Human Capital Development, Antidote To Nigeria’s Prosperity – Okorocha

Human Capital Development, Antidote To Nigeria’s Prosperity – Okorocha
  • PublishedMarch 12, 2020

Senator Rochas Okorocha has said that for Nigeria to make real and sustainable progress, the country needs to focus on Human Capital Development.

The former governor made this submission while speaking during plenary in support of a motion moved on the floor of the house for the setting up of a senate committee to focus on developing the country’s human capital.

Okorocha said that Nigeria’s biggest problem was that the country had gotten it wrong by its over reliance on natural resources and subsequent failure to develop human capital.

The Senator representing Imo West said the alarming number of out of school children was a recurring decimal that indicated a clear failure in the development of Human Capital.

Siting the current fall in crude oil prices and its predicted effect on the Nigerian economy, Okorocha said it is high time Nigeria began to pay particular attention to Health care and education.

“Human capital development is the pivot upon which the wheels of every economic activity of every given nation rotates and human capital development hinges on the two key social infrastructure of health and education”.

“There is a co-relationship between health and wealth, and education and life. We should define education as a means to life, we have come to prove ourselves wrong that education is not a means to life; but education itself”.

“ Our nation’s major problem lies on the fact that we do not even understand the importance of human-capital development in running the affairs of our nation. Which is why every day, there is this reoccurring decimal of out of school children and many other economic challenges”.

Okorocha further stressed the need for a setting up of a committee to look into ways to ensure that Human Capital Development is out on the front burner.

“ There must be emphasis on the human capital development to really give to our nation what it needs to drive its economy”.

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