FG Working To Control Infestation Of Crops

FG Working To Control Infestation Of Crops
  • PublishedJune 14, 2017

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh said Agriculture authorities in the Nigerian capital are working to control the armyworm infestation of crops.

Ogbe added the authorities are offering assistance to farmers to stop the spread of the pests in the city.

The African armyworm is a highly destructive farm pest and it has the ability to destroy crops in weeks.Army worm’s infestation occurs during the rains or after periods of prolonged drought. This pest currently affects maize farmlands across Nigeria and government requires a huge sum of money to address this situation.

Farms in the Nigerian capital have also not been spared.  The city’s agriculture authorities’ extension workers are now engaging farmers on preventing the spread of these worms’ attacks on their farmlands.

Budgetary provisions have as well been made to compensate farmers in Abuja whose farmlands are to serve as grazing reserves.  This is to help end cattle runs in parts of the capital city.

Farmers in Abuja are now to as well get improved interventions from the government for enhanced productivity.

The capital city’s agriculture managers’ say over the last two years, farming has been helped through their support.
These include areas of inputs, extension services, livestock and pest management.

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