country?  Do you know that Ghandi was not the first person to identify the seven social sins of the world?  Come along, please.

​The year was 590 A.D. Pope Gregory I was a puritan.  He believed that the society would be a better place to live in, if individuals tried to live a social life of integrity and honour.  In his liturgy, he published  a list of the Seven Deadly Sins . According to him, they are: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.  These are identified as the thorns in the field of holiness before God and the sources of war in the world.  Mahatma Ghandi founded a newspaper called “Young India” to project his political and social views.  On October 22, 1925, Gandhi published a list he called the Seven Social Sins in this weekly newspaper.  The seven social sins are:

Politics without principles.

Wealth without work.

Pleasure without conscience.

Knowledge without character.

Commerce without morality.

Science without humanity.

Worship without sacrifice.

​And now to another character.  Let us take a pause and observe Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan. Do you know that he was a Pakistani politician who served as the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977, and prior to that as the 4th President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973?  Yes! It was in 1971.  Pakistan lost the war against Bangladesh.  Bhutto became the President in December 1971to “rebuild confidence and rebuild hope for the future”. By July 1972, Bhutto had recovered 43,600 prisoners of war and about 3,000 square kilometres of Indian-held territory. In his bid to promote the economic base of India, he strengthened ties with China and Saudi Arabia.  He went further to do the unthinkable.  He  recognised Bangladesh, a former enemy country.  To open his country to the world of prosperity, he hosted the second Organisation of the Islamic Conference in Lahore in 1974. He got a new Constitution in place and pioneered the nuclear programme for his country.  Whaoh! The entire country was in the news.  The golden age of a new star in Asia had come.

And now the unthinkable disaster struck the young nation.  On 5 July that same year, General Zia –ul-Haq announced a military coup de-tat.  Bhutto was deposed.  Seeing his tremendous popularity with the people, General Zia pressed a murder charge against him of a politician mobbed in a rally.  He was controversially tried and on 4th April, 1979, Bhutto was hanged. Yes! The soul of the Pakistanis went with him to his lonely grave.  General Zia was boisterously in power and splendor over the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And the people were silently chanting:”Takulah”, meaning, fear God!   Ten years after, General Zia had a beautiful air-show parade to watch.  It was a show put together by his Air Force.  He packed all members of his cabinet into a plane to transit to the region where the air-show was to take place.  Alas!  The unthinkable came.  Alas! His plane was bombed mid-air.  The man died! The people rejoiced at the fall of their leader.  What is in a name?

Immediately after his death, the people of Pakistan remembered Ali Bhuto, the dead one.  They remembered that he left behind a daughter living in exile in Canada.  They brought her home. Dressed her up for politics.   Do you know that it is un-Islamic to make a woman a head of State?  Do you know that the people of Pakistan preferred to offend God than not to honour the spirit of Ali Bhutto? They shunned the Islamic injunction.  They fielded the daughter of Bhutto.  They  voted for her as the Prime Minister of Pakistan without her sex forming any point of reference? What is in a name? Can you see integrity as the theory of everything now?

​Have you read about Senator Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos in Phillipine? Please, do.   Do you know that President Ferdinand Marcos executed the plan that assassinated his political rival in person of Senator Aquino?  The day of reckoning came.  Marcos was humiliated out of office. You know what?  The people of Phillipine did not forget the spirit of Aquino.  They were on search for his widow.  Alas! As soon as Marcos was disgraced out of office, the widow of Aquino was voted in massively and she became the celebrated President of Phillipine.  What is in a name? Do you know that integrity matters much as the theory of everything?

And now, let us put South Africa on the radar.  Are you aware that there was a time when Nelson Mandela had common malaria when he was alive?  You know what? Can you believe that as soon as the news of his malaria broke out, the South African Rands (the official currency of the country) began to crash at the international stock exchange market? And when Mandela was preparing to die, are you aware that there were official presence of more than five  thousand media houses at his bed-side, days and nights, keeping a watching brief of his last moment in the world and how he would breath his last breath?

Do you know that President Barak Obama and his wife Michelle were counting themselves lucky for having the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela face to face when he was alive? Are you aware that the Clintons of this world were praising God for having beautiful encounters with Mandela?  Do you know that despite his death, and despite the corruptive tendencies of the subsequent Presidents after him in South Africa, the people still kept faith with Mandela’s party in the last election, despite the strength of the opposition? Can you now see that integrity is the theory of everything?

And now to Chief Obafemi Awolowo! Are you aware that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was rusticated from Wesley College Ibadan, thinking that he would not amount to much?  Do you know that there was a time he failed in business and his close associates were deriding him?  Do you know that he once sought for personal loan to go to school, a loan that was denied him by a rich traditional ruler he approached for help? Are you aware that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was stoned publicly for daring to declare free education in our region, a programme that now makes him an object of worship?  Do you know that he was blackmailed for all his social protection initiatives in the Western region, a region that had television station before France, Israel and South Africa?  Do you know that he was never a king of any town?  Do you know that all of us call his children, out of reflex, Princes and Princesses?  Why?  Their father became everything and his name is a customized master-key to open all doors in Nigeria.  What is in a name?  Do you now see that integrity is the theory of everything?

Do you know that Nigeria has got some new words in our lexicons?  Do you know that ‘Gani’ means ‘a freedom fighter”.  “Anini’ means ‘a terrible armed robber.    Do you know that ‘Iyamu’ means power without conscience? Do you know that ‘Obasanjo” means politics without principle?  Do you know that ‘Abacha’ means  wealth without work? Do you know that the new meaning of Babangida is commerce without morality?  Do you know that to be ‘Atikulated’ is to be a man of worship without sacrifice?  What is in a name?  Do you know that President Muhammadu Buhari won his second term election with his name that is integrity-personified? Do you know that a few other candidates lost the election because of being deficit in honour?  What is in a name?  A good name is the theory of everything.  As we are all basking in the euphoria of this success, do you know that we need to gear up for new challenges?  You care to know more about that, come along, please.

