BBNaija; Efe And Marvis Get Divorced

BBNaija; Efe And Marvis Get Divorced
  • PublishedMarch 24, 2017

Biggie had tasked the Housemates to make a viral video as part of their Task for the week, and they chose to put a spin off on the wedding ceremony from two weeks ago between Efe and Marvis.

They had spent the later part of last night (more like the early hours of the morning) reprising their roles in the wedding and mapping out a directional path to the story which they wanted to tell, the divorce between BBNaija’s favourite couple(?); Efe and Marvis.

The story line was set three years after the wedding and the couple had been having marital issues triggered by the groom’s infidelity to his wife.

The friends of the wife TBoss and Debie-Rise had helped their friend Marivs bring several counts of infidelity against Efe, in the presence of his dad Bally and Marvis’ mom, Bisola

As the accusations flooded like a broken levee, Efe desperately tried to defend himself citing his blossoming musical career as the reason why there was so many women and scandals surrounding his every move.

He was quickly countered by Marvis’s accusations that she had so much proof to show he had been unfaithful to their marriage adding that she had washed several lipstick stains off his boxer shorts several time.

The unsurmountable accusations led to only one final conclusion, divorce. Even though this is just a make believe scenario, we certainly hope our beloved BBNaija couple MARFE will not be getting divorced anytime soon, well, at least not until the finale of BBNaija which is in 19 days.


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