Faveremit Assures Customers Of Reliable Financial Digital Services

Faveremit Assures Customers Of Reliable Financial Digital Services
  • PublishedJune 12, 2024

From generating virtual cards, Conversion of excess airtime to data, buying and selling gift cards, and paying utilities, Faveremit has assured its customers of reliable financial digital service delivery.

The disclosure was made by Faveremit Chief Executive Officer, CEO Gabriel Olusola in an interview with pressmen in Lagos.

Olusola emphasised that trading Gift cards including buy and sell, Generating of dollar virtual cards, Conversion of Airtime to Naira, and bill payments all over Africa.

He also said, the creation of airtime to make payments internationally is done easily with Faveremit, which eliminates waste and creates value through conversion.

Backed with a strong team and a clear understanding of the market, he said Faveremit is set to become the leading financial technology platform in Africa.

Describing the vision of the company, as providing innovative and convenient secure payment solutions, that bridged the gap between physical and digital services, Olusola reiterated the stand of the company to deliver exceptional customer service, foster trust, and drive financial inclusion, as a leading Fintech platform in Africa.

According to him, “We are also focusing on empowering individuals and businesses to seamless exchange value and access to essential services, as a leading digital solution provider, nationally and internationally.”

“We also have active and dedicated customer service available 24/7 to promptly reply and address any issue raised by our customers.”

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