Google Map’s New Feature

Google Map’s New Feature
  • PublishedMarch 21, 2017

According to reports by the Android Police,google map has added a new feature. The latest version includes a tool that can help you avoid getting another parking ticket. The tool marks your car’s location on the map and opens a page where you can record information that not only helps you find your car but lets you know how much time remains on your parking meter.


To access the tool, tap the blue dot on the map that indicates your current location. This brings up a menu with the option to mark your location as your parking spot. Tap the option and it records your parking spot on the map and gives you a detail page where you can record more information. If you walk a block before you remember to mark your car’s location, you can adjust the location on the detail page.

The detail page also allows you to add notes such as the row your car is parked in or the level it’s on in a parking structure. If you don’t want to hassle with adding notes, you can add pictures of the signage that tells you where your car is located. You can also share your information if you’re dropping the car off for someone else to use or you’re planning on meeting others back at the car.

If your parking spot is metered, you can set a time limit that counts down your remaining time. A notification will pop up when your time is running out. You can turn the notification feature off if you wish. If you don’t get back in time, the timer tells you how much time has passed since your meter ran out.

Google has made it easy for you to find your car and get to it before the meter reader arrives or the smart meter charges you for letting your time expire. Whether you get back in time is up to you.


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