We must come to these immemoriam.  On Friday the 29th of May, 2015, General Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the fourth president of Nigeria’s fourth republic. Nigerians and the rest of the world watched as the man vowed to address five issues head-on. The issues were: insecurity, corruption, fuel scarcity and power, unemployment and economy.  It is on record that the Boko Haram terrorists have been decimated, many of the kidnapped girls have been rescued and there is improved budget provisions for security. Nigeria ranked 136 out of 174 surveyed countries in 2014, making it the 38th most corrupt nation.  But the position has changed for better in Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

Now that the second term is here with us, the high cost of governance should be addressed.  Ministries, Departments and Agencies that perform overlapping functions should be merged to avoid wasteful overhead spending.  The Economist once reported that Nigerian lawmakers received the highest basic salary of about US$189,500, amounting to 166 times the GDP per capita, while British lawmakers receive basic salaries amounting to about 2.7 times the country’s GDP per capita. With dwindling economic fortune, the Buhari administration needs to take drastic measures to cut down the huge cost of governance in order to conserve resources to pursue development programmes.

Despite the resource of oil and the existence of five refineries in the country, we continue to rely on imported petroleum products, causing us to be at the mercy of oil marketers as petroleum products were subsidised. Trillions of naira that could have been diverted into other sectors of the economy were daily wasted on subsidy.  The time to fix the subsidy regime or terminate it is now.  It had been a national shame that an economy of 198 million people generated only 4,000MW and distributed even less before the advent of Buhari’sadministration despite the expenditure of $20b to expand the sector.  Today, Nigerians are feeling an improved supply of electricity.  We are rejoicing on getting to 7,000 MW of electricity to be shared by about 200 million people as against 80, 000 MW of electricity in South Africa to be shared by 57.8 million people as at Friday 1st March, 2019. This is the time to exploit other sources of energy including solar, nuclear and bio-gass.

The President has come up with various initiatives to tackle unemployment which are yielding positive results.  This is the time to compel the private sector to improve their employment drives and stop relying on the free services provided by regular graduates serving their Youth Service.   The economy is on steady growth as agriculture is assisting to grow the Gross Domestic Product of the country.  More investment should be directed to agriculture and solid mineral mining.

​The second coming should take certain facts into account.  Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and its largest economy. We must strive to turn the two hundred million population to source of strength and not an albatross. The population will be a huge waste if more investments are not pumped to develop IT skills among  the population.    We must harness together the potentials in our over one hundred universities to turn our economy and technology around.  Our over 200,000 graduates from these universities should be smart human capital for our growth in all ramifications.  This giant must fly. The leverage the country is enjoying is the discipline and integrity of President Buhari which should be invested.  .

We have to diversify the economy. It holds the key to the emergence of a robust economy that is capable of creating jobs and reducing poverty and unemployment. President Buhari’sadministration needs to articulate and implement an economic blueprint for the diversification of the Nigerian economy, leveraging sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism and ICT to boost productive activities and revenue generation. The new tax regime should be implemented.

This administration should liberalise the entire downstream sector of the petroleum industry and intensify efforts to encourage private sector participation in the refining of petroleum products in Nigeria. Also, government’s effort to encourage the establishment of modular refineries in the Niger Delta region will contribute to job creation, harnessing of indigenous capacity of petroleum refining and reduce the spate of pipeline vandalism.

Buhari-led administration should consider a total reform of the energy sector in Nigeria, with a view to investing on infrastructure for tapping renewable energy sources. This will enhance diversification of energy sources like coal, wind, hydro and solar in order to boost industrial productivity for enhanced job creation and poverty reduction. The time to think about nuclear power is now.  The regime should re-invigorate anti-graft efforts.  It  should take deliberate efforts to strengthen and reposition the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) to vigorously prosecute all cases of corruption.

The issue of herdsmen should come up.  There is the need to introduce improved varieties of cattle into the country.  Livestock rearing is a capital investment and not a cultural thing.  We must discuss this investment in relation to other investments of other Nigerians.   To prevent the crisis from escalating, the government should strengthen security for herders and farmers, implement conflict resolution mechanisms and establish grazing reserves in areas that are less controversial.


 The second coming of President Buhari should look at the issue of State Police again which is the only security architecture compatible for a Federation.  The federally-controlled Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the Nigerian Security and Civil DefenceCorps (NSCDC) will lead to further insecurity.  Equally, there is the need for the President to look at restructuring issues again with a view to see whether its sun can rise from the West.

There is the need for President Buhari to look at the issue minimum wage which is put on the exclusive list.  It has to be deregulated.  The States should be given powers to establish their Industrial Courts in line with the principles of federalism.  This will require an alteration of the Constitution.  That Constitution is due for alteration on the type of government befitting us.  The present presidential system of government is too costly and does not promote accountability.  The President should adopt Aregbe’s parliamentary system for us for all the Local Governments in Nigeria, States and the entire country.  These are simple hints that may lead us right on the voyage to discover the theory of everything.  And to the President, congratulations! And to Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, OgbeniRauf Aregbesola, Mr Gboyega Alabi, Mr Gboyega Famodu and all men and women of integrity in the State, we are moving to the next level to get the THEORY OF EVERYTHING (TOE)

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