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Child Abuse And Violence In Our Society

Child Abuse And Violence In Our Society
  • PublishedOctober 14, 2017

Children are gifts from God and thus, should not be abused. No child irrespective of his or her socio-economic background and physical balance or imbalance should be subjected to abuse, either from parents, guardian, siblings, relatives and the society at large.

The psychological effect of child abuse and other related violence live with them for the rest of their lives and can go a long way to influence their personalities, decision making and leadership traits, communal living and mixing culture in their latter lives. To these end, every child has the right to be loved and cared for and respected. A victim of child abuse, who has not had the aftermath psychological therapy to relieve him or her of the trauma would most likely become a violent adult with the tendency to unleash similar violence on the ones. Besides, the crisis a violent person will create within the family, the larger society can also not be overemphasised because an abused child, when grown is likely to be involved in several social vices as a means to distort childhood or lead an imbalance life. It is also pertinent to mention that any state or country that treats the issue of child abuse with levity will have to invest more on security to have a peaceful society.

It is also important to commend the state government of Osun for sponsoring bills and initiating programmes that would reduce if not totally eradicate child abuse through the “Child Right Law”. Any society that breeds its youth in a friendly and conducive environment will spend less on security.

From the foregoing policies and laws formulated for the purpose of forming a free child and society must be carefully and critically implemented, not just for the right of a child but also for the well being of the society.

